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Chapter 1

Right before Daxter's eyes some guy with red armor knocked out his very best friend. The so many Crimson Guards dragged him off. Another guy, but without the whole armor, lead them with his hands behind his back and an evil smirk on his face. This guy was evil and Daxter knew it the minute he set eyes on him.

Daxter had second thoughts about following them, but this was Jak. Jak, the only real big friend he had for most of his life. Even when he changed into the fuzzy form he was in now Jak still stayed with him. Daxter had to follow.

The little animal quickly got to his two back feet and snuck behind a garbage can in the big city. So many people were here and Daxter had no idea where he and Jak landed after teleporting. Daxter always lived in the country.

The guards carrying Jak turned a corner and Daxter took off away from his cover to follow them. A lady stepped on his tail and he looked up while yelling, "Watch it, lady!"

"Lord, help us!" the lady screamed while running away like her life depended on it. Daxter just watched her take off with a puzzled expression on his otter-like face. What did he do?

Daxter turned around to get back to following Jak but was stopped by a leg in his way. His head hit the leg and he looked up while rubbing it. It was one of those Crimson Guards that had Jak. He looked down at Daxter and gave a chuckle through his mask so it sounded like it was coming out of a speaker.

"That woman screamed because of just some giant rat," he said while kicked Daxter to the side and just kept walking on.

"I'll show you how this 'giant rat' works," Daxter muttered while picking up the piece of metal from the rift gate thing. He had hung on so much it broke off when he and Jak landed here.

The little guy ran up behind the guard and jumped into the air. He slammed his little metal poll down onto the head of the Crimson Guard.

"That was for taking Jak away!" he yelled while landing onto the dirt ground. The guard spun around to see who had hit him, but Daxter already was hiding behind the garbage can again with a sly smile on his face.

"The nerve!" the guard said as he looked around in a huff. He was not all too happy to have a poll slammed down on his head. He rubbed his head in half confusion and half of because it still hurt from the blow. He then gripped his gun tighter and walked off to do whatever he was doing.

Daxter held onto the little poll of his for protection. It could come in handy some time. He then realized he had no idea where Jak was anymore. He flew down the streets in a hurry. He ran down almost every street in search of his friend.

Daxter stopped running to catch his breath. He could not find any clue to where Jak went. He thought about asking one of the town's people, but after seeing what that lady did he was not too sure on what to do.

"Get him!" someone yelled from far away. Daxter looked up with panic and was expecting to see another guard chasing after him. He was wrong, but the thing coming at him was just as deadly.

With a yell of shock Daxter ran. A hovercraft was speeding right towards him. Daxter fell to the ground as it flew over him at tremendous speed. Guards came running after it. What was one of those zoomers doing close to the ground? Daxter had only seen them way above or parked somewhere. Plus, that thing was going so fast he could have killed Daxter.

"Fire at him!" a guard yelled and around five other guards started to fire their guns at the zoomer that had just flown by. Daxter kept down to not get hit by the lasers coming from the guns. This was not his day at all.

With a giant boom the zoomer exploded next to Daxter. The driver fell on top of the animal while spilling all his stuff out of his backpack. The guy scrambled to his feet while shoving his stuff back into his pack. He also by mistake scooped Daxter in it too.

The guy took off down the street in a disparate attempt to get away from the guns and Crimson Guards on his tail. "Please and thank you," he said to a driver of a tiny blue and yellow zoomer. He shoved the guy off and pressed down on the gas with sweat flowing down his forehead.

Daxter was stuffed into this tiny backpack and tried to call out to get out, but his voice was muffled by all the stuff in the pack. Moving was not an option either. He was just thankful he could still breathe in the tiny packed place.

Daxter could still hear the Crimson Guards chasing the guy he was going to get stuck with. Finally, their voices faded away and all he could hear from the pack was the zoomer the guy was on. He heard a few frustrated grunts from the guy on the zoomer as he made some turns then finally he jumped off and Daxter fell to the bottom of the pack with a yell.

Everything went quiet then. Daxter tried to move again but was being thrown up and down by the long strides of the guy. The animal opened his mouth to shout something, but of course the guy's lunch or something got shoved into his mouth. He spit it out because it was a bit soggy.

Vox shifted his pack and thought it was a bit heaver than before, but did not dwell on it that much. He ran his fingers through his short black hair and looked behind him with worry in his hard brown eyes. This had been a tough day and he was just glad he had made it home alive and well.

With one last look behind him he opened up a door to a small building and came in. It was a warm little home. There was the kitchen with a tiny wooden table for eating. Two rooms for him and his wife and the other for his little 8-year-old daughter who he worried about every second of his day.

"I'm home," he breathed as he set his brown leather backpack on a counter in the kitchen. He was out of breath from running away from the Crimson Guards. "Food smells good," he said as he smiled to his wife who was at a fire with a pot.

"It is yakcow soup," his wife, Meg, said with a warm smile to her husband. She had her long brown hair put up in a messy ponytail and her big green eyes held worry in them. He came up and kissed her on the cheek. She then gasped and he looked around to see what she was so freaked out about.

His eyes rested on his backpack. It was moving slightly and something was in it. He tried to calm his wife down as he slowly crept up to his pack. He counted to three and threw the top off and a fuzzy head popped up with a sneeze. Vox and Meg screamed from surprise.

Vox threw the pack to the floor and was about to crush the animal with his foot. Before he got a chance the animal looked up and yelled, "Stop!" Vox lowered his foot and saw that the animal was no threat.

"Who are you?" he demanded to the fuzzy orange thing on his kitchen floor.

"I'll answer that when you explain why you shoved me into your pack!" Daxter barked madly. He was not in a happy mode because some evil guy captured his friend, an out of control zoomer almost killed him, and for the past hour he had been stuffed into backpack. Plus, he had no idea where he was.

Vox remembered when the stuff in his pack fell out. "I must have done it by mistake because I don't bring home annoying talking animals off these streets," he snapped back with a gruff voice. Meg just stared at Daxter stunned.

Daxter then looked behind Vox with a softer expression and the guy turned around to see his daughter there. She had short black hair like her father and big green eyes just like her mom. She was so small and with the cutest face ever.

She said nothing and just came up to Daxter. Her parents told her to stay away, but she just leaned down to Daxter's eye level that was not too far down for her. They all watched in silence as she smiled. She then petted him on the head with her tiny hand and Daxter just stood still.

"She smiled," Vox whispered to Meg. His wife just nodded with hope coming to her eyes. Daxter just kept quiet and tried to grasp what was going on. The little girl backed away and pointed to Daxter with a little index finger. Vox nodded slowly and the girl then walked silently to her room.

"Can you tell me what is going on here?" Daxter almost yelled.

Vox sighed and said, "She wants you to stay. It looked like you don't have a home so I said yes to her. Do you mind?"

Daxter was about to say that he did mind, but had second thoughts about it. He could have free food and a roof over his head. He had no idea where he was and if he walked out he would have to sleep in the streets that night. This could be a good deal.

"I'll take you up on that offer," Daxter said while holding out his hand to shake. "Just what do I have to do to get food in my stomach?"

Meg chuckled at the question while Vox answered it. "Just stay with my daughter at all times and make her happy."

"How hard can that be?" Daxter asked.

"Real hard," Vox said. "Two years ago she has not spoken a word or smiled. When she smiled at you that has been the first time in two whole long years. I think there is a hope that we could have our old daughter back if you stay."

Before Daxter could open his mouth Meg called, "Dinner is ready!"

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