Essays Can Be Erotic

It all started with an essay.

Somehow, Kitty had managed to convince Kurt to help her with her midterm paper for their German class. Actually, it wasn't all that hard for her to convince him, but normally he would have just offered to translate her paper to German after she'd written it in English.

Kitty was finally done with her paper, and had gone to put one of the books she'd used as a reference back on the library shelf. Kurt had been cleaning up, and wadded a few pieces of scrap paper into a ball.

That ball of paper started it all.

He threw the ball towards the trashcan, which was in the corner, but his aim was high and to the left, and it ended up hitting Kitty in the head. She whirled around and, spying the paper ball, decided to retaliate by throwing it back at him.

Chaos ensued.

The mansion had been the site of numerous fun altercations before. Snowball fights were prevalent in the winter, water fights out by the pool in the summer; food fights, even several water gun fights in the backyard, and once a paintball war in the woods…

But never had there been a school supplies fight.

By mutual, silent assent, no writing utensils or other sharp objects were used. But wads of paper, rubber erasers, empty wrappers from the peanut butter crackers they'd eaten, popcorn from the snack they'd had after the crackers – even Ray's set of sawdust-filled juggling balls, which had been left on an armchair – were all fair game.

It all came to a head when they upgraded and started fighting over the couch pillows. While wrestling over a round, red, brocaded one that had been on the couch, they lost their balance and toppled to the floor.

Their faces were inches apart, mouths so close they were sharing the same breaths. Kurt, not being one to look a gift cat in the mouth – or, rather… – was the one to initiate the kiss. Kitty, never one to back down from a challenge, was the one to deepen it.

It wasn't until much later, when they finally pulled apart to breathe, that they actually took stock of what they were doing.

"Vhat…vhat vas zat?" Kurt gasped.

"You tell me, Fuzzy, you were the one who started it," Kitty said heatedly, cheeks flushed with both passion and mild outrage. She shifted her position so she was sitting up against the couch instead of lying on the floor underneath Kurt.

"Ah, I just…I like you, Kitty, surely you've noticed zat," Kurt finally said.

Slightly flustered, Kitty said, "I...yeah, Kurt, I noticed. It's just…by the time I got over Lance and started thinking about you that way, you'd moved on. I wasn't sure if you still felt that way – I mean, Tabby, and Amanda…"

"I only wanted zem because I couldn't have you, Kitty," Kurt said passionately.

"Oh, Kurt," Kitty whispered, eyes tearing up.

"Yes?" Kurt asked teasingly, one tri-dactyl hand coming up to wipe the salty droplets away.

Kitty laughed slightly, tears drying up in the face of her new love. "C'mere, Fuzzy. I have something better for you to do with those hands…" she said, grinning.

"Oh, really?" Kurt asked eagerly, pulling her into his arms.

"Yeah...really, Kurt," Kitty whispered, before sealing their lips together.

Before all of Kurt's thought process turned themselves off in favor of turning his body on, he had time for one last thought: I'll have to help Kitty with her German homework more often.