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Chapter 17

Love Is a Many Splendored Thing

For my wedding ceremony, Galadrial had sent me the most beautiful gown I had ever seen. It was the softest shade of blue, gauzy and flowing, with long tapered sleeves that dripped lace at the cuffs. All along the princess neckline, hem, and cuffs were stitched tiny dark blue stones that twinkled whenever the light caught them. She had also sent shoes to match, the same soft blue shade, and trimmed with the tiny stones.

Once again, not three months after the Summer Solstice, dignitaries from all across Arda converged on Mirkwood, and the Great Hall was transformed into a banquet hall. The Elves of Mirkwood had truly outdone themselves, for the Hall twinkled and shimmered with a myriad of tiny candles, thousands of them, sprinkled all over the Hall. Flowers bloomed everywhere adding their sweet scent to the air, already thick with the delicious aromas of food waiting to be served after the ceremony.

I was a nervous wreck, fidgeting constantly as Adranial endeavored to braid my hair in the traditional Silvan Elf wedding style. She finally got so irritated at my wiggling that she dropped my hair, and stood behind me with her hands on her hips, frowning at me.

"Milady, you simply MUST stop all this twitching! I do not understand why you are so nervous...are you having second thoughts?"

"No, of course not! I really don't know why I'm so edgy...I've felt this way for a couple of weeks now."

"Are you feeling any better? You have been sick on and off for quite a while now...I still think you should have called the healers. You're behaving like a child!"

Adranial and I had become close friends over the past couple of months, although she stolidly refused to call me by name, and insisted on addressing me as 'milady' or 'Lady Emmess.' Still, she never hesitated to tell me exactly what she thought. I loved that about her.

"No healers, Adranial. It's just a stomach bug of some kind - that's all. If I call for the healers, Legolas will freak. You know how he is when he thinks something's wrong."

"How was he when he returned last night?" Adranial asked, a chuckle in her voice.

Legolas had been shanghaied by Elrohir and Elladan, and dragged off, kicking and screaming, for some kind of traditional Elf bachelor party.

"Drunk as a skunk and twice as stinky," I answered, laughing. "Poor dear must have quite a headache this morning." I hadn't seen Legolas at all today...I had insisted on that. Everything about this wedding ceremony was Elven...I wanted at least a small bit of tradition from my own world. He would NOT see the bride until the ceremony began.

Adranial picked up the thick shanks of my hair she had been working with and began braiding and intertwining them again. She wove tiny blue flowers in and out of the braids, creating a veil of petals.

I wondered how my Legolas was faring.

Legolas paced back and forth across the room, as impatient and nervous as any bridegroom had ever been.

"Laddie...ye best stop that. Yer gonna wear a furrow in the stone! I must tell ye, 'tis very un-Elflike behavior!" Gimli laughed, seeing the bundle of nerves he called his friend reach one end of the room, turn on his heel and walk right back again.

"Aye, havo dad, Legolas," Aragorn laughed, "What are you so nervous about? From what I've heard, this ceremony is merely a formality, anyway!"

Legolas turned to look at his friends. He was dressed in his golden tunic, complete with a silver sash denoting his station, Prince of Mirkwood. His mithril crown gleamed upon his head, his platinum hair braided in the traditional style. "I am NOT nervous."

Gimli and Aragorn burst into laughter, causing Legolas' cheeks to turn red.

"Come on, Laddie...settle down! She'll be there, ye know. I know that's what's got ye bouncing about the room," Gimli said, sincerely.

"What if she changes her mind? She was not happy when I told her that I had no intention of answering the call to the sea, should it come in her lifetime."

"She'll be there, Laddie. I've seen the way she looks at you, and believe me, she'll be there."

Legolas continued to pace.

The moon rose full that night, casting a silvery light on all of Mirkwood. Within the Great Hall, Elves, Dwarves, Hobbits, Wizards, and Men gathered amicably for the wedding of one of their own to the girl from another dimension.

King Thranduil looked resplendent in his formal robes and mithril crown, standing proudly with Legolas' brothers at the head of the Hall. Gandalf waited in the front center of the Hall, having agreed to perform the ceremony. Legolas stood with Gimli and Aragorn, next to him, awaiting for my arrival.

As I reached the stairs that led down into the Hall I realized that Haldir, looking quite handsome in his dark blue tunic, was waiting to escort me down into the Hall. As I took his arm, musicians took up their instruments, and a soft, almost eerie Elven melody filled the hall.

I descended the stairs and my eyes caught Legolas' - from then on, he was all I saw. I realized I had stopped in front of Gandalf, who smiled gently, waiting for us to focus our attention on him. Haldir stepped off to the side, joining Galadrial and an Elf I assumed to be her husband, Celeborn.

Traditional to the very last, the entire ceremony was conducted in Elvish. I didn't understand a single word spoken, but I understood the intent, and cried just as if it had been in my own language. The only exception made was when Gandalf asked me if I agreed to the joining. Of course, I said yes. Legolas said hawa. I hoped that that meant yes.

Legolas reached for my right hand, and Gandalf bound it with a silken cord to Legolas' left, signifying the joining of the two of us, together as one forever.

The ceremony ended, and the Hall erupted into applause and cheers. We stood, still tied together, as the entire Hall filed past us, beginning with Legolas' relatives, to wish us good fortune on our marriage.

From the mirrors that hung on the wall behind us, a very famliar voice called out his best wishes for us. Turning, we saw Manwe beaming at us from the mirror. The entire hall, ourselves included, knelt.

I looked up and said, with tears in my eyes, "Manwe, I should still be very angry at you for what you did...but instead I will thank you, for you have given me more than I had ever dreamt possible."

"Think nothing of it, Emmess...you have made the past few months very interesting indeed! Besides, I always know what I'm doing!"

"Ha! That's just what you'd like everyone to believe, Manwe," came a second voice from the mirror. A lovely Elf with shimmering white hair appeared next to Manwe. Looking at me, she said, "Child, I am Varda - this one's wife," she continued, nodding at Manwe. "I apologize on his behalf for the trouble he has caused. It would have been much easier on the both of you if he had just been truthful with you from the start, and encouraged Legolas to do the same. Honestly, he tends to also be...what did you call Legolas that day? Insufferable, stubborn..."

"Egotistical jackass," I said smiling at Legolas, who grinned back at me.

'Exactly! Because of the grief my husband has caused you, I will bestow upon you a gift never before given to any of Men. When the sea calls to Legolas...you shall sail with him to the Blessed Realm."

With that, the images in the mirror disappeared. Legolas swept me into a fierce hug that I feared might actually snap my spine.

Looking in to his eyes, I felt the love he had for me, and hoped he felt what I held in my heart for him. He kissed me then with such tenderness, that I knew he did.

"Well, Laddie and Lassie, I guess Legolas' wandering days are over!" Gimli laughed, as he came up to us in the reception line that had once again started to file past us.

"You bet they are...he's not going anywhere without me!" I laughed back, giving Gimli a one armed hug.

The rest of the night was spent eating, talking, laughing, dancing, and celebrating our love for each other. It was late when Legolas led me from the Hall, up the stairs to the third tier, where our new quarters would be.

Standing outside the door to our new suite, he turned to me and whispered, "I believe Gimli was right...my wandering days are over. I am content to be with you and only you. It will be the just the two of us forever...a lifetime here, and an eternity in the Blessed Realm."

"Um, Legolas...it can't be just the two of us."

"Of course, we will see other people from time to time...I didn't mean we would become recluses!" he laughed.

"No, Legolas...it can't be just the two of us."

'What do you mean? I don't understand..."

"It can't be just the two of us because you're going to be a daddy."

He swept me into his arms and into the suite, closing the door behind us.

And eternity passed far too swiftly.

The End

Translations: havo dad - sit down.

Hawa - yes