Take a Number

Part 4

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"We are now approaching Sunnydale, California. Please stow your carry-ons, and place your trays and seats in the upright position. We hope you enjoyed your flight."

Willow smiled out the window at Sunnydale. The knots in her stomach were still there, but she felt so much better knowing she had back-up.

Gently, she laid her hand on Faith's arm and leaned in close.

"Wake up…we're here," she whispered, enjoying the delicious smell of the Slayer's shampoo. Faith twitched and opened her eyes. She let out a momentous yawn.

"Are we? Back in old SunnyD. Never thought I'd come back to this literal hell hole," she glanced at Willow out of the corner of her eye, "Just goes to show how much I love my little Wendy." Willow blushed and smiled. It still seemed crazy. Faith…the dark Slayer, queen of one-night-stands…her girlfriend. Well, sort of. She wasn't fully ready for a new relationship…and Faith understood. They really were two of a kind.

Sometimes she felt a horrible stab of guilt in her stomach. How could she love someone who wasn't Tara? Tara was dead and she was feeling happy…it was wrong. But then she would remember Tara. Really remember. Tara would never have wanted her to 'keep vigil' or anything like that. She always used to say that we are all created in the form of the Goddess…and like the Goddess, we have infinite love. No matter how many people we love, there is room in our heart for every single one of them. Unhappiness or pain on her behalf always made Tara uncomfortable. She hadn't been able to see it. Xander helped her get a glimpse of it on that hill…but Faith gave her the full view.

With a bump, Willow was jolted back to the present and into Sunnydale Airport. Had it really been months since she been here? So much had changed. She wasn't completely sure she was ready to see everyone again. But with Faith at her back, she knew she could overcome any fear.

The seatbelt sign blinked off and both women rose, careful not to bump their heads on the low ceiling over the seats. Faith, full of chivalry and Slayer-strength, grabbed both of their carry-on bags, shoved Willow into line and followed. Willow shook her head and laughed silently.

Once she got out of the plane, past the smiling stewardesses, Willow stood to the side and waited for Faith to emerge. When she did, Willow held out her hand. Faith grinned and slapped her hand onto Willow's and squeezed tightly. Willow thought she felt a few bones crack but didn't care. She turned and, hand-in-hand, they headed for the light.