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Love's Intervention
Chapter One: The Guardian of Love

The man sat in his office and cursed.

This office was different from what one may be used to. His office chair was actually a bed, swathed in soft white comforters, red silk sheets, and numerous plushy pillows. His desk floated twenty inches above the surface of the bed. It had a beautiful mahogany finish, though it was kind of hard to tell, since it was littered by a bunch of yellow manila folders.

The man was sitting up on his bed and had just slammed down a memo that he received. He sighed and shifted through the mess of manila folders. They were all unlabelled, but he seemed to know what he was looking for. It was a while until he found what he was looking for, having been untouched for so long. He opened it and shifted through the papers.

The folders were all dated from most recent events to the earliest events. He looked at the foremost page and curled his lip in disgust. It might have been acceptable under normal circumstances—God knows he's seen worse—but with this particular girl? No. Absolutely not.

He looked at the stats of the front page. BREAK UP, it said at the top in bold letters. Underneath it said:

Parties Involved: Phoebe Halliwell and Jason Dean
Date: May 24th, 2004 AD
Time: 17:42:17
Place: ...

Cupid rolled his eyes and looked deeper into the packet. Of course they would break up. Simply because it was not meant to be. Why they had to go such lengths to reach it was beyond him. Oh, he may be Cupid, guardian angel of love (and of "like", like like, crushes, and such), but it didn't mean he completely understood it. Just more than anybody else, which was quite an accomplishment by itself.

He looked at the page he had stopped on. FIRST DATE, the title screamed.

Parties Involved: Phoebe Halliwell and David Hernandez
Date: January 9th, 1996 AD

He stopped and backtracked a little bit. A little too further back...then again, it was hard with Phoebe's file. So thick with all her random flings from her New York days. He flipped some more and hit upon his target.


Parties Involved: Phoebe Halliwell and Cole Turner
Date: November 10th, 2000 AD
Time: 22:55:38
Place: P3, San Francisco, CA, USA
Duration: 46.3 seconds

Cupid read no more and closed his eyes, his fingers slightly curled on the data sheet, as if he was trying to absorb the past event into his body. There really was no need. He remembered it as well as ever, since he was watching them from his bird-eyed perch while it happened. The intensity, the attraction was better than he could ever hope to plan. He sighed and opened his eyes reluctantly. It was so perfect...and then it was ruined.

He shook his head and looked at the paper with mournful eyes. They had denied their birth and familial calling, had stayed together because they loved each other unconditionally and didn't take crap from others who wouldn't accept it. They had both clung on to each other, were each other's anchors, because they were each other's soul mates. And then Phoebe had let go.

He closed the yellow manila folder and stared at its front. He waved his hand over it, and an image of Phoebe appeared on it, tossing and turning in her bed. Cupid glanced at her for a second, then reached over and picked up the small memo again. Halliwell, Ph #43AAPa&: issues Turner, C/Belth, it simply read. Not very eloquent, maybe, but he had gotten used to this type of shorthand some many centuries past. He looked at the image of Phoebe again, who had now buried her face in her pillow. How can someone so smart be so stupidly in denial? Cupid mused. And for such a long time, too?

Something akin to anger flickered within the heart of the Guardian of Love. It was not fair! He thought to himself. All his best couples never got what they wanted, and so desperately needed. Anthony and Cleopatra, Dido and Aeneas...

"Oh no, but Aeneas had to go and found Rome," Cupid muttered to himself in a mocking tone. But this! This was just too much. The tragedy, the love, the despair, the physics, they all molded and became something wonderful. That is, until Phoebe lost her wits and decided it wasn't worth it. Phoebe! The last woman in the world he would wish something so tragic to happen to. After all, she did save his existence a couple of years back.

Cupid touched a few seemingly random spots on the cover of the folder. A voice suddenly filtered into his ears. Phoebe's thoughts.

Phoebe grunted and turned on her side for the thousandth time that night. She knew she should be asleep. Elise was not going to be a happy camper if Phoebe straggled in late the next morning from lack of rest. She knew that she should've expected it, given that she had broken up with Jason just the day before—but that was the thing. The break up with her boyfriend of sixteen months should be the reason for her insomnia, but it wasn't. The reason

Phoebe groaned inwardly and ran a hand through her short hair. She really was not doing Jason any justice by thinking about her demon ex. Now was not the time to think about Cole. Actually, there was never a time to think about Cole. Not anymore. That was definitely a part of her past, a part she would like to file away and never look at again. That man, demon, whatever, he had betrayed her one too many times.

Yet even as she thought this, soft images began to float into her mind. His touch on her body, his laugh, his endearing overprotection of her...stop it, she ordered herself. Stop it. That was why she could never think about Cole. Because, try as she might, she couldn't think of him as the evil and dangerous being that she knew he was for long. Her thoughts would drift to the man, the man whom she had married because she thought that their love would conquer all.

So she tried to think about Jason Dean instead. Their breakup. It only made sense, she thought with conviction. With all his traveling, and her confined to wherever her sisters are, they just couldn't continue. But Phoebe knew that wasn't all of it. He just, just didn't—couldn't—understand the most important aspect of her life. Magic. Phoebe tightened her hold on her covers. How could she ever go out with someone who didn't know ever again? She wondered with a touch of dismay. Paige has Richard, Piper has—well, had—Leo.

Prue had Andy, a hopeful voice in her head suggested. But Phoebe knew that wasn't a good enough example. They had been in love at the beginning of all this, when they still had a good hold on the "normal" things in life. Six years into the game was too much to just ignore when it came to the other aspects of her life.

Magic. It all came back to this. Magic had brought together her and Cole in the strangest way possible and had broken them up with a bluntness that was, quite frankly, rude. "Why?" she murmured to herself. Why do such a thing to her, if not just to torture her in some sick, twisted, demonic way? Phoebe had meant the word just as an adjective, but as she thought more, she realized that those were the words that she had used on Cole when she first realized he was a demon.

Phoebe squeezed her eyelids together, willing herself to go to sleep. To her surprise, she felt the first touch of drowsiness take her. Maybe being an empath enabled her to sleep at will? That would be useful...her thoughts became more and more jumbled and incoherent as she drifted off to sleep. Her last conscious thought, so fleeting and quiet that she immediately forgot it afterwards, was a question she had harbored for the longest time. Where would she and Cole be now, if magic had not interfered...?

Cupid blinked slowly, and then, faintly, began to smile.

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