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"Welcome...home!" Ron exclaimed, throwing open this door and leading Hermione in.

"I've already been here Ron," Hermione said from behind a large box, "And would you mind helping me carry some of my stuff in?"

"Sure-erm-pumpkin," Ron replied, slightly nervously.

A short quiet wafted through the room and Ron was glad a box was blocking Ron from seeing Hermione's face. And her his. Suddenly the silence was broken by Hermione's wild, uncontrollable laughter. She dropped the box and clutched her side and fell onto the couch herself. Her laughing was so hard, she could scarcely breath. Ron frowned.

"And what, may I ask, is so funny?" Ron questioned, indignantly.

"Oh come on, you can't expect to call me-here she giggled incenstantly-'pumpkin' and have me not laugh?" Hermione asked, teasingly.

"Why's it so funny?" Ron said with as much composure as he could offer. Yet he felt his ears turn beet red.

"Ron, we don't do that. We argue...and make up...and be all cute in our own way. But we don't purposely call each other nicknames like kissy-wissy or snuggly-wuggly-bear or-"

"Stop!" Ron moaned, "You'll make me sick in my own mouth!"

Hermione grinned, "See what I mean?"

"Yeah I suppose. So you'd rather I call you Herms, is that it?" Ron asked in a joking tone.

Hermione scowled, "I despise that."

However her face brightened, "But I suppose it's exactly what I mean."

"Lovely," Ron said, "So, how many boxes of stuff do you have exactly?"

"Sixteen," Hermione replied, casually.

"WHAT?" Ron yelped, then lowered his voice, "I mean-what? Where are we going to fit all that stuff?"

"We'll manage," Hermione said, standing up and carrying another box in.

Ron followed suit and soon they were both carrying box after box of Hermione's stuff in. It had been two days since the grand proposal and yet Ron still had some unanswered questions on his mind. Like how exactly had Seamus taken it? And even today when Hermione had gone to get her stuff from her old flat, she hadn't mentioned Seamus. Ron was almost afraid to ask. Like voicing it would break the magical spell that had weaved a perfect ending for them both.

He coughed, "Uh, Hermione, did you happen to...erm...bump into Seamus at your old flat today?"

Hermione looked up, seemingly not phased, "Nope. He was at work. I packed all my stuff and left the key there."

"Oh," Ron said, disappointedly. He had hoped raising the topic of Seamus would give him some answers. Apparently not.

Ron continued to carry in the last box and set it on the ground when he noticed Hermione spying him, with a lopsided smile.

"What're you grinning at?" Ron demanded trying to sound solid but smiling in the process.

"How about you tell me what your all huffed up about?" Hermione answered with a question, "Not that I'm complaining. You're adorable when you're worried, you know that?"

She closed the gap between them and Ron couldn't help but gasp slightly. Even after two days, it still took his breath away when she kissed him. To his dismay, she pulled away and took a seat on top of a box.

"So, what's wrong?" Hermione inquired, putting on her serious face.

"I just wanted to know-if it's not too weird-what happened with you and Seamus at the park? How'd you say no? How'd he take it? Does he know about me?" Ron started but Hermione shushed him.

"Gosh, Ron, you ask questions like a girl," Hermione joked, "But if you really want to know, I'll tell you."

"Hermione-" Seamus started, suddenly getting serious and bending down on one knee, "Will you marry me?"

The typicals ooo's and awe's echoed throughout. Hermione remained silent and bit the inside of her cheek in frustration. She looked down at the ring she had promised herself she'd wear. It was beautiful and she was surprised she had actually fallen in love with a ring that Seamus had chosen. Usually they were rather diverse from one another. Yet love for a ring and not a person was no reason to get married, was it?

She could feel the eyes of the crowd bore into her, waiting for her to say yes. She eyed her mother and father. They were both snuggled together and looked at her smilingly. Hermione wondered if she and Seamus could ever be that way if they got married.

Then-then she looked at him. He was standing there wearing a face that was almost expressionless. Ron, like every other person, was waiting for her answer. She knew it meant more to him then anyone else in the crowd, more than Seamus possibly. It would be life altering for the both of them.

Somehow every time she turned to say yes she couldn't help but look back one last time at what she could've had. She started getting jittery and jumping up and down. How humiluating! By now some other people were watching her gaze very closely. Hermione noticed Seamus' face getting red. She was shaming him too!

And Ron was leaving! She bit her tongue to stop herself from calling out to him. Almost immediately she decided she couldn't continue this charade any longer. She couldn't keep embarrassing Seamus and herself. So Hermione did the only thing she could think of and fake fainted. People gasped and lunged forward. Hermione felt Seamus bend over her and fluttered her eyes dramatically.

"Hermione, are you alright?" Seamus questioned.

"Yes...it was just so-shocking," Hermione breathed.

Everyone closed in closer. Ok, this wasn't very much better. She needed to be alone with Seamus.

"Seamus, I know this may seem a ridiculus request at the moment but may I-may I talk to you alone?" Hermione asked as quietly as possible. She leaned close to his ear and avoided moving his lips as little as she could.

"Uhh...well is it really that important?" Seamus questioned then laughed, "I mean can't I get an answer yet?"

"Please, it's very important," Hermione urged.

Seamus drew in a deep breath,"Ok, but let's make it fast."

To the great surprise of the whole group the couple stood and swiftly made their way to a spot under a large tree. The Finnigans were beginning to become rather flustered and annoyed. The Grangers on the other hand were just thoughtful about what the twosome were talking about.

"Seamus, you wanted this to be fast so I'll just come out with it," Hermione began, "I can't marry you."

Seamus blinked, dumbfounded, "What? Why?"

"I...don't love you," Hermione murmured, "And I can't marry someone I don't love."

"But Hermione-I love you," Seamus replied, pleadingly.

"No you don't. You only think you do," Hermione explained, desperately.

"How can you say that?" Seamus asked, softly.

Hermione sighed, this was harder than she thought,"Seamus, what's the name of my charity?"

Seamus blanched, "What?"

"What's the name of my charity? If you love me, you should know," Hermione clarified.

"Erm...uhh...I know this...it's something with an S. Er...Spow?" Seamus tried, pathetically.

Hermione teared up slightly and shook her head, "No. It's S.P.E.W."

"But I was so sure...," Seamus whispered, "I don't love you?"

"No and I don't love you," Hermione responded, sadly, "I love someone else."

"Who?" Seamus questioned, raising his eyebrows.

"If you don't know then you don't know me at all. We can't get married," Hermione breathed.

"Right...but what am I going to tell everybody?" Seamus asked, trying to smile but failing.

"I don't know. Get creative," Hermione replied breathlessly, "I have to go find him."

She turned but he called her once again. She faced him again and let him, the person that had had all the time in the world with her for the last three years, occupy just a minute more.

"This guy...is it Ron?" Seamus implored.

Hermione grew expressionless, "Perhaps you know me better than I thought."

Ron hummed along to the hymn of 'Here comes the bride' and watched Luna's niece throw handfuls of flower petals into the air. He was at the very back of the procession waiting for his moment to come. The moment when he'd escort Hermione down the aisle as best man and maid of honor of course. The ring bearer, who was Daphne escorting William, strutted down the aisle. George gave an involuntary, 'Whoop, whoop!' that caused several people in the audience to give him a disdainful grimace. Ron left a wind play with his air on at the outdoor wedding ceremony and smiled as his turn drew closer. Ginny was the first bride's maid and was escorted by Neville. She had found a date but he looked too dumb to function so Harry and Luna had thrown in Neville instead. Following them was Fleur and Bill, then Penelope and Percy and then finally, Ron and Hermione.

He offered her his arm and she took it, trying not to laugh. She looked fairy-like in robes of glowing lavender and a light champagne-ish color. Her hair was out yet not bushy for once. It fell down in long waves and curled around her face affectionately.

"Someone looks beautiful today," Ron complimented.

"Thanks. Same to you," Hermione smiled, as they kept in step with the music.

"So...nice day for a wedding, huh?" Ron commented, blinking to keep the sun out of his eyes.

"Definitely. We should have an outdoor wedding," Hermione said, sensibly.

Ron started choking on his own spit. Of course he kept walking because he didn't want to disrupt the wedding ceremony. He noticed people staring at him as his hacking noises continued. Hermione thumped his back roughly and he quickly recovered.

"Thanks," Ron muttered.

"Anytime," Hermione replied, "Does marrying me sound that scary?"

"No, it's just far away, right?" Ron asked, half afraid of the answer.

"Goodness gracious. Of course it is," Hermione sighed, rolling her eyes.

Ron smiled, reassured.

They had finally reached the podium and seperated, although Ron hated to do it. Suddenly the music became more dramatic and Ron knew it was time for Luna to come up. Harry stood taller beside him and Ron noticed his hand curl and unfurl into a fist.

"Ready for this, mate?" Ron questioned. Harry blinked and nodded.

Luna appeared under the first arch in a long, white gown. A wedding ceremony was the only time where a Muggle bride and a Wizard bride wore the same clothes. And Luna looked absolutely stunning. Like a creature not quite of this world. Even though she usually had this feature to her appearance it was brought out in an even more angelic way today. It was a long, and silky at the bottom. Although it was long-sleeved, her shoulders were bare. And as plain as the bottom was, the top was embroided with lace and beads that gave it a traditional feel. Ron suspected it to have been her mothers. Like Hermione, Luna's hair was done and she was wearing two silver earrings that were so small it looked as if someone had just stuck a small speck of glitter onto her earlobe. She was smiling with all her teeth out which she did not usually do.

The ceremony went by smoothly with the usual 'I do's', claps (or rowdy cheers on the Weasley boys part) and much crying from 's part. Afterwards they all retired indoors for a wedding reception. This time Ron could actually enjoy the party and danced with Hermione.

Around midnight Ron found himself and Hermione still dancing, her head resting on his shoulder. He could feel her breathing deeply and felt himself take in bigger breaths. It still felt tingly and new being this close to Hermione. The Weasleys, Harry and Luna had all noticed a new relationship spring between the two but didn't press the matter much, to Ron's relief. Harry and Luna were unsuprisingly supportive and kept grinning at the new couple and whispering knowingly. From a veteran couple to a newly made one, Ron hoped that meant something good.

However he found he couldn't see anything wrong with the world and just felt snug caught up in Hermione's arms. He twidled her fingers a bit before resting his head agaisnt hers. She didn't squirm and Ron realized something. She was truly his and she would always be his. Not that he was saying she was a piece of property that could easily be dealt off to any one man. But sometimes when you loved someone enough, maybe a piece of them became yours. Even if you seperated and they changed, their former self would always remain with you. Would always be yours. Perhaps that was the way it was with him and his girl.

"Ron," Hermione spoke, softly, "We ended up together. Is this the end?"

Ron smiled, "Not quite yet."

Author's Note: THE END. Hah...no better way to put the beginning of the last note I write here at the bottom. Not that any of you read it. Lmao. You guys have really touched my heart by your awesomeness at reviewing and you don't even know what it means to me.

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