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Run Away Puppy

Chapter One: Adopted Puppy

Joey fell backward from his abusive father's backhand and landed on an old rusty pole, which went straight through his right leg. Joey screamed in pain and tears began to flow from his soft brown eyes. "Don't you cry Joseph, don't you do it!!! Oh I forgot, you're a fag!!! You and that Yugi kid. If he loves and cares so much for ya why ain't you livin' with him? Hmm? Face it Joseph, he doesn't love you, who does?" Joey felt his anger flare up. He looked around the kitchen floor for a weapon he could use to defend himself from his drunken father. Luck was on Joey's side, there next to him laid an empty wine bottle, Joey took it up and chucked the bottle at his father's head. Mr. Wheeler came in contact with the floor not long after, he would remain unconscious for a while. Joey mustered up enough strength to pick himself up off the floor and walk all the way to Seto Kaiba's house in the pouring rain, with the pole still in his leg. Mokuba sat happily on the living room couch watching TV while his brother sat in the chair next to the couch reading "The Hobbit" for the first time; he had seen the Lord Of The Rings movies with Joey and just started reading "The Hobbit". Suddenly just as his book began to get interesting, a loud knock came on the door. Seto looked up from his book to Mokuba then to the clock on his wall, it was almost 9:30 pm, who in their right mind would be visiting this late? Then Seto thought of Joey, maybe he changed his mind about staying for the night. Seto sat his book down and went to answer the door, he unlocked to dead locks then opened the door, his heart sank when he saw what he did, his puppy was injured. "S...Ssse...Seto" Joey said before loosing consciousness. Seto caught him in his arms before he hit the ground. "Mokuba, call the doctor!!!" Seto ordered. Without asking questions the boy did as he was told. "Joey...Joey...Joey...pup..." The voice was faint as he began to awake. Joey groggily opened his eyes and saw Seto and Mokuba leaning over him. He gave a faint moan of pain. "Ssssh..." Seto hushed as he touched Joey's forehead. Joey lifted his right arm and touched Seto's face. The CEO smiled and kissed Joey's paw (yes Seto calls Joey's hands paws). "Wha...what happened to me?" Joey said in a small horse and whispery voice. Seto kissed his forehead then answered, "I believe your father abused you again, but this time he has gone too far, he hurt you badly this time and no one dose that to my puppy." Kaiba explained. Joey tired to sit up but a searing pain shot through his right leg. "No, no pup, lay down." Seto ordered in a soft voice. Joey's breathing had quickened. "Wh...where am I?"

"You're home again." Seto answered. Joey looked around the room, he wasn't at his father' sorry excuse for a home, the room was clean and white; he was at Kaiba's mansion. Joey watched as Seto checked his right leg. "You took quite a painful fall pup, you landed on a rusty pole. You had to get a couple shots and under went some surgery." Joey quickly sat up, in spite of the pain. "You didn't tell them anything did you? About what happened?" Joey cried remembering the last time he was in the hospital.

"Ssssh...calm down Joey, for your safety I didn't say a thing, you're father wont hurt you anymore." Seto said softly. Joey looked up to the brunette above him, "Wha...what d'ya mean?"

"I mean that you're going to be living with me from now on out. You're father thinks we hate each other and wouldn't think about looking at my home for you, but the first place he would check is Yugi's. Which means he may be in trouble. Mokuba, call Yugi and tell him everything about what happened tonight and tell him he may be in trouble and have him and his grandfather come over here." Seto said. Mokuba nodded and left the room.

"But what about my clothes and personal belongings?" Joey whimpered. Seto hushed his puppy with a soft kiss then answered him, "I'll replace your wardrobe, don't worry, I just don't want to ever going back to that hell hole."

"No Kaiba, I have to go back!!!" Joey cried remembering something important. "What do you desire that is worth your life Joey?"

"My collar."

"What collar pup?"

The blonde puppy looked up to his master, "The collar you gave me." Joey said softly. Seto felt a smile begin on his lips, "But...I thought you hated that thing."

"Kaiba, it was a gift from you, why would I hate something that you got for me because you thought of me. My collar is my most precious possession." Joey whispered with sorrow in his voice. Kaiba touched Joey's right knee and smiled. It was true, Joey did hate the collar at first but it grew quite fast on him, besides Seto had a rule, the collar had to be around Joey's neck if he expected to get into Kaiba's house. "I'll get you another collar if you feel so strongly about having one." Joey shook his head; "No, no it wouldn't be the same, especially since you gave me that collar under certain circumstances on a certain night." The blonde explained. Seto felt himself blush at the thought of that one night, that one heavenly night.

Flash back

Joey lay underneath Kaiba, nearly at the brink of nakedness. The brunette brushed his lips along each and every part of Joey's exposed skin, not missing an inch. Joey couldn't help but whimper like a puppy at the disposal of his master. Seto got ready to pull Joey's boxers off when he smirked and got up off the bed and walked over to his dresser, he brought back with him to the bed a velvet black box. Joey looked at it in wonder. "What's in it?" Joey asked breathless. Seto kissed Joey softly before opening the box. "I got this for you as a late birthday present and I decided to wait until our first time together because I could literally say that I owned you." Kaiba said as he opened the box and reviled its contents. Joey had mixed feelings about what he saw, "A dog collar? Kaiba, with all do respect, I am not a dog." Joey whined. Kaiba kissed his lips then smiled, "Don't get me wrong Wheeler, I know you're not a dog but that's my nickname for you and it fits you perfectly because you're just like an adorable puppy." Seto said quietly. Joey pouted, "Just adorable?" Seto smirked and spoke, "Well, right now you're hot and sexy, and beyond adorable." Joey smiled then took the collar out of the box and smiled, he took the sterling silver tag into his hands and read what it said:

Name: Joey Wheeler

Owner Name: Seto Kaiba

Address: 2270 Honors St.

Domino, Japan 80023

Phone Number: 424-555-2040

If lost then found please return him to his given address, thank you.

Seto took the collar from his puppy and slid it around his neck, buckling it so the tag was in the front. Joey leaned in quickly and kissed his master, thanking him for the collar. Seto responded and then laid his puppy back down beneath him. "Now, be a good boy and take off my pants." Seto said in Joey's ear making him shiver with anticipation. Joey did as he was told then he watched as Kaiba removed his boxers then his own. The brunette engulfed Joey's flesh and heard him gasp aloud. Seto smiled to himself and knew it was a good thing Mokuba was out for the weekend on a school trip, Joey would be making a lot of noises this night and they wouldn't be silent. Seto finally released Joey's flesh and picked up a small container and coated three fingers with lubrication.

"Alright pup, brace yourself this may hurt a bit." Seto whispered. Joey looked at his master with understanding in his eyes. Kaiba pushed Joey's legs apart and inserted one finger into his opening, the puppy whimpered softly and adjusted himself, then Seto inserted a second and a third, Joey was tightly gripping the sheets beneath him as he felt his master within and adjusted himself. "Alright pup, get used to this for a while then brace yourself for something you'll never forget." Joey nodded; he winced and whined as he tried moving with Kaiba's fingers inside. He finally got somewhat used to the feeling and allowed his master to proceed with his member. Kaiba tried being as careful as he could as he inserted himself into his pup. Joey clinched his teeth and gripped Seto's arms. Kaiba could feel Joey tremble. He leaned down and kissed Joey deeply and softly, letting his tongue explore his lover's mouth.

Flash forward

Kaiba was pulled out of his memory as voices came to his ear. "Kaiba." Yugi said quietly. The CEO looked over at his door way and motioned for Yugi and his Grandpa to enter. They walked over to him timidly. "You said we were in danger Kaiba and I assume you wouldn't lie about this." Yugi said. Kaiba nodded. "Yes, Joey's father will not be seeing his son and may come looking for you and your Grandfather, which is why I will be sending hired Kaiba Corp. professionals to protect your shop, but for the night you and your Grandfather are welcome to stay here." Joey smiled at Yugi.

"Are you alright Joey?" Yugi asked. The blonde nodded. "Yeah, Kaiba took good care of me."

12:00 Midnight

Joey was thrashing around in his bed and howling like a dog, which got everyone's attention. Kaiba was the first to get to him though and wake him. Joey woke up crying and shaken.

"Ssssh...pup, it's alright...it's alright...I got ya now, I've got ya." Kaiba said as he rocked Joey in his arms. Joey was very upset, so much so that he wept heavily into Kaiba's chest. "Kaiba, what's wrong with Joey?" Yugi asked. "A bad dream, don't worry, I'll take care of him." Yugi nodded and left the room.

"Ssssh...calm down Joey...calm down." Seto said softly. "You...you were...dead...Kaiba..." Joey tired to say, "Blood...blood all over...it was yours." Joey cried. Seto held tighter to his shaken puppy. "I'm right here Joey, I'm right here."

Kaiba had gotten Joey to calm down and eventually back to sleep. He decided that he didn't have the heart to leave his puppy and lay down beside him. Joey moved in closer and laid his head in the arch of Seto's neck, the night was peaceful but no one could see what lay beyond the horizon for tomorrow.

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