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Run Away Puppy Chapter Twenty: Seto, I'm Pregnant

"Well you two have fun and be sure to come back in one piece." Tea said while releasing Joey from a firm hug. The blonde nodded and smiled warmly. The group, minus Seto and Joey, were about to board their flight home when Solomon turned to say one more thing, "Oh and stay out of trouble you two." The group laughed together. Mokuba ran back to his brother one more time and gave him another good-bye hug. "Be good for Yami and Yugi and mind your manners okay." Seto said while releasing his brother. "Got it Seto."

"I love you Mokuba."

"I love you too Seto."

With that, Mokuba ran back to the group just as they started boarding the Kaiba Corp. plane. "Well, were all alone, what do we do now?" Seto asked. Joey shrugged his shoulders, "I don't know, we can go shopping or something." Seto threw his arm over Joey's shoulders and together they walked out of the airport. It was still pretty early in the morning so the couple decided to go back to the hotel and get a few more hours of sleep. After that, they got up and went out for some lunch then went shopping down town Manhattan.

Though the blonde thoroughly being with Seto, he had taken off into the direction of a video game store, he may have been pregnant and didn't know, but he was still a normal 17-year-old boy right? The brunette finally caught up to the blonde and saw him playing a demo of a newly released game. "What are you playing pup?"

"Devil May Cry 3." (Love the games and of course I love Dante) Seto smiled and leaned to Joey's ear, "Don't you have the first two?" The blonde nodded and didn't even notice Seto leave his presence. "Come on pup, let's go to another store." Seto said while pulling Joey away form the playstation2. The blonde whined then took Seto by the hand. They didn't really buy anything while shopping they were just looking. Seto did treat himself to a couple new things though, one of which was a brand new black trench coat, which Joey found to be very sexy on his boyfriend. Joey had also gotten a new coat; it was a denim jacket with the Red-Eyes Black Dragon embroidered on the back. Like I say, the couple hadn't really gone to buy things but they just wanted to be together and spend time alone together.

Seto looked at his watch after they had enjoyed their dinner and noticed his puppy looking at the couples going for an evening stroll, their were quite a few out. Seto paid for dinner then got up and held out his hand to his lover. Joey took it and wondered what Seto was up to. As they walked out front, Seto waved off the limo and told the diver to meet them in Central park in about three hours.

"Central Park?" Joey asked raising an eyebrow. Seto nodded then took his puppy's right hand in his left and they began to walk toward the park, when they arrived, they saw that there was a good sized crowd sitting in the grass, Joey wondered why.

"I am so glad that school is out for the summer." Joey said. Seto was a bit taken aback about what his puppy was saying, so much had been going on he had forgot that their Junior year of high school was now over. "Yeah, me too pup." The couple made an abrupt stop as two huge cracks of thunder went off. They looked up to the sky and saw the colorful array of the first fireworks dying out. Seto looked down at his watch and saw the date, July 4, 2005. "It's the American Independence Day." The brunette explained to his blonde pup. Now it made sense as to why so many people were out at the park. Joey pulled Seto over to a clear spot on the grass and they sat together; Seto sat with a puppy between his legs, leaning against his chest and watching the fireworks display. The couple was memorized until the very end and Joey saw a man propose to his girlfriend, it made his heart warm and made him wonder if he and Seto would be so lucky. Joey hoped so. Unknowing to the blonde, Seto had seen the same thing and had the some thoughts of his own.

The show had ended and Seto stood up, pulling his puppy with him. "Come on, we have to finish our walk." Seto said while taking Joey's hand. The blonde smiled and let Seto take him willingly. This was how they ended each night, walking hand in hand around Central Park in the full bloom of night, except for one. On their last night in New York they had discovered a club that Joey wanted to check out, so they went and danced until they couldn't anymore. Then once they arrived back at the hotel, Joey found himself on his back, on the bed, naked and an equally naked Seto Kaiba above him, dominating his body and soul.

It was a soft morning when Joey lazily opened his eyes. His head was nestled perfectly beneath Seto's chin and his left hand neatly rested on the brunette's chest. This had been a wonderful experience for him and he imagined that Seto felt the same. Though his moment was one that Joey wanted to keep forever, he was happy they were going home soon. Joey ran his fingers across Seto's lips and watched as the brunette's eyes opened. He looked down at Joey and smiled. "Good morning Seto."

"Morning puppy."

"Thank you Seto." Joey said while drawing little circles with his index finger on Seto's chest. "For what puppy?"

"For this, this celebration us. I had a wonderful time and can't thank you enough for it, I just wish I could give you something as equally special." The blonde said. Seto touched his lover's face, "Then be with me forever, stay and never leave." Joey looked up to his boyfriend then pulled the brunette on top of him so that their lips mingled in a kiss. "I'll never leave you, I owe you everything. You've done so much for me." The brunette smiled then kissed his puppy again. Joey moaned when he felt how aroused Seto was becoming. They pulled away and panted for air. "One quick round before we go?" Joey asked. Seto smirked and took his puppy into another kiss; he loved it when his puppy begged.


Joey and Mokuba were sitting in the game room taking turns playing Joey's new game, which Seto had bought for him, Devil May Cry 3. Seto was in his office finalizing a contract for a new device he had created, when the doorbell rang. Joey and Seto met each other in the hallway and exchanged glances; neither of them were expecting company. Seto answered the door to find Vanessa standing on their front porch. He invited her in.

"You weren't kidding about moving were you?" Joey asked surprised. Vanessa shook her head. "Well we have plenty of room." Seto offered. "No I couldn't, besides I found a little place in town. That's why I'm here is to let you know that I wont need to stay here and impose."

"Well, it wouldn't have been a problem." Seto assured. Joey went to walk forward to welcome Vanessa to Domino when he suddenly wavered and fell to the floor. "Pup are you alright?" Seto asked while falling to Joey's level. The blonde panted a bit and looked dizzily into Seto's eyes before fainting completely.

"So, Mollano, I hear yer bein' transferred to a high security prison in Washington, D.C." The former mob boss' cell neighbor chuckled. "Yep, but…I'll never get there. I talked with a buddy of mine who is great friends with the police force here. He paid my transfer officer handsomely, so to say the least, I'll never see another jail cell again." The man next to Mollano was intrigued, "What are you gonna do when you get free?"

"I am going to wrack hell on some people who killed my only son and turned my wife against me. If they think they've gotten rid of me…they're wrong, all they've done is piss me off." Mollano's neighbor chuckled again. Just like Mollano had said before, his transfer officer came for him and drove him in the direction of Florida, this is the beginning of the end…

"How is Joey, Seto" Yugi asked the pacing brunette. The young CEO cleared his throat and got his breathing under control, "I really couldn't say, the doctors are working on the cause of his fainting episode and he hasn't…"

"Joey's awake now big brother!" Mokuba yelled from outside the blonde's room window. Seto quickly entered his puppy's room and to his side. "Pup, are you alright?" The blonde nodded, "Yeah, I feel okay, just a bit dizzy, what happened to me?"

"You fainted." Seto answered. Doctor Anessa White interrupted the couple, "Can I ask you two to wait outside for a moment while I talk to Seto and Joey?" She asked looking at Mokuba and Yugi. They nodded and closed the door behind them on their way out.

Seto sat down in the chair he had pulled next to Joey's hospital bed and watched as the doctor was having a hard time with her thoughts. "So what's wrong Doctor?" Seto asked while gently taking the blonde's right hand in his. "Well…this is very…odd…to say the least." Joey sat straight up from his bed, "WHAT? What is it? What's wrong with me?"

"Well…nothing is really wrong with you…but…this is difficult for me to believe."

"What is it!" Joey and Seto shouted in unison. "Joey…you're pregnant."

"I'M WHAT?" The blonde yelled in disbelief. Seto was stunned. "You're pregnant…with Seto's baby assumingly." There was a silence then Joey felt Seto squeeze his hand. The blonde looked up to his lover, "I'm pregnant." He said softly. The brunette kissed his puppy and heard the door swing open. "What's going on, I heard Joey scream?" Yugi demanded. Joey pulled away from Seto and faced his friend, "Yugi, Seto and I are gonna have a baby."

"That's great!" Mokuba and Yugi yelled together. The doctor softened then smiled, "Well congratulations, Joey you are one month pregnant."

"Thank you." The blonde said before the doctor made her way out. Joey already loved the sound of being pregnant, with Seto's baby nonetheless. He looked up to the young CEO and cupped his face, "Seto, I'm pregnant." The brunette saw tears fall down his puppy's face. Seto kissed his lover again and began to think about what kind of things he was going to do to that nursery that had come with their house.

"Seto, I'm pregnant." Joey said one more time while the brunette placed a gentle hand over their developing child. "I love you Joey." Seto said before placing a chaste kiss on the blonde's lips.


Author's Note: So…what did you think of the first part of Run Away Puppy? Did you cry did you laugh? I hope you all enjoyed reading it just as much as I enjoyed writing it. You all are a great group of readers and I thank you all for reading and giving this story a life. It would never have been finished if you all hadn't been behind it 100. You all are great and I hope I'll see you in the sequel called Run Away Puppy: Mollano's Revenge. Again thank you all for reading and I shall see you all soon. Let's give Seto and Joey a big round of applause and a big congratulation on the baby!