It was a cold, dark, and gloomy night. The kitchen was in full bustle as it always was, breakfast being prepared for the many eager and hungry students of Hogwarts. The house-elves doing all of these tasks were averting their eyes from a certain hearth in one of the corners. A pouting and weeping house-elf was continuously scrubbing the floor of the corner, if only to keep herself busy. The water she used to wash the floor? Her own, never-ending, tears. Across the room, a house-elf who clearly thought he was finished for the day, was busy tugging on his socks. Looking up from his knobby feet, the house-elf got up, straightened his mix-matched clothes, and marched over to the lone house-elf on the other side of the room.

"Hello Winky. Dobby is wondering if Winky would join Dobby?"

The house-elf looked up, her eyes teetering on the bring of another flood of tears. "W... What is Dobby asking of Winky? Winky only wants to clean so great headmaster will keep Winky! Winky disgraced the family name of... of... Cr..." With that, Winky began to sob. The other house-elves moved farther away, but Dobby the house-elf moved closer.

"Dobby once felt the way Winky does. Dobby beat Dobby's self daily for disgracing the family name he once took care of, but learned from the wise headmaster that they were doing that themselves. And the Great Harry Potter agrees."

Winky continued sobbing.

"Winky shouldn't cry, says Dobby! Winky cries to much! Winky should know that the great bushy-haired friend of Harry Potter cares so much as to make a club for house-elves."

At this, Winky looked up, horrified, recalling the bushy-haired girl who spoke such blasphemy.

"Winky mustn't fret. Dobby takes Winky somewhere just for Winky!"

"J... Just for Winky?" Winky said, clearly taken aback by such words.

"Dobby said just for Winky!" Dobby smiled and wiggled his ears.

"Al... alright. Winky will go, but only if Winky can do extra cleaning to make up for it! And Winky thinks Dobby should, too."

Nodding in exasperation, Dobby grabbed Winky's arm and whisked her away into the night. Or at least into the corridors. Soon the two house-elves reached a wall. Muttering something, a door appeared. Dobby pulled Winky in and closed the door. The room had beanbag chairs, many books on what appeared to be Defense Against the Dark Arts, and a surprisingly pink decor. And the beanbags had red hearts on them. And was that incense...?

"Dobby thinks Winky has cried for far too long." Dobby said in a squeaky, sultry voice.

"Oh...!" Hiccupped Winky, blushing. "Winky is thinking Dobby should think more about Dobby's duties!"

"Dobby's duties are to make Winky a happy house-elf." Dobby purred.

Winky giggled.

----A few minutes later----

"Alright, guys. It's late. We're tired. But we need to continue these classes!" Harry Potter called back to the twenty or so students behind him as he cracked open the door. Opening the door in front of him completely, he stepped inside, followed by the group.

Harry Potter stared.


The End!

Note: Pointless and most likely disturbing one-shot. How many Dobby/Winky fics have you read, eh? Hopefully not too many.

(Revised 11/22/07)