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Prologue: "Aya's Pain"

A rainy, Saturday afternoon, Aya stands in the backyard of the home of Suzumi, Yuhi, and Mrs. Q where two gravestones stand before her. One with two black roses set beside the small stone reading "Chidori" across it and the second with red roses reading "Toya" across it. Standing their without an umbrella, her wet hair sticking to her face and her clothing soaking wet against her body, Aya stares at the two graves before her bringing back painful memories, the loss of her best friend and love.

With tears streaming down her face, it has been a year and Ceres still hasn't found the ancient robes she seeks.

"Mrs. Q, make another pot of tea, Aya will need it" Suzumi sighed while watching Aya from the window. Yuhi was in his room with puzzled thoughts. "Why, why did Chidori have to save me? What a fool that girl...dammit," He slammed his fist into the wall beside him. It was that day that Chidori had sacrificed her life for him, had he realized his true feelings for his Tennyo ally Chidori. He sat in his room without a word for the past few months, going to school and back to his room after. Aya, wandering outside or hidden in her room as well, the painful memories not leaving their hearts, never once getting to say goodbye or thank you. "It will take more then Tennyo power and some chamomile tea to cheer them up," Suzumi replied while turning back to the kitchen. Mrs. Q was busy readying some tea and adding her 'secret' ingredient a.k.a. vinegar! "

Suzumi cocked an eyebrow, "Mrs. Q...what are you doing there?" She demanded. "N, nothing Miss Suzumi, just...preparing some tea like you asked," She laughed shakily. "WHAT did you DO to the tea?" Suzumi's eyes lit up like fire while her voice cackled loudly ringing out into the room expressing her anger. "A family...ingredient, opens the mind and heart," Mrs. Q laughed. "Oh yeah? And what ingredient is THAT Mrs. Q?" Suzumi asked. "...A dash of vinegar," Mrs. Q gulped. "WHAT?" Suzumi cried. "It seems like...everything is normal in the kitchen," Yuhi sighed. He sat up and stretched looking at his room. "What a mess," He thought.

Aya remained outside with a cold gaze on the two gravestones misunderstanding what had gone wrong. "Everything was fine...everything was going great in fact, with Toya protecting me and Chidori tapping into her Tennyo powers, we were...unstoppable! But now...I just...don't understand, what the hell happened!" She shouted when a dam of tears broke and they streamed down her face. Fallen to her knees broken and crying, Aya mumbled out depressing thoughts. "Why did they BOTH have to go? It's not FAIR!" She cried. Shuro walked up to Aya with her hands in her pockets, "Aya..." Her voice was calm but concerned. "Please, just leave me alone," Aya whispered.

"...Aya there is NOTHING we can do for them now, they both died for a good cause, Toya sacrificed his life to protect you, and Chidori gave hers to save Yuhi, they both did it to keep the ones they love alive and to complete the mission without them, I lost Kei a year ago too, don't you forget! It was so hard, but I held it all inside and when I got home, I broke down and cried, but I know that inside, Kei always loved me and I will respect what he did for me and move on, now it's your turn," Shuro explained. She placed her hands on Aya's shoulders, "Come on, let's go inside," She smiled friendly.

"You don't understand Shuro!" Aya turned around and snapped, "We could have prevented their deaths, if only we thought about it carefully, we had all the bases covered but then..." She trailed off holding back tears. "Let's go inside, don't talk about this now, it's been a year now..." Shuro trailed. Aya moved away from Shuro's hold and walked around the house.

"Any luck?" Suzumi asked when Shuro entered. "Nope," She replied shaking her head. Shuro sat at the table and poured herself a cup of hot chamomile tea...with Mrs. Q's secret ingredient. "I wouldn't drink that if I were you..." Suzumi trailed. "It's hot, I know," Shuro shrugged. She raised the cup to her lips and sipped. Suzumi and Mrs. Q watched Shuro with an intent gaze to her reaction. "Eh?" Suzumi raised a brow. Shuro suddenly turned blue and her eyes widened with disgust. "Blah!" She spat out the tea, "What the hell is in this stuff?" She demanded. "Mrs. Q's secret ingredient," Suzumi smirked. "Vinegar!" Mrs. Q smiled. "Ah gross! Gee Suzumi, ya could have been a pal and WARNED me first!" Shuro scolded.

"I DID you clutter brain! But you were too cocky and drank the crap anyway!" Suzumi shouted back. "Now, now, there's enough for everyone," Mrs. Q replied calmly pouring Suzumi a cup. "Get that crap away from me this instant!" Suzumi slapped the cup from Mrs. Q's hand causing it to spill all over her gown. "Oh dear," Mrs. Q sighed. Suzumi stood up and walked down the hall to get her maids. "Maids, dispose of this horrid tea and run Aya a hot bath, make that two, I would like to get myself cleaned up as well, and someone PLEASE wash this crap out of my gown!" Suzumi cried. "Yes ma'm," The maids nodded. Mrs. Q hummed happily while washing the dishes and returning to her house chores. Shuro stood up and walked outside, "I'll get Aya, but then I have to run," She announced.

Meanwhile, Aya was standing in Tokyo Square sitting on the wall of the large fountain in the center of the large, busy shopping arcade. "I might as well...just think elsewhere," Aya thought to herself. She watched happy couples walk by and chattering friends fluttering about. "Stay calm, just breathe..." She told herself. "Come on Kei-Chan!" A girl cooed dragging her boyfriend passed Aya. "Calm DOWN," Aya whispered getting angry.

"Yeah, I'd risk it for yah, you ARE my best friend!" A girl laughed while walking with locked arms to her other two friends. "Dammit! Can't I girl think clearly for once?" Aya shouted standing up. A crowd of people turned to look at her. "Ahaha..." Aya turned bright red in embarrassment after realizing what she did. "Dammit," She muttered and walked off with her head down seconds after. "What a cold day," She thought wandering out of the streets. She made her way to a Cherry Tree park and sat on a bench in the rain. Suddenly, a bitter cold breeze blew passed Aya and all time seemed to have stopped. Everyone in the park was frozen, clocks and sounds, cars and stores, everything stopped. "Do you wish to bring back a person you so cherish?" A heavenly voice whispered. "Who, who's there?" Aya demanded.

"Is life what you seek? Thus have Ceres find the Revival Stone and your wish may come true," The voice continued. "What? Who are you!" Aya called. "Find the Revival Stone and a soul you seek...will return to thy heart," The voice trailed. "No, wait!" Aya ran after the voice. Suddenly the voice disappeared and time began again, all people seemed to have not noticed anything. "The...Revival Stone?" Aya wondered.