Disclaimers: Not mine, not even going to dream that they are mine. Just took them out for a spin, did a little torture and returned them home nice and slightly tortured.

Warnings: Waaaaaaaaay too much sap in this one. General warnings such as OOCs, shounen ai, slightly more graphic dreams and pre lemons that Tsu is used to writing. But don't worry, Tsu still doesn't write lemons.

A/N: This a fusion with a yaoi manga that I picked up called 'Colors'. Some parts are reflective of the manga, others are just me putting things in. Hehehe, I promised myself no fusion fics, but I couldn't help it. Even I got hyperglycaemia from reading it. Too sweet, toooo sweet. Perhaps someone who has read this can tell me if I am infringing anything by writing how I did.

Letters back Home


"You suck, Duo," Heero complained, wincing at the soreness. "I won't be able to walk properly for days."

Duo grinned at him shrugging. "Too bad, as if it didn't hurt when you did it to me that first time." He threw Heero a look. "Practice on makes perfect."

"Hey! I'm sore enough, you idiot!" Heero whacked his boyfriend on the shoulder with a soft feather pillow. There was a minor grapple and Heero had Duo under him in an instant. "Though, this is the most perfect solution, and the most perfect position."

"You're not going to be unfair about this!" Duo pouted.

Heero realised his lover with reluctance and sat up, shifting to get a little more comfortable. He couldn't shake the melancholy feeling. Sooner or later, they would have to walk their own path. Their lives would inevitably cause them to go down different roads. But until that day, Heero wasn't about to let go of Duo's hand. They would walk down their current path together for as long as possible.

"Things would be easier if I could knock you up," Heero sighed. "Then my problems would be solved."

Duo pouted, then his expression turned thoughtful. "Hmm… perhaps Hilde would get someone to be interested in our relationship and turn into a yaoi manga. Them some fangirl might be so captivated our story that she will turn it into a fanfiction about this bunch of men living in the forest with different abilities. Supposedly, these men could get pregnant and you and I would meet and you would impregnate me and my evil brother would try to plot against me because he was jealous of my popularity among my people and…" Sorry, couldn't resist banging up my own story.

"What are you talking about?" Heero asked, looking like Duo had gone insane.

Duo chuckled, blushing at how his mouth had run away with him. "Nothing, random rambling."

A comfortable silence ensued as the basked in each other's company.

"Hey, Heero," Duo said, looking rather thoughtful.

"Yeah?" Heero muttered, half asleep.

"Let's draw something, together. For Treize's new exhibition. Let's leave a proof of our existence? Tell the world that you and I met?"

Heero smiled.


We may go our separate ways one day .

I will always remember you.

You were there to pick me up when I fell. For that I am forever grateful.

Let's show the world the eternal time we spent together.


Treize walked through his gallery. The paintings had been hung the day before and he was giving everything a once over before opening for the day. So far everything was in good condition. It was then a picture caught his eye. He stood in front of it staring at it for a long while.

He shook his head. "I never knew the two of you to be such a show off. Well, anyone who sees it can't deny the love you two have for each other. Make me jealous won't you?" He walked away sighing.

He left behind a painting filled with happy joyous colours. Under it was a tag that said:



Heero Yuy and Duo Maxwell


For we will never be truly apart.

The freaking end! FINALLY!