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Chapter One

Maybe they shouldn't have been there at all. Not that it would have changed anything, as Dumbledore never changed his mind, no matter who overheard. Maybe it would have been better if they had just waited for him to tell them, on his own time, because he obviously had a plan. He always had a plan, and they were always brilliant.

Mad, but brilliant.

There is a thin line, you know?

Draco Malfoy was running towards the dungeons, fast as his long legs could carry him, but still, the Head Girl was catching up. Adrenaline did wonders with her stubby legs. Hermione was definitely a sight to see, as she was a) running, b) bug-eyed, and c) covered from head to toe in blue goo. The goo was Draco's fault, as the Head Boy couldn't go for one single day without pranking the bouffy haired prick to high heaven. This time it was the exploding hair pomade, and who knows what would come next?

Hermione obviously didn't notice where she was going, only that she was chasing the scrawny ferret, and was slowly gaining. Only when he stopped suddenly in front of a giant wooden door, did she finally realize she was in the dungeons.

"You filthy, slimy, cheater," she panted.

"You're the slimy one, bint," she said, out of breath as well. "I did not cheat, that is for petty thieves and your kind. I simply evened out the playing field, so that the teachers would finally see my side of the story!"

"Snape will see your side of the story all right." She rolled her eyes, leaning against the stone wall. Malfoy poised his fist above the door, ready to knock, when he heard voices. Loud ones too, with the kind of strung tension that just begged to be listened to. He put down his fist, and instead pushed his ear to the door.

Hermione scoffed. "Petty thieves and my kind? You, the boy who listens in on teachers' conversations!?!"

He waved her off, a scowl on his face. "Shut up! They're talking about us!"

"That doesn't give us any right to...." Hermione was about to knock on the door herself, when she heard a little voice in her head, urging her to listen in too.

It sounded like Harry. Figures. She walked over to the door, pushed Malfoy down, and pressed her own ear to it.

"...they're the Head Boy and Girl, Albus, I'm sure they can handle it!"

"Not just Head Boy and Girl, Minerva. This is Hermione Granger we're talking about!"

"Oh, and what about your fine housemate, Draco Malfoy? Conveniently forgotten that he has his own record as well?"


Malfoy was fighting his way to the top, probably thinking that the sound was of higher quality up there. Honestly, who made him Head Boy? Hermione groaned.

"It sounds just the same down there as it does up here, Malfoy," she whispered. "Stop making so much noise, I can't hear!"

"'Stop making so much noise, I can't hear,'" he mimicked in a whiney voice. She just ignored him, and listened in some more, just in time to hear a high squeaky voice say;

"They can obviously handle it, they are Head Boy and Girl, top of their classes. Deceiving them in such a way would be horrible! We might loose their trust forever."

"Well, whatever his decision is, we have to hurry soon," said a voice Hermione recognized as Professor Sprout. "He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named has stolen the tome, chances are, he's already found the passage. We must spring into action at once!"

There was a murmur of agreement.

"I have reached my decision," came the clear voice of Professor Dumbledore. "But first, a word from our Head Boy and Girl themselves. Pomona, the door, if you please?"


Malfoy jumped up, knocking Hermione head over heels, and bolted down the hall, just as the door opened. A very amused Professor Sprout looked down at Hermione, who was pointing at the escaping Head Boy, a guilty look on her face. "H...h...he started it. It was his idea!"

"Mister Malfoy!" Snape called out, peeking his head around the door. "You are wanted in my office!"

Malfoy skidded to a halt, a foot away from the corner, and apparent freedom. He slunk back to the door, where Dumbledore and the heads of House all stood, goofy grins on their faces. The Headmaster elbowed Snape in the ribs, and giggled, "I think this will work out better than I anticipated!"

Snape just rolled his eyes.

Malfoy and Hermione were ushered into the dank dungeon, and sat down on two chairs Dumbledore conjured. The four other staff members looked less than enthusiastic about what was to come.

"Miss Granger, Mister Malfoy, I am sure that both of you have read Hogwarts: A History?"

The two nodded. Hermione stared at Malfoy, and felt instantly violated. That was her book!

"Then you two obviously both know of the Founders' Shield?"

They nodded again. Hermione remembered the Founders' Shield as being a complex mixture of spells and potions, that when activated, produced a shield that encapsulated Hogwarts and it's grounds. The shield was unbreakable, and could resist any magic, dark or light.

Hermione gasped. "You don't mean....that tome Voldemort, sorry, You-Know-Who stole was the Volume for that shield?"

The dark looks on their faces confirmed that it was true.

"I do have another copy of the tome in my possession," Dumbledore explained. "But him having the tome means that he knows all the instances needed to create the shield." He gave Malfoy and Hermione a serious stare. "We need your help."

Malfoy just shrugged. "Okay."

Snape opened a drawer in his desk, and pulled out a little wooden box. Inside the box, there were six vials of potion, four white, and two black.

"As you know, the Founders' shield needs all four Heads of House to commit to fashioning a ring out of their craft, be it Potions," he nodded at Snape, "or Herbology, and such. We need you two to keep the Heads of House in hiding for one month, whilst they work on their rings. To do this, we will give you these potions."

Dumbledore handed each of them a vial of the slick, black potion. Malfoy stared at it in disgust, while Hermione asked curiously, "What potion is this, Professor?"

"Aging Potion, Miss Granger."

The two teens stared at him blankly. He was obviously enjoying their cluelessness.

Malfoy examined his potion, then looked at the other four that were still in the box. His face turned a putrid green. "Please tell me you aren't thinking what I think you're thinking."

The Headmaster smiled. "I do believe I am."

He turned to Hermione, and announced, "The Heads of House are taking a de-aging potion, and you, Miss Granger, and Mister Malfoy, are going to act as their parents."