The Decision That Changes Lives

A Fanfiction on "Goodnight Mr Tom"

This is only my version....

All the charaters are not mine! As much as I wish they were!!!

"I'm not leaving, you'll have to drag me the whole way!" screamed Will before he started climbing the ladder up to his room. He wasn't going to go away from Mr Tom easily.

Tom looked up the stairs and watched Will disappear at the hatch, He then then turned his attention to the people who wanted to take Will away from him.

The psychiatrist started on about how Will looked very disturbed.

"I really think he needs...ahhh...professional's looking after him, can't you see that?"

"He's very well looked after thank you, he has friends, love and the only distress in his life is when you say you're taking him away." Retorted Tom, he didn't like the thought of this dazed man looking after Will.

"Now hold on a minute" the Sussex lady started, "He looks very well looked after to me, that's not the problem." She glared at the psychiatrist.

"He's much better than when he was at the hospital, I remember him right, skinny, as bony as anything. Looked like he could do with a bit of looking after, and he certainly ha sit here." Commented the Warden

"I'm not worried about the body, that's not my job, it's the mind." Put in the psychiatrist.

"So ye are going to let him starve, but have him mentally perfectly well?" snorted Tom.

"Well, that's not exactly what I meant, he will be well looked after in my establishment." Replied the psychiatrist.

"Well, I have the final decision, and in my mind I think he stays where he's comfortable, safe and happy!" decided the Sussex lady.

"Well, my thoughts aren't worth much, but this man here, he cares for Willie, more than anyone else around, we would be thick if we tried to take him away."

"Right, so are we decided?" When it looked like the psychiatrist was going to say something she added "and I don't want any crap from you, if he wasn't mentally happy here, do you think he would threaten to run back here?"

"You know what Tom?, you should try and adopt the lad, then no one can try and take him away from ye!"

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