Title: Frozen Sunshine: Chapter 1 – How it all Started
Author: Sriya
Rating: PG-13 (manlove and cussing..?)
Disclaimer: I don't own Fruits basket, and guess what? You won't get anything if you sue me anyway. Except maybe a few carrots.
Warnings: Slash? And...well, rape, I guess. I'm not into the graphic stuff, though, so...sorry. I'll write you a porn novel if you pay me, though.
Pairings: Haven't figured them all out, but there's going to definitely be a little Yuki/Haru, Shigure/Ayame/Hatori (not at the same time, I don't do threesomes), and maybe a little Kyo/Torhu too...we'll see.
Notes: This is my first Furuba fanfic, so any comments/reviews you have would help, even if they're flames...I've got my woman power, I can take flames. Unfortunately, I've only seen the Anime series and read the English Manga...so I don't know a whole lot about after Episode 26, don't kill me. I do, however, know about the Akito spoiler, and am planning to use it...so nyah, don't read this if you don't want to know. Anyway, I'm done, enjoy, and review! :D

"Goodbye!" she had called out sweetly. "Please have fun!"

They should have known not to leave her. How could they have been such idiots?

"This year I've got Hana-chan and Uo-cahn, so please don't worry about me!"

Just because Hana and Uo scared high school girls didn't mean they'd be able to protect Torhu.

"You should go and be with your family!" she beamed.

Of course they should have seen it coming.

"I will be safe and happy with Mother and my two best friends!"

Yeah, right. Safe. But who knew something like this would happen..?

These thoughts were running through the male Juunishi's minds (minus Hiro-chan and plus Kagura) as Hatori walked out of the room where he had been examining Tohru.

"It was as we thought. She's been raped."

Kyo glared at Hatori. "Well, it didn't take a genius to figure that out," echoing the thoughts of the majority of the room.

"I wasn't finished," stated Hatori, returning the glare. "Not only was she raped, but she had to be raped by..." He trailed off, turning away from the expectant faces.

Shigure, attempting to lighten the mood, shouted out, "Kyo, right? I always knew he was a sex fiend..."

Hatori, ignoring the "I'm going to kill you!"s heard in the background, mostly coming from Kyo, held up a hand. "For once, Shigure could be telling the truth."

There was utter silence in the room until Kyo cried out, his face the reddest from embarrassment and anger it had ever been, "WHAT?"

Hatori sighed. "The only possible suspects exist between the Juunishi and Akito."

Eruptions of voices broke out among the Juunishi. "What? That's impossible! What about the mailman! Lots of people know where the house is!"

Hatori shook his head. "No one besides the postman, who, in fact, is a Sohma, knows where this house is. Even Hana-chan and Uo-chan could not find their way here if they were not allowed to; and they had been long gone by the time of the rape. Besides, Tohru says hecalled her by her name."

"Then wouldn't she have been able to recognize who it was?" wondered a suspicious Yuki.

"The head injuries show that she had been knocked out prior to the raping, and she had been sleeping until she heard the voice. The voice, which had been heavily muffled, is all she remembers." Hatori sighed. "This is most likely the work of Akito." The others, finally understanding, nodded in agreement.

"Will Honda-san be all right?" inquired a still confused Momiji.

Hatori relaxed slightly. "Tohru will be fine. Come, Momiji, Haru, AYAME—" he glanced at his friend that had been involved in stroking Shigure in a sensual manner for the majority of his speech—"We're leaving. There's nothing more we can do." Kagura gave Kyo's hand a final touch, much to his displeasure, then got up and followed them. Yuki rose and shut the door behind them, then turned to Shigure and Kyo.

"So, what do we do now?"

Kyo made a sudden move towards the steps, but Shigure grabbed his collar. "Tohru may be hurt, but that doesn't change the fact that I'm hungry, Kyo-kun!"

"It's 4 AM, idiot! Have the stupid rat make it for you, he's stupid enough!" retorted Kyo as he ran for the roof.

"Baka neko!" Yuki shouted after him, as he too, ran up the stairs before Shigure could catch him. Shigure, defeated, decided that it may alos be a good idea to follow suit. After all, Ayame had been, well, to say the least, a faithful New Year's partner. It was indeed a shame they had been interrupted by this occurrence. HE smiled as he thought of his friend and random sex partner...Ayame's hair, his cologne, the one trick he used that—

Shigure's fantasies came to a halt as a knock sounded from the door. Probably that damn Hatori come back to do one final check on Tohru-kun, he thought. Although I wouldn't mind having him stay a little longer...

The smile broaded and he danced towards the doorway. But as he opened the door, his smile disappeared. It took all his strength to hold back his violent urge to run away screaming like a girl. It was definitely not a pretty sight.

"A-kito?" he managed.

"You know why I'm here," replied the cruel, icy voice.

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