The soul occupant of the room came to the last picture in the binder and smiled softly, closing it. looking at the front, he brushed his fingers over the white book's gold lettering. "Our wedding" it read, and he could definitely agree now that it was the best day of his life.

Slowly standing up, he walked over to the bookshelf and slipped it back into the hole between the other books. Well she will not notice that i was looking at it. That is good. He finished putting the book back in its place and turned around freezing in his tracks. She was there, with a towel wrapped around her body just barely concealing the important parts of her body. Her arms were crossed and she had a smirk on her face that he could not decifer. "Finally looked through it i see."

He looked back into her chocolate brown eyes feeling like an ant under the microscope. "Rinoa, I thought you were showering?"

She laughed softly and crossed the distance to him. "Squall, you still can never remember that I'm in your mind quite literally can you?" She brushed her still dry hair back, her light brown highlights clearly visible in the light. behind her, steam billowed out softly from the open bathroom door where the shower was still running.

Squall swallowed slightly like he was a kid caught with his hand in the cookie jar. "I..."

Rinoa did not let him finish. Resting a finger on his lips, she stopped his words cold in his mouth. "Its alright, don't worry. We'll talk about this some other time.

Squall nodded and she slowly dropped her finger from his mouth. He glanced over at the shower and then back at her. "Are you going to finish your shower now?"

Rinoa shook her head softly and smiled up at him innocently. "No, i think i had too much fun tonight to really go back right now." She wrapped her arms around his body and hugged him. She still had a hard time getting used to seeing him without his leather jacket on. His white shirt underneath was cotton and soft, and Rinoa rested her cheek on his chest as she hugged him. To her joy, Squall wrapped his arms around her and returned the hug. "Squall, thank you so much, this was a wonderful day."

Squall smiled and lifted her chin with a finger to gaze into her eyes. "It was my pleasure, Rinoa. I just hope you had a happy birthday this year."

Rinoa smiled back and brushed her cheek against his palm as he caressed it. Her eyes rolled closed slowly and involuntarily as she whispered back. "Squall, today is the best birthday of my life."

Squall hugged her again and kissed her forehead softly. Rinoa was amazed that Squall could actually be affectionate. It was almost to the point where he was being slightly clingy and kissy, but she did not mind it at all. "Im glad your day was good."

She looked up at him and smiled again. This time though, the smile was nowhere near her previous one. This one was seductive and playful, with a bit of 'I'm a bad girl' written on it. "Who says its over yet?" She asked cryptically.

Squall's eyes furrowed in confusion, and she leaned up to kiss him again. Her hands wandered to his waist and slowly lifted his cotton shirt over his head, tossing it aside, breaking the kiss with it. She stepped back for a moment with that same smile on her face then reached over to undo her towel and let it drop onto the ground. Squall obviously still was not quite used to the whole 'married' concept and his eyes widened for a moment.

Rinoa walked back over to him and kissed him again. She held the kiss for several seconds then broke whispering. "I love you" as she guided him back to the bed.

Squall gave her the most genuine and heartfelt smile she had ever seen him give yet. "I love you too"

Their love is pure and sweet, simple yet joyful, and ever burning. Sorceress and Knight, woman and man, they start their new adventure together. Their hearts sing together now, and their duet is not heard, but only felt, as they sing the songs in their souls.

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