The Massacre. By Adrian Tullberg.

The Daleks moved through the population, their weapons spewing death by the gigawatt. The peace-loving creatures bravely fought back, but their abilities could not halt what were basically hyper-advanced miniature tanks with attitude.

Their greatest enemy, the wandering Time Lord known as the Doctor materialised high the atmosphere, watched the slaughter.

And did absolutely nothing.


"They're killing every single one of them!" shrieked Sam.

"Hmm, that's what they do best. Want a cuppa?"

"They just vapourised that purple creature!"

"Every time you turn your back ... good thing I'm taping this, eh?"

"They're so cute! We have to..."

"Oh, for heaven's sake..." Rattlesnake fast, the Doctor applied the LAPD chokehold - not as fast or as efficient as the Vulcan nerve pinch, but much more fun.

After he laid out Sam on the chaise lounge, the Doctor sat back and started chomping down on the jellybabies as the Daleks annihilated the cute little creates into extinction.


The Doctor had spent a lot of time making sure the Daleks came to this world - one of the reasons he hadn't eliminated those anal pepperpots from the timelines....


...was that sometimes, even they were needed.


Come on, like you haven't fantasised about it...

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