Title: Harry Potter And The Walkers

Author: ENSIGN

Chapter 00 – At Home, So We Thought


Summary: After the events occurring in the Department Of Mysteries Harry Potter arrives "Home" at the Dursley's where he gains something unexpected, something more, new powers, at a price.


Disclaimer: No I do not own Harry Potter. If I did this wouldn't be called fan fiction and there would be a new book out on the market making millions called Harry Potter And The Walkers. Oh well one can only wish for some things.


Prologue – At Home, So We Thought

The hottest days of summer were drawing to a close on the houses of Privet Drive. The occupants of the houses welcomed this change in Mother Nature's attitude and were either coming outside to stretch or bask in the wonderful warm breezes. Most occupants, except one boy.

At the moment the said boy had locked himself up in the smallest bedroom of number four privet drive with the windows close. Yes, indeed this was not the smartest way to be comfortable with the hot days and all. As a matter of fact it was downright dumb and the room that the said boy resided in was stifling. Then again a stifling room was the last of this particular boy's worries.

Ah yes, Harry Potter, the boy-who-lived. Unlike normal boys who would be at this moment be running outside having conversations with one's peers or playing computer games or just reading a book cover to cover on a holiday, this particular boy was lying down on his bed staring at his ceiling.

At first look this would have been a normal occurrence for a teenage boy. A teenage boy showing signs that his head was in the clouds spacing out, thinking about his girl problems, undone homework or some money making scheme. But no this boy was Harry Potter, and by all circumstances he was not a normal boy.

Harry Potter had seen much, an understatement really. Heck Harry Potter had seen too much in his short span of life. That would also be considered an understatement as his so called first eleven years of life was spent locked up in a cupboard under the stairs. In all Harry Potter had seen too bloody much in the short span of only five years. Too much indeed.

Right now Harry Potter was definitely not dreaming happy thoughts; as a matter of fact that was a downright understatement as well. Harry Potter's mind at the moment was a jumble of thoughts, nightmares actually.

So who is this Harry Potter character? He is the boy-who-lived. Well that's saying a lot. Yes, Harry Potter happens to be a wizard. A wizard who attended Hogwarts School Of Witchcraft And Wizardry.

'And a thumping good one you are too, fat chance.' Now where did that thought come from? Oh yes from our resident boy-who-lived. Well why don't we take a look at what he holds in his mind at the moment.

'Why?' Harry's mind at the moment was a rain cloud of sorrows actually it was a hurricane. 'Why? What have I done? All I did was the best for them. I defeated Voldemort at one; well actually my mum did that. Still in a way I did it. Then I did it again at 11 with the philosopher's stone, oh and lets not forget the basilisk and Voldemort again when I was twelve.'

These were some of the thoughts flying through his head at the moment. No one could document all his thoughts at the moment, not even Lord Voldemort, not Dumbledore. 'And damn well not Snape as well.'

'Snape.' All thoughts came to an end in Harry's head and everything focused on that particular path. 'Snape, Occlumency, Department Of Mysteries, Sirius... Sirius... Sirius Black... Department Of Mysteries... dead... My fault... My entire fault.'

"Yes, my entire fault." Harry whispered to no one, tears leaking from his eyes and rolling down the side of his cheeks.

Yes. The Department Of Mysteries incident. Harry had been tricked by Voldemort to go to the Ministry at the end of his fifth year. Unfortunately it had been a trap.

'The mirror... I could have used the mirror... My fault... Sirius... Dead...'

Harry and his group of friends had been ambushed by a group of twelve Death Eaters. A fight had broken out ending with both the intervention of the Order Of The Phoenix, Dumbledore and Voldemort. Sometime during the event Sirius, Harry's godfather and friend had challenged his cousin, a Death Eater to a duel. The result, Sirius had been struck by a spell knocking him backwards through a black veil. The veil to the after life.

'Prophecy... Voldemort... Me... Kill... Killed... Murderer... Me... Voldemort... Prophecy... Dumbledore... Betrayed... Blood Magic... Dursleys...'

Well as we can all see now? Harry's train of thought was and is not a very healthy one. Then again the conditions of Harry's room would also be not a really healthy as well. True to their word the Order Of The Phoenix had been keeping watch over the house of number four Privet Drive. The Dursleys had completely stayed away from Harry for the most of the summer. They only came onto so much as sight when passing him his food through the cat flap in his door or his Aunt Petunia prodding him awake from one of his many nightmares.

The food in question wasn't touched at all. Somehow miraculously Harry Potter had gone without food for already two weeks. How he did it we have no idea. The order failed to check up on him as they received his letters every three days of "I'm fine. Harry." They had stayed away from him as much as possible to allow him time to grieve. The Dursleys would most definitely not inform the Order of Harry's malnourished state. All in all Harry was not a healthy boy.

'Sirius... Dead... Sirius... Dead... Sirius...'

Thankfully, Harry's thought process would soon come to an end.


Harry's train of thought broke and he shifted his head to the look at the window. Outside, perched and pecking on the glass was an eagle. Rising from the bed and stumbling to the window. Harry accepted the noisy pops in his back with a small amount of satisfaction.

The eagle hoped to his desk and deposited a letter before taking flight again.

Harry stared at the letter blankly for a full minute before shifting his gaze onto the seal. It was familiar. His head cocked slightly while his mind processed this information. At least he was doing something now.

'The Ministry.'

Harry's brows furrowed in confusion. "What could they want?" He broke the seal and pulled out the letter. He stared at it blankly for another minute before he started reading.

Dear Mr. Harry James Potter,

Due to your outstanding perseverance for the truth, remaining true to your ideals, standing up to slander and your past achievements, we are proud to award you the Order of Merlin Second Class...

Harry stopped there and looked to the bottom of the letter.

Cornelius Oswald Fudge

Minister of Magic

Harry narrowed his gaze at the name. 'Cornelius Fudge... Minister...'

That was as far as that train of thought went before an immeasurable amount of others joint in. Harry shut his eyes. His mind was a jumble of thoughts and voices. Memories, some past and some present flew through his vision.

"Harry, you're a wizard." Came the booming voice of Hagrid.

"I remember every wand I've ever sold, Mr. Potter. Every single wand... Why I remember that its brother gave you that scar." Mr. Ollivander's wispy voice came.

"I can teach you to bottle fame, brew glory and even stopper death..." Snape's deathly whisper echoed.


"It's not easy ta catch a unicorn, they're powerful magical creatures. I never knew one ta be hurt before."

"There is no good and evil, there is only power, and those too weak too seek it." Voldemort hissed.

"Leave the bird! Leave the bird! The boy is behind you! You can still smell him! Kill him! Tom Riddle screamed.

"Voldemort," said Riddle softly, "is my past, present and future."

"Master threw it, and Dobby caught it, Dobby... Dobby is free."


"Thirteen muggles murdered, with only one curse."


"I'll understand of course, if you want to stay with your aunt and uncle, but... well... think about it. Once my name's cleared... if you wanted a... a different home..."

"Sirius... I'm sorry... you never did get to give me that home... Forgive me... please..." A tear streaked its way down his face as he whispered.

"Crucio!" He shouted a curse he wished he hadn't used.

"Potter, I'm going to give you one chance!" shouted Bellatrix. "Give me the prophecy... roll it out towards me now... and I may spare your life!"

"Well, you're going to have to kill me, because it's gone! And he knows!" He screamed back with an insane mad laugh.

He watched as the curse flew at his godfather as he stood before the veil. 'Sirius! No! Move! Get out of there!' Despite his words, his godfather stood still with a shocked look upon his face. The curse struck and Sirius was knock back through the veil in slow motion. 'I must get to him, I must, and I can't let him go.' He tried to move but was held back by a force he could not contend with.

"He's gone Harry. He wouldn't come back." Remus's voice echoed.



Harry shut his eyes and faced the ceiling, "Sirius... I'm sorry..."

Pain rushed through his body and mind. He felt as if someone was taking a jagged knife to his mind and soul and carelessly cutting pieces away from him. He had felt the cruciatus curse before, this was much worse. It was pure infinite pain.

Memories and thoughts were being ripped from him. Memories he loved, memories he hated and memories he treasured more than life itself, all of it was being torn away as they want he relived them.

His mother cradling him to her chest. His father showing him a broom model in a magazine. His mother thumping his dad with said magazine. Sirius blowing raspberries at him to make him laugh. Remus stroking his forehead. His first birthday. The cake. His family holding him, carrying him, loving him.

Halloween night. Voldemort. His father's voice as he told mum to run. His mother offering herself to protect him. The words of death, the flash of green light and a thumping as a lifeless body fell to the floor. His mother's eyes, eyes of happiness and sadness staring at him as she lay on the floor before him. The words of death again, the flash of green light and finally the tormented scream as Voldemort was vanquished.

His life at the Dursleys. His life at school. Dudley and his gang. His feats of accidental magic. His room in the cupboard. The visit to the zoo. His receiving of his Hogwarts letter. The trip to the island. Hagrid. Hedwig. King cross station. Ron. Hermione. The sorting hat. The troll. Quidditch. Fluffy. The Devil's Snare. The chess set. The flying keys. The potions test. Voldemort.

Dobby. The flying car. The blocked barrier. The whomping willow. The rogue bludger. Dobby. Lockhart's spell. Hermione petrified. Her lifeless eyes staring at him.

He couldn't stand it anymore. The memories were his. His own and he would not lose them. He held on. The pain coursed through his body. It slashed at his mind. It tugged at his memories. He couldn't feel his legs anymore. He didn't know if he was still standing or had he fallen over.

The pain increased.

Moaning Myrtle. The Chamber of Secrets. The basilisk. Tom. Ginny. Fawkes. The sorting hat. The Sword of Gryffindor.

'No!' Those were his memories, he treasured them. He would not lose them. The pain increased. He couldn't feel anything waist down. The pain increased. He could feel his arms trashing about. He bit down on his tongue. He couldn't' feel his arms now. The intense pain doubled as it ripped into his chest. He could hear his heart beating.

He felt his chest ripping apart. The pain heightened.

No more. He couldn't take it anymore. Suppressing the memories and the pain was too much. He released his hold. He submitted to the pain and mental ransacking. He released an unknowingly held breath.

A smile drew upon Harry's face. He was dying. He felt it. He knew it. He was going to meet his parents. His godfather. His family. Despite the pain, he was comfortable. He paid it no heed. He was at peace.

Harry's eyes snapped open and he let it all out in a scream. Years of putting up with Malfoy, all the fights he had with Ron, all those years locked up, Dudley's bullying, Sirius death, Cedric's death, Peter's betrayal, Dumbledore's betrayal, Voldemort, everything. He let it all out. Fifteen years of suffering and anger, he let it all out in that one scream, all his suffering, all his pain, everything he had, even his magic.

Harry Potter, the boy-who-lived was heard for miles around. Within that radius every piece of glass broke. Every flower burst into bloom. Every injury was healed. Every sickness was cured. Birds scattered and took flight. Animals whined and hid. Sentient beings shivered. Everyone had felt it, be it beast or being, Harry Potter had released a magical surge, one so strong it was felt the world over.


The members of the Order Of The Phoenix had been guarding Harry's house constantly and vigilantly ever since he returned this summer and right now it was Alastor Moody who was on duty. Under the cover of an invisibility cloak he sat watching the house with his normal eye, the magical one spun around in its socket scanning for would be attackers. He reached to his hip for a drink from his hip flask.

The charms and wards on the Dursley's residence were good. He had to admit it. No Magical person or creature bearing ill intent towards Harry was allowed within the house. Also Harry would be completely shielded from harm as long as he considered the place home for a few weeks a year. That was some protection, not to mention the privacy charm in place was so strong his own eye couldn't see into the house. If only he could get Albus to do the same for his house. He signed.

He turned his attention to the ant that was crawling up his leg but his attention was soon sought out by the ear piercing scream that came from Harry's room.

"Damn." He cursed. It was times like these the privacy charm was more of a hindrance than a god send. He leapt to his feet ready to run to the boy's aid, when he tripped.

Now, for the legendary Mad Eye Moody Ex Auror to trip, was like asking Voldemort to accept dressing up in a pink tutu or Snape being a Gryffindor fan and a Slytherin hater. So this was pretty interesting an event.

Incidentally Moody thought so as well as he wasn't cursing verbally or magically, nope he was starring wide eyed as storm clouds gathered above the house of number four Privet Drive. Lightning was now striking the grounds around the house. He failed to recognize the events occurring around him or the jolt that went up his spine causing an involuntary shiver.

Alastor could not even move or wipe the look of shock from his face as a column of light shot from the house into the sky above. The air around him seemed to grow warmer even as a storm was indeed in action.

As fast as it started the storm and the screaming ended the column of light which had been a mix of colors from white to black ended fading into the sky. Shacking himself back to awareness, he ran to the house. If Snape or anyone had seen him, they would never had let him live down his ignorance of constant vigilance a moment ago. Thankfully no one did.

"Damn Potter, the ministry's gonna have a field day over this."


Dumbledore sat at his desk going over applications for a new Defense Against The Dark Arts Teacher when he felt it. A magical surge. A powerful one. He sat bolt upright. Fawkes jumped off his perch and flew to the corner of the room tucking his head under his wing. Dumbledore shivered, stared at the bird and then out the window.

'Something is very wrong.' He thought.

It was then the fire in his fireplace burst into green flames and Alastor's head showed up.

"Albus, you gotta come quick, its Harry."

Albus Dumbledore didn't think twice that Moody had skipped out the introductory password speech when he grabbed a handful of floo powder. Throwing it into the fireplace he shouted "Figg's residence."


Voldemort at the moment was sitting on his throne addressing his Death Eaters in an undisclosed location when he felt the same magical surge that everyone was feeling. He looked in that direction and failed to notice that the other Death Eater we doing the same as well.

He shivered involuntarily and turned back to the Death Eaters. Unfortunately for them, they were all still staring in the earlier direction. Cruciatus curses were given to all around for inattentiveness and failure to show enough loyalty.


Albus Dumbledore burst into the Dursley's residence. Ignoring the cowering Dursleys in the corner of the living room, he rushed up the stairs in to the bedroom he knew was Harry's. In there he found Alastor standing waiting for him in the middle of a large scorch mark.

"Well, where is he?"

Alastor shot him a look and snapped out. "If I knew, he would be standing beside me right now."

Dumbledore immediately started to wave his wand in a complicated motion and performed a proximity spell. A look of confusion overcame his features.

"Well?" Moody's impatient growl came.

The door to the room burst open again and the room filled in with Order Members all with their wands drawn.

"Where's the boy?" Came the low voice of Kingsley Shacklebolt. "He's here, but he's not here and he's everywhere." Came the confused voice of Dumbledore.

Now this was a sight. The order members stared at Dumbledore as if he had grown an extra head. It wasn't often you saw Dumbledore the greatest wizard to live, look confused, actually no one had ever seen Dumbledore look even remotely confused.

"In English, if you would Albus." Moody broke the silence. "Like I said before, he's here, he's not here and he's everywhere."

"Huh?" Came the collection of voices all round. "Explain." McGonagall questioned with an equally confused look on her face, apparently she was the fastest to get over the shock of seeing a confused headmaster.

"What I did before you all decided to all introduce yourself was to cast a powerful proximity charm. The results are what are confusing me." Somehow the rest of the order excluding Moody felt like pupils being scolded when the headmaster mentioned their bursting into the room, never mind that it was part of their job. "How?"

"The nature of this spell is unlike other proximity spells which shows you the magical signature of any magical object and people in the room this one can actually be keyed to a particular person in the vicinity and shows you exactly where they are. The thing that confuses me is that apparently Harry's magical signature is everywhere for a 10 mile radius."

"But that's impossible." Lupin was getting confused as well.

"Indeed it is weird but it isn't impossible."

"Huh?" The collective reply was heard again.

"I have a theory, one that I am greatly worried about if it is true. Harry must have released his magic in that surge."

"Of course Harry released magic, it was a magical surge." Stated Tonks.

Dumbledore signed and gave his reply and readied himself for the outbursts. "Harry didn't release his magical energy, for something of this magnitude he would have had to release all of his magical essence." It took a few seconds for the others to process the thought before they all realized that Harry Potter the boy-who-lived was now no more than a muggle.

"WWWWWWWHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHAAAAAAAAAAAAAATTTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!" That outburst was to be heard throughout Privet Drive.