The Khaos Effect (Part 3)

"Ok, we need to find someway to disguise Willows new friend." Buffy looked at Dreadlock, "This maybe 'Sunnydale: home of the weird', but a 7-foot tall, sword wielding robot is going to be noticed."

"I could cast a spell to change the way he looks." Willow suggested, "It will only work on people who don't already know what he is."

"Will it work?" Xander asked.

"Should do; he'll end up looking like a 7-foot tall, mussel-bound thug, but he'll look human." Willow started muttering under her breath, "Ok: it's done."

"How do we tell?" Buffy asked.

"Hey guys!" Dawn walked in, "Who's big, buff and menacing?"

To Be Continued…