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BBMak - Back Here

Baby set me free

From this misery

I can't take it no more

Since you ran away

Nothing's been the same

Don't know what I'm living for

Here I am so alone

And there's nothing in this world I can do

Until you're back here baby

Miss you want you need you so

Until you're back here baby

There's a feeling inside I want you to know

You are the one and I can't

Let you go

So I told you lies

Even made you cry

Baby I was so wrong

Girl I promise you

Now my love is true

This is where my heart belongs

Coz here I am so alone

And there's nothing in this world I can do

Until you're back here baby

Miss you want you need you so

Until you're back here baby

There's a feeling inside I want you to know

You are the one and I can't

Let you go

And I wonder (wonder)

Are you thinking of me

Coz I'm thinking of you

And I wonder (wonder)

Are you ever coming back in my life

Coz here I am so alone

And there's nothing in this world I can do

Until you're back here baby

Miss you want you need you so

Until you're back here baby

There's a feeling inside I want you to know

You are the one and I can't

Until you're back here baby...

Until you're back here baby...

Until you're back here baby...

Until you're back here baby...

There's a feeling inside I want you to know

You are the one and I can't

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"..." Speaking

**********...: Scene change

{...}: Flashback

[...]: Dream

(AN:...): Author's notes

Scouts are age:

Serena: 19

Amy: 19

Raye: 20

Lita: 19

Mina: 19

Hotaru: 16

Trista: 26

Amarrah: 22

Michelle: 22

Darien: 23

The inners are in collage.


Part 1: A Twisted Plan


Sandra Solaria Dees/Sailor Sun

"Janer!" a voice called.

"Yes, King Mishata," Janer replied, bowing as he appeared.

"Go and attack at the park, but while the Sailor Scouts are busy trying to kill it, attack Sailor Moon on her
way to the park. That way, we might be able to kill the Sailor Scouts and that meddlesome Cape Boy. And then
Sailor Moon and her crystal will be mine!" King Mishata told the Commander.

"Yes, m'king," Janer said as he teleported to the youma station.


"Hey Serena!" a voice called out behind her.

"Hey Moll!" Serena said as she turned around.

"What 'cha doin'?" Molly asked her.

"I'm just on my way to the temple," Serena told her.

"I'm on my way to the theater. Melvin's finally asked me out," Molly blushed.

"'Bout time, don't you think?" Serena asked.

"I guess," Molly said. "Well, I've got to be going."

"Okay, Molly. See you later," Serena said as Molly walked off.

Suddenly, her communicator beeped.

"Serena, here," Serena answered.

"Youma at the park," Raye's voice shouted.

"Be there in a few," Serena said as she put away her communicator.

"Moon Crystal Power!"

She transformed into Sailor Moon and ran towards the park.

All of a sudden, a youma appeared in front of her.

"Ahh!" Sailor Moon screamed.

"Prepare to die, Sailor Moon!" the youma said.

"Don't think so, pal!" Sailor Moon replied. "Moon Scepter, Elimination!"

It died and Sailor Moon started to run again, but another youma appeared.

"Don't you people ever give up?" Sailor Moon sighed as she pulled out her scepter again.

"Feel the power of the Black Star!" the new youma said as it sent a blast towards Sailor Moon.

"Ahh!" Sailor Moon cried as the blast hit her ankle and she fell to the ground.

"Prepare to die a terrible, but long awaited death!" the youma screamed as it sent out another blast.

Sailor Moon rolled out of the way just as the blast hit the ground were she had just moments ago laid.

"Moon Scepter, Elimination!"

The second youma died when the power of Sailor Moon's scepter hit it. She slowly got up and tried to run to
the park as best as she could, but her ankle was keeping her speed down. She reached the park just as the
other Sailor Scouts killed the youma that was attacking them.

"So what's your excuse this time, eh Sailor Moon?" Sailor Mars asked apparently annoyed.

"Two youma, attacked me, one after the other. I killed the first one, and didn't take any hits, but when the
second one came, it blasted me in the ankle," Sailor Moon replied as she hobbled over to them.

"Yeah, well, next time we might not be as lucky," Sailor Mars said as she walked off.

"Why is she so mean to me?" Sailor Moon asked.

"Did you even try to get here?" Sailor Jupiter asked.

"Yes, I did try. Just look at my ankle! I ain't lying," Sailor Moon told the tallest scout. "In fact, you can
look at my boot and see that I ain't lying. The material is partially melted on my skin."

"That's pretty nasty," Sailor Mercury said. "It'll probably be sore for a week or two."

"It'll be sore for more than that," Sailor Moon mumbled.

"Come on, the crowd of fans is forming," Sailor Venus said.

Sailor Moon started to hobble but Sailor Jupiter stopped her.

"Shouldn't walk on it," She said as she put Sailor Moon's arm over her shoulder and supported her.

"I wonder why Tuxedo Mask didn't try to save you," Sailor Venus said.

"He's probably still asleep," Sailor Moon told her. "We stayed up all night long, he must be pretty tiered."

"What where you doing all night long?" Sailor Jupiter asked her.

"None of your beeswax," Sailor Moon said.

"Did yah do it?" Sailor Venus said.

"Guys, if she did, it's hers and Darien's business. Not yours," Sailor Mercury said. "But still, did you?"

"I can't believe you guys! Especially, you Mercury," Sailor Moon scalded.

She changed her tone to embarrassed and said, "Yes."

"Yes, you did?"

Sailor Moon just nodded her head.

"Did you guys use protection?" Sailor Venus asked.

"Er...um...er..." Sailor Moon stammered. "My leg hurts allot."

"Let's take her to the temple," Sailor Mercury said, apparently trying to change the subject as well.

"Let's detransform, over in that alley," Sailor Jupiter said, pointing to an alley about a block from the

They walked at a rather fast pace to the alley.


"It seems that they are more powerful than I thought," King Mishata said. "Janer! Next time send two youma at
the park and two to Sailor Moon."

"Yes, King Mishata," Janer said as he again headed to the youma station.


"Why did you come here?!" Raye asked as she saw the other four scouts coming up the stairs, with Serena still

"Because Serena's ankle is pretty bad," Lita told her. "And plus, we've got some juicy gossip! Straight from
the do-er."

"Lita, no! If you tell her, it'll be around town like the flu," Serena said. "And it'll get to my parents,
and they'll have a fit, and Molly, heck, I don't know what Molly'll do."

"It must be something really good then," Raye said, her temper going with each word that Serena said.

"Oh it is, it is," Mina laughed.

"You guys, if you tell her, she and you guys have to swear on your thrones, planets, swear that you'll be hit
by lightning, that you won't tell anyone about it. Not even Luna or Artemis. Don't even think about
mentioning it to Darien ether. He'll give me a lecture about keeping our private life away from you guys, the
Gossip Scouts."

"Ok, I'll swear by my throne," Raye said, apparently eager to hear the gossip.

"No, we have to make it all formal like. And if you tell, I'll personally slit each and ever one of your
throats," Serena said. "This is like keeping our identities a secret."

"It must be really good gossip," Raye said.

"Hold up your right hands," Serena ordered. Raye rolled her eyes as she raised her hands. "Repeat after me, I
swear by my throne, planet, powers, and loyalty to the Princess of the Moon, that I will not tell a soul what
I am about to hear," Serena recited.

Each repeated and then put down their hands.

"So what is it, what is it?" Raye said, practically in frenzy.

"Serena and Darien, *did it *," Mina said.

"I also expect that when you guys *do it* you'll tell me," Serena solemnly said.

"That's the gossip?" Raye asked, calming down.

"Yes, and the best part is, Serena just kept stuttering when I asked if they used protection," Mina
mischievously grinned. "And then she changed the subject."

"That is the best part! I mean what if Serena turns out to be pregnant or something?" Raye said.

"That would bring her grades even lower," Amy said.

"Hey, is that what I think it is?" Mina said, pointing at Serena's neck.

"What?" Serena said as she moved her hand to cover the small dark spot.

"That's a hickey!" Raye screeched." Serena's got a hickey! Serena's got a hickey!"

"My ankle hurt!" Serena yelled, desperately trying to change the subject.

"I guess I don't have to remove the material that was melted, but your ankle is in pretty bad shape. I'll
need a first aid kit, Raye, please," Amy said examining Serena's ankle.

"Okay, Amy," Raye complied as she went for the first aid kit.

"Maybe we should call a scout meeting. With all the scouts. We haven't had a youma attack in five years,"
Mina said.

"Mina's right. This could be big," Lita said.

"Yeah. I thought that Galaxia was the last evil we would face until the Nega Moon of the future," Serena

Suddenly, their communicators beeped shrilly.

"Scouts all here," Mina answered hers.

"Two youma down at the park, they're to strong for me and Uranus to defeat them! You must hurry," Sailor
Neptune's voice came from the communicator.

"Ok, Neptune. We'll be there in a few minutes, hold them off for us," Mina replied as she put away her

While she was talking to Neptune, Amy was hurriedly rapping Serena's ankle.

"You might want to speed up the healing so you can help us fight," Amy told her.

"Ok. Moon Healing!" She whispered.

"Let's go!" Lita said as she raised her power stick. "Jupiter Crystal Power!"

"Mars Crystal Power!"

"Mercury Crystal Power!"

"Venus Crystal Power!"

"Moon Crystal Power!"

"Scout Power!"



"Invited by a new age," the two outers shouted.

"The scout of the Sky, Sailor Uranus!" Sailor Uranus called out to the youma.

"And the scout of the Oceans, Sailor Neptune!"

"And we will punish you for your wrongful ways!"

"Where are the rest of your puny friends? Protecting the Princess?" one of them laughed.

Sailor Neptune glanced at Uranus.

"The Princess shall belong to the Black Star!" the other youma screamed.


"Come on! We've got to hurry!" Sailor Jupiter shouted.

Suddenly, two youma appeared in front of them.

"We've come for the Princess!" the uglier of the two said.

"Mercury, Mars, protect Sailor Moon at all costs," Sailor Venus said as she jumped into serious mode. "Me and
Jupiter are going to have a blow-out! And we're gonna do it on you evil twerps!"

"The Black Star always prevails! King Mishata wants the Princess, he'll get the Princess!"

"What, and her little dog too?" Sailor Mars laughed.

"Sailor Mars, I don't have a dog," Sailor Moon pointed out.

"It's an expression!"

"Venus Spiral Heart Incineration-"

"Jupiter Thunder Rings-"



The two new attacks took out one of them but the other was very peeved.

"You'll pay, Sailor Scouts!" He shot out five burning green vines at them and trapped them.


Then in a split second, when it seemed hopeless, five red streaks came down and slashed the vines. Sailor
Moon looked up and she was right in thinking were the roses came from.

"Tuxedo Mask," She whispered.

She then tuned around to the monster.

"You people already attacked me today, and now I'm mad," She said." Moon Scepter, Mutilation!"

"The Black Star will get you, Princess!" the youma cried out as it turned to dust.

"We've got to go help Neptune and Uranus!" Sailor Moon said as she took off towards the park, taking one last
look at where Tuxedo Mask had been standing a few moments before.


"World Shaking!" Sailor Uranus shouted, blasting a youma, yet it seemed not to affect him.

"Neptune Deep Submerge!"

"Mercury Aqua Waves-"

"Mars Burning Ice-"



The two new attacks took out the youma that Neptune and Uranus attacked.

"Moon Scepter Mutilation!"

"Black Star will have the Princess!"

"Inner sailors, protect Sailor Moon. We will be here if an emergency calls for it," Uranus said.

"We need to have a meeting!" Sailor Venus said.

"We'll contact Pluto and Saturn. When should we be there?" Neptune asked.

"How 'bout four thirty tomorrow?" Sailor Mars said.

"Regular place?"


"We'll be there," Neptune said as she and Uranus took off.

"Who ever this Black Star is, I'm gonna give them a good kick in the rear for trying to mess with our
Princess," Sailor Jupiter said as she spit on the ashes of the youma which were now blowing away.

"I wonder what they want with me?" Sailor Moon murmured.


"You didn't tell me there were more Sailor Scouts!" Janer shouted at someone in the shadows.

"Janer, Janer, Janer. Calm down, I've been in an eternal sleep for almost six years. I didn't know there were
more Sailor Scouts. But now that you mention it, I think there's one for each planet."

"So there might just be a Sailor Earth?" Janer asked.

"I don't know. I think that Cape Boy might hold that position, but usually Sailor Scouts are girls and the
men are their protectors," the person said.

"I'll just have to send more youma next time then, won't I Jadeite?"

Jadeite smirked.

"Why not just send the youma to weaken them and then capture Sailor Moon?"


"I got to go, guys," Serena yawned.

After they had left the park and detransformed, they had all went for a shake and were now walking idly up
and down the street.

"Ok, bring Luna to the meeting tomorrow. And don't be late, Serena," Amy said.

"I won't. I haven't seen Trista, Hotaru, Amarrah, and Michelle in about a year," Serena replied.

"You might want to tell Darien about the meeting, too. Just don't stay at his apartment too long," Lita said.

Serena stuck her tongue out.

"See yah tomorrow guys," Serena said as she walked off. "And don't say anything that might get your necks


Serena plopped down on her couch when she got through the door.

"Luna!" She called out.

"I'm in your closet!"

"What are you doing in there?"

"I'm looking for something!"

"Like what?"

"The box of pictures you keep in there!"

"I moved it under my bed!"

"Thanks!" Luna shouted. "By the way, where were you?"

"I was heading for the temple and had to kill some new youma. You know, the usual super-hero stuff," Serena
replied as Luna walked out of Serena's bedroom, dragging a small box full of pictures.

"New youma?" Luna said as she turned to Serena.

"Yeah, there was one in the park and two attacked me, and then two more attacked the park, and two attacked
me again," Serena said.

"Well, we need to call a meeting," Luna said as she jumped up on the couch.

"Already have. Trista and the others are coming too," Serena sighed.

"When is it?"

"Tomorrow at half past four," Serena replied. "I've got to go tell Darien about it."

"Why not call him?"

"His phone's out," Serena said as she got up and opened the door, ready to walk out, but something was
blocking her path.

"Ha! Oomph!" Serena gasped as she fell back on to the floor.

"Such a klutz," Luna sighed as she shook her head.

"Sure is Luna," a voice said. Serena recognized it as Darien's.

"I was just heading over to see you," Serena said as she got up.

"I wanted to see if you were okay," Darien said as he stepped in.

"Yep. I've just got a sprained ankle," Serena said. "It's already getting better."

"You didn't get burned by those vines?"

"Forgot about that," Serena said as she raised up her sleeves to show sunburn like stripe. "Did you hear what
that youma said before I killed it?"

"Yeah. I wonder why they're after you," Darien said.

"Don't know. Plenty reasons though. The crystal, the future throne, you know, all that good stuff," Serena
said as she motioned him to sit down.

He sat down and scratched Luna in-between the ears.

"I haven't been scratched in-between the ears since Serena moved out of her parents house," Luna purred.

"You're not a pet Luna, you're my adviser," Serena sighed as she sat of the other side of Darien.

"You could treat me a little bit more like one though," Luna said.

"Okay, I'll go buy you some cat food. Which would you prefer? Friskies or Purina Cat Chow?" Serena joked.
"Why were you looking for that box of pictures?"

"Oh! I almost forgot about that! I made a bet with Arte. I told him that I could find a picture that would
make him laugh so hard that he can't breathe," Luna said.

"What did you bet?" Darien asked.

"Well if I win, he has to give me two cans of tuna and he can't talk for a week. If he wins, I have to give
him two cans of tuna and I have to act like Serena for a week," Luna laughed.

"That's not very funny," Serena said. "And besides, we need to be worrying about this Black Star not bets."

Luna jumped up on Serena's shoulder and put her paw on Serena's forehead.

"She doesn't have a fever," Luna said.

"Hahaha," Serena said sarcastically. "And when did you start calling Artemis, Arte?"

"Since I decided to," Luna replied as she jumped off Serena's shoulder.

"I think he ether took you some place great to eat, or he kissed you," Serena teased.

"Better than that," Luna murmured just low enough that Serena and Darien couldn't hear her. Luna walked over
to the small box and pushed it with her head over to the couch.

"One of the bad things about being a cat, huh?" Darien asked Luna.

"You bet. It would be so much easier if I were a human like you," Luna sighed.

"Yeah. You could help me with the dishes once and a while," Serena said as she picked up the box. Luna jumped
up into Serena's lap.

Serena opened the box, took out the stack of pictures in there and started sorting through them. There was
none of Darien and Serena together and there was none of just Darien. There were ones with all of the scouts
in them, some with just a few of the scouts and several of just one or two scouts.

"Were are all of the ones of me and you?" Darien asked.

"On my nightstand," Serena grinned as they kissed.

When they broke the kiss, Darien looked at the picture that was on the top of the stack. It was one of Serena falling on top of the girls.

"What about this one Luna?" Darien chuckled.

"Too expected," Luna replied.

"Yeah," Serena answered, gazing off into space. She looked down at the picture and said, "Hey! What the hell is that supposed to mean?"

"Not only is she a klutz, but a ditz too," Luna laughed.

"See if I ever make you Chicken Parmesan again," Serena said.

"Oh come on, Serena, I was just joking!" Luna wailed.

"She must like that stuff a lot to be wailing like you," Darien said as he covered his ears.

"Oh yeah! She ate all but the four servings that I got in me!" Serena said.

"How much did you make?"

"The girls were coming over but couldn't make it, last minute, so there was twelve servings! She ate eight!"
Serena said.

"She must have a black hole for a stomach like you," Darien said.

"I was sick for two days after that. But it was worth it," Luna said as she lowered the decibels. "And now
she says that she isn't gonna make it any more!"

"I have the perfect picture!" Serena exclaimed. "I just need it developed."

"What is it?"

"Just wait and see," Serena told her. "I'll have to drop it off at the photo booth when I go for groceries."

"I hope you're getting the stuff to make Chicken Parmesan," Luna brightened up.

"Don't have much money, Luna," Serena said. "I need to buy stuff that would last a week instead of a one
night dinner. But I'll make it once a month, if I can get some free time to work on my book, I could have it
out and be making some more money."

"They're already wanting your third book?" Darien asked.

"Sure are! The first and second were a real hits!" Serena exclaimed.

"I'll help out just so you can work on your book!" Luna said as she rushed around, looking for something that
a cat could do easily.

"For starters, you can clean up the mess you made in my room!" Serena laughed as the black cat zipped into
her room. Serena laid her head on Darien's shoulder and said," I don't have the heart to tell her what it is."

"It seems like a cheep meal," Darien said.

"Not when you have to buy other things too," Serena said.

A crash came from her room and Luna came out of Serena's room, looking kinda drunk.

"I ran into the dresser and something heavy fell on me," Luna said as she fell over from hitting her head and
having something heavy fall on her.

"I swear, every day she turns more and more like you," Darien laughed as he and Serena got up.

Serena bent down over Luna.

"You okay, Luna?" She asked.

"Try having something fall on you after running into something hard," Luna replied sarcastically.

"Luna, I do every day," Serena sighed as she went into her room to see what fell.

She laughed at what had fallen on Luna. It was her book, 'Everything seems to fall on me' (AN: I know, it's a
dumb title, but pretty funny, don't ya think?).

"What fell?" Darien asked.

Serena picked up the book, still laughing as hard as ever and showed it to him.

"Good title," Darien chuckled.

"You should keep it on your bookshelf. It hurt when it falls on you," Luna said, still dazed.

"I was reading it," Serena explained.

"Why read it? You wrote it," Luna said.

"I like to read things like this over and over, it just makes the book even better," Serena told the cat.
"And besides, I was compairing my writing styles with Sandy Pattè's."

"I'm gonna go see what Artemis is doing," Luna said as she slowly got up.

"Okay Luna," Serena said as she put the book on the bookshelf until later.

"Maybe we'll figure out what to do about this new evil," Luna said.

"Didn't they call themselves the Black Star?" Darien asked Serena.

"Actually, yeah. And they kept calling me Princess, and I hate that! Everybody's been saying Princess lately,
first the Outers are always calling me that and now this Black Star, and then Jupiter said,' That'll teach
yah to mess with our Princess!' You'd think that they were doing this just to annoy me," Serena said.

"Well you are a Princess, Princess," Luna told her.



"How are we going to capture Sailor Moon?" Janer asked.

"I have a good plan, but I'm not sure if it would work," Jadeite told him.

"Well, what is it?" Janer asked.

"I say that we give the other sailors dreams, give them doubts about Sailor Moon. And we'll weaken them with
the youma and soon, she'll be alone were we can take her," Jadeite explained.

"I like the idea."

"Good, we'll have to build up some energy to make youma, and the dreams," Jadeite said.


The next day,

"So, what have you been doing?" Mina asked.

"Oh nothing much, Amarrah has been racing allot, and Trista is always designing new dresses and such. Hotaru
is still studying hard and I am always giving concerts with and without Amarrah," Michelle told her.

"Sounds cool," Mina said as she went all starry eyed. "I wish I could give concerts like you."

"Where is Serena?" Amarrah asked.

"Probably still asleep," Raye said, annoyance edging into her voice.

"Wrong!" a voice came from the stairs." I'm here!"

"She's here on time!" Amy gasped.

"Better check her temp," Lita said.

"Would you people shut up! Sheesh! Luna gave me enough of that last night," Serena said as she and Darien sat

"You have to admit, it was funny," Darien chuckled but stopped abruptly when Serena hit the back of his head.

"To bad Reni isn't here," Hotaru murmured. Nobody seemed to hear her.

"Okay, down to business, guys," Serena announced.

Mina at the time was taking a drink of soda and it blew out her nose when Serena said that.

The others, where looking at her with amazement.


"You're acting all, leader-like," Artemis said from his and Luna's corner.

"I am the leader here, aren't I?"

"We've never seen you so serious," Amy stammered.

"Except when we're goin' for food, mall trolling, or the arcade," Raye sneered.

"I can be a leader. You just don't think I can. Because I'm klutzy, lazy, a pig," Serena counted off. "But
it's starting to wear off on Luna."

"What?" Luna said, shocked.

"Yeah! Luna started wailing because Serena said that she wasn't going to make Luna Chicken Parmesan anymore,
and then she ran into Serena's dresser and a book fell on her," Darien said.

"Chicken Parmesan?" Lita asked.

"I think that's what made sick Luna for about a week," Artemis said.

"It was worth it," Luna replied.

"Wasn't that what you were going to make for us the other night?" Raye asked.

"Yeah. I made two servings for each of us, which amounted to twelve, I only ate four servings because I was
really hungry," Serena said. "No leftovers. Luna polished it off."

"Luna! That was eight helpings!" Trista said.

"So. You should have tried it," Luna told her. "She may burn cookies, but she can make Chicken Parmesan just
as good as Lita can make a cheesecake."

"I'll take that as a complement," Serena said.

"It was intended to be."

"You know Amy, you should analyze Serena's cookies. Maybe you could find a better use for them," Hotaru said.

"Not you too, Hotaru!' Serena wailed.

"I bet they could destroy a youma," Raye said.

"Girls!" Luna shouted. "Concentrate on why we are here."

"Why exactly are we here?" Hotaru asked.

"Mina didn't tell you?" Artemis asked.

"We were told that there was a new evil," Trista said.

"To tell you the truth, I had a vision that something was coming, but I thought I was dreaming," Hotaru said.

"But the main reason is why do they want Serena?" Darien asked worriedly as he pulled Serena closer to him.

"The only reason I can think of is the Silver Crystal," Amy said reaching for her mini-computer.

"Maybe they're from the future, like Reni was and they want to get rid of Crystal Tokyo," Lita suggested.

"Maybe it's both," Serena said almost in a whisper.

"We could all be right, for all we know," Amy said, typing in her computer. "But we won't know until we get
some new information.... Meanwhile, someone should stay with Serena 24/7. We could take turns or something."

"Yeah! Sleepovers!" Mina shouted, much to her embarrassment.

"Mina, you're as bad as Serena," Raye laughed.

"So, who's going to volunteer for first round of operation 'Protect the Princess'?" Mina said, ignoring Raye.

"Why is everybody calling me, Princess?!" Serena practically shouted.

"Because that's what you are," Amy said. "A princess."

"But you don't have to remind me every ten seconds," Serena whined.

"How 'bout we all take first watch," Lita suggested. "You know, go to 10Ban Land or something."

"Sounds good to me," Trista said.

"Me too," Hotaru said.

"All in favor, say I!" Mina said.

"I!" everyone said.


"Why do we always attack at the park?" Janer asked Jadeite.

"I don't know. It seems to be where they always are," Jadeite smirked.

"How about an amusement park this time?" Janer suggested.

"Which one?"


"10Ban Land, the best amusement park in all of Tokyo!" Serena sighed. She hadn't been here in almost six
years. The last time she had been here, the evil Prince Darien had tried to gather the seven Rainbow Crystal
Carriers but Sailor Mercury stopped him and Sailor Moon had healed him, only to have him taken back by Queen

(AN: I don't really know if 10Ban Land is a good park, but they seem to like it on the show)

"I haven't been here since Greg was last here," Amy sighed, remembering when Greg had called her and the evil
Prince Darien was capturing the Rainbow Crystal Carriers.'

"Uh...yeah," Darien said nervously. He too remembered the last time he was here and was remembering the same,
but not quite, memories.

"It's okay," Serena said, taking his hand. "It's all in the past."

"I guess you're right," Darien smiled his thanks.

"You know I'm right," Serena laughed as they entered the park.


(AN: Guess which amusement park that Janer is going too? ::: snicker:::)


An hour later, Serena walked beside Darien with a cotton candy in her hands, taking bites every so often.

The other girls were somewhere else in the park, but could be there at a moment's notice.

"I'm glad Lita, (yawn), suggested this," Serena said, taking another bite of cotton candy, becoming even more

"Serena," Darien said. "Look at all of the people that have food."

"They look as though they've lost energy..." Serena said realizing her own words and threw the cotton candy
down. She pulled out her communicator. "I think we've got an energy drainer."

"I was just fixing to call you about that," Amy said.

"I was getting a bad feeling when we split up," Raye said.

"Where are you?" Lita asked.

"Mid-way. By the Ferris wheel," Serena replied.

"I see it," Hotaru said.

"We'll be there in a second, Serena," Mina said.

"Ok. Be ready though," Serena told them all. "Never know when they might attack. And don't eat any of the

She shut off her communicator.

"I hate this. We were having a perfectly good day too," Serena whined.

Soon, all of the other people were unconscious and the other scouts could be seen trying not to step on

When they were almost to Serena and Darien, a swirling black cloud appeared, and then dissipated, leaving

"Who are you?" Serena asked.

"I am Janer, Princess," Janer replied.

"What do you want with her?" Amarrah asked as the others reached Serena and Darien.

"It's not what I want with her but what my King wants with her," Janer snarled as he hit Amarrah with a beam
of some sort that was covered in what looked like a moss of some-sort.

(AN: Kinda like when Molly and *Tuxedo Melvin* where there when Zoycite was after Sailor Moon's Rainbow
Crystal and trapped all the people in the MossBalls.)

"Amarrah!" Michelle cried.

"Hey Janer, need some help?" a voice asked.

"That," Serena started.

"Sounded," Darien said.

"Like," Amy whispered.

"Jadeite!" Raye snarled.

"You mean as in Beryl General Jadeite?" Mina asked.

"You bet, Venus!" the voice said again as Jadeite appeared.

"I thought you died!" Serena said.

"I thought the same about Cape Boy here," Jadeite sneered.

"Transform!" Serena shouted. "Moon Crystal Power!"

"Mercury Crystal Power!"

"Mars Crystal Power!"

"Jupiter Crystal Power!"

"Venus Crystal Power!"

"Pluto Planet Power!"

"Uranus Planet Power!"

"Neptune Planet Power!"

"Saturn Planet Power!"

"Sailor Scout Power!"

Darien silently transformed.

"You think nine girls in skirts can stop us?" Janer laughed.

"Don't underestimate them, Janer," Jadeite said. "Just get her!"

Jadeite pointed a finger at Sailor Moon and attacked the other Sailor Scouts.

Janer went after Sailor Moon.

"Pluto, Saturn! Protect Sailor Moon!" Venus shouted, dodging a punch from Jadeite.


"Pluto Deadly Scream!" Pluto yelled, attacking Janer. He grunted in pain and Pluto bopped him on the head
with her Time Staff.

"Silence Glave Surprise!" Saturn yelled, attacking Janer, just as Pluto had. She also hit him on the head,
leaving a large cut on his head, causing Sailor Moon to snicker.

"Sailor Moon!" Tuxedo Mask said. "Let them attack and then use your scepter."

Sailor Moon nodded her reply.

"Mercury Aqua Rhapsody!" Mercury attacked Jadeite with her Mercury Harp.

"So you've gotten some new powers over the last six years," Jadeite told them. "But it won't help you!"

"Mars Flame Sniper!"

"Jupiter Oak Evolution!"

"Venus Love and Beauty Shock!"

"Uranus Space Sword!"

"Neptune Deep Submerge!"

"Your puny powers can't save you now, Sailor Failures!"

"Wanna bet?!" someone called from the shadows. "I am Sailor Earth! Protector of this planet! In the name of
the Princess, I'll punish you!"

"Another Scout?" Sailor Moon said.

Sailor Earth was in a green skirt with green boots, blue bows, blue collar and a silver tiara with a half
green, half blue gem in it. Her hair was the same color black as Tuxedo Mask's and her eyes were the same
piercing blue as his.

"Planetary Whirlwinds!" Sailor Earth called out. "Water!"

Somehow, the sailor scouts knew what to do, so they did.

"Mercury Aqua Waves!"

"Neptune Sea Splash!"


"Mars Fire Inferno!"

"Pluto Ice Fire!"


"Jupiter ThunderBolts Electrify!"

"Uranus Sky Fall!"


"Venus Swirling Poison Dust!"

"Saturn Glave Ribbon Death!"

"Earth Instant Death!"

The new Scout sent the magnified powers into a whirlwind and sent it at Janer and Jadeite.

"Moon Scepter Mutilation!" Sailor Moon added her powers to the whirlwind and sent Janer and Jadeite to their

"Yahoo!" Sailor Venus shouted. "Dead, dead they're dead!"

Sailor Moon giggled, "Sailor Uranus, you've got some of that moss stuff in your hair!"

"Eww," Sailor Uranus said as she took it out of her hair and threw it on the ground.

Sailor Earth turned and started to walk away but was stopped by Sailor Mars.

"Who are you?" Sailor Mars asked.

"Only time will tell. Maybe some day you'll remember me and the others," Sailor Earth said as she continued
to walk away. "Maybe Luna and Artemis will tell you about us."

She continued walking until she was out of site.

"That was strange," Sailor Jupiter said.

"Who was she?" Sailor Mercury asked. "And how did we know what to do?"

"She looked like Darien," Sailor Moon said, shocked at the similarities between Tuxedo Mask and Sailor Earth.

"You know how all of the sailors are princesses of their own planets? Well that would mean that Sailor Earth
was a princesses of the Earth and since Darien's the Prince of Earth, maybe they're related," Sailor Venus

"You know, she could be right," Sailor Mercury said.

"Can you tell us about her Pluto?" Jupiter asked.

"You know very well that I can't tell you. Luna and Artemis have to tell you about them," Pluto replied.

"Come on," Sailor Neptune said. "We need to talk to Luna and Artemis, since Pluto's being all dark and
mysterious again."

Pluto laughed," I'm just not supposed to tell you. Queen Serenity made me promise that when the time came,
Luna and Artemis were supposed to tell you."

"Tell us what?" Sailor Saturn asked.

"I'm not supposed to tell," Pluto calmly answered.

"How do you people put up with this?" Sailor Moon said.

"We need to leave, the people are waking up," Sailor Uranus said.


"Janer!" King Mishata called out.

"Yes, sire?" Janer asked.

"It's a good thing you teleported out of the way in time, I'm proud. But it won't last long if you don't get
the Princess," Mishata growled.

"Yes, your majesty," Janer said as he teleported away.


(AN: You really didn't think they could kill them both so easily, did you?)


The scouts and Darien arrived back at the temple just as it was getting dark.

"Luna! We're back!" Serena called out so as not to worry her guardian.

"Did you have a good time?" Luna asked.

"Yes except..."

"Except what?"

"There was this guy named Janer and he was evil and Jadeite came and we killed them with Sailor Earth's
help," Mina said.

"Jadeite?" Luna asked.

"Yeah but he's gone for sure now," Lita said.

"Yeah, and you know what was weird?" Raye asked.


"When we killed Jadeite, it felt like something disappeared in me," Raye said.

"I felt the same way when we killed Kunzite," Mina said.

"And when Zoycite was killed," Amy put in. (AN: Zoycite is a guy and isn't a homo like in the Japanese anime.
The generals are from the manga version)

"A couple days before I became a scout I felt like that," Lita said.

"That's when Nephrite was killed," Serena said. "You said it felt like a part of you disappeared?"

"Yeah. Like there was somebody in me and then it went away," Mina said.

"That's how I felt when Darien was killed by Beryl..." Serena trailed off.

"But more importantly, you saying about Sailor Earth," Artemis said.

"We want to know about her, is she related to Darien?" Amy asked, intrigued by the subject.

"Before we tell you anything about her, you have to know about the twins," Luna started.

"The twins?"

"The twins, Princess Amandy of Mercury, Princess Raviena of Mars, Princess JoAnna of Jupiter, Princess
Daniellea of Venus, Princess Rachelle of Neptune, Princess Krisaniya of Uranus, and Princess Trishali of Pluto.
Your twins," Artemis said.

"Our twins!?"

"Do we not have twins?" Serena asked, indicating Darien, Hotaru and herself.

"No. Hotaru doesn't have a sibling because only one child can hold the powers of Saturn. You and Darien are
each one of triplets," Luna told them.

"Princess Cassandra and Prince Nicholas of the moon and Sun, and Prince Seth and Princess Rebecca of the
Earth," Artemis finished.

"So I'm a Princess of both the Sun and the moon?" Serena asked incredulously.

"Basically yes. Being the eldest by about five minutes, you would rule the moon when you married, Cassandra,
being in the middle would get the Sun when she married, and Nicholas would rule the planet that he married
the princess from," Luna said.

"Who were they supposed to marry?" Darien asked.

"Cassandra was paired with your brother, Seth, and Nicholas was with your sister, Rebecca. You and Serena
would have ruled the moon together, while Cassandra and Seth would rule the Sun, and Nicholas and Rebecca
would inherit Earth. It was a three-way alliance. You were paired with each other even before you were even
conceived. It's a good thing each one of you was paired with you soulmate, unknowingly."

"How did they know that there would be triplets on both sides?" Amy asked while typing all of this in her

"Each Moon Queen has triplets," Luna answered simply.

"What?!" Serena and Darien gasped and then both fainted.

"Aren't you forgetting Luna," Trista asked. "Each Moon Queen's Guardian does to."

Everyone laughed as Luna and Artemis fainted.

"How did they know that the Earth Queen would also have triplets?" Amy asked again.

"Simple. A prophecy foretold it. I remember it, I think," Trista said as she began to recite:

Two Princesses and One Prince

Torn from each other

They must find what truly binds them to one another

Two Princes and One Princess

Stay true together

Until they find what truly binds them to one another

Three Princes and Three Princesses

Each from a different world

Come together

Stay together

Until the end comes

Three sets of lovers

Two Princesses and One Prince

Triplets of the Moon

Two Princes and One Princess

Triplets of the Earth

Each bound together

The eldest of each

Shall rule the moon

The youngest of each

Shall rule the Earth

Both in the middle

Shall rule the Sun

Until the end comes

Then the kingdoms break apart

Lovers torn from each others hearts

For one thousand years

Until they find what truly binds them to one another

Then the kingdom shall be replaced

Two thousand years

Everything will be in its place

Three sacred jewels

One to each girl

Past to the rest

One who comes after thee

Holds the best

"Wow. That's long," Mina sighed.

"Very long," Trista said. "And very wise. And a riddle."

Serena, Darien, Luna and Artemis had woken up just after a couple lines into the prophecy.

"I remember that prophecy," Luna said.

"But if I'm going to have triplets, why didn't Reni tell us about them?" Serena asked.

"Because she wasn't supposed to. In the midst of things, she probably forgot about them..."Trista sighed."
Dymion and Arianna."

"Who's the eldest of the three?" Darien asked.

"Reni, little Serenity. Arianna is in the middle, and little Endymion is the youngest of the three."

Hotaru suddenly jerked her head up.

"Something's wrong!" She said worriedly.

"I feel it too," Raye said as she looked to the others.

"They are attacking way to much," Serena sighed.

"Yeah there were four attacks yesterday, and one today, and now another one, probably," Mina said.

"It's gone," Hotaru said, apparently thankful.

"That was pretty weird," Amy said.

"I don't like it," Michelle said.

"We should go home and get some rest," Lita suggested.

"Sleep over!" Mina practically shouted.

"I can tell that Mina wants first night watch," Serena said with much enthusiasm.

"She can have it," Raye said with a lack of interest.

"Yeah!" Mina shouted. "We're gonna need some pizza though!"

"Serena, I'm staying here tonight," Luna said with annoyance. "Two blondes is to much."

"I agree with Luna," Artemis said.

"Sure you can stay here," Raye growled.

"Hey Raye, can I use your phone?" Mina asked in her usual bubbly way.


"Okay, thanks," Mina said as she went into the hallway to use the phone.

They could hear her say, "Hey, Anthony! It's Mina. Hi! I need a couple medium pizzas. Supreme. Yeah both. Of
course, I have friends that like Supreme. What, do you think my cat and me eat two medium Supremes? What?! I
am not a pig, Anthony! Yeah, yeah, okay, thanks. Talk to yah later. Bye."

She walked back to the room were everyone had gathered.

"Who's Anthony?" Serena asked. "A crush?"

"Serena, that's just plain nasty," Mina gagged as she walked past Serena. "Anthony's my cousin."

"Some cousins like each other."

"Only in Arkansas," Amarrah said. (AN: I'm from Arkansas, so everybody reading this who're from Arkansas,
don't get mad)

"Come on. We're going to get some ice cream since you're all out," Mina told her.

"How did you know that I was out of ice cream, unless..." Serena said.


"Unless you..."

"All right already! I ate the last of it! You know that when somebody has Pistachio Almond ice cream in their
freezer I eat it," Mina shouted.

"Yah but I usually help you," Serena whimpered.

"So it was you who raided my icebox!" Raye shouted.

"Raye, we call it a fridge now, not an icebox," Serena said.

"I've learned what to do when the 'Ice Cream Bandits' come," Amy laughed.

"What?" Lita asked. "I've been trying to save my ice cream for years but they always find it."

"I just get the pint size when I want some so that way, there isn't any for them to eat."

"I'm hurt, Amy," Serena said, putting her hand over her heart.

"Keep it up Serena, someday, you'll be as good as me," Mina said as she patted her shoulder.

"Oh shut up. Come let's go. I want my pizza," Serena growled.

She walked to Darien and gave him a long passionate kiss (tongue most likely included).

"Whoooo!!!" everyone cheered.

Serena broke the kiss and walked out the door with Mina tagging along.

"Keep her safe, Mina!" Darien said, still slightly dazed, before they were out of earshot.

"I'll probably have to keep myself safe from her!" Mina responded, only to be bopped on the back of the head
by Serena.


Later that night,

"They're all asleep," Janer said as he grinned maliciously.

In front of him, where nine mirror-like windows. Each held a picture of one of the different sailor scouts,
minus Sailor Earth and Serena, plus Darien. Since Janer didn't know Sailor Earth's true form, he couldn't put
the spell on her, and he didn't need to put the spell on Serena, was the resign there where only nine instead
of eleven.

He murmured the spell and waved his hands over the windows.

"Soon. Very soon princess, you'll be here, instead of there," Janer laughed.


At Serena's apartment,

Serena was sleeping peacefully, while Mina on the other hand...

[ "No! Sailor Moon!" Sailor Venus shouted. Sailor Moon was using her scepter to kill a youma but the attack
missed it and hit several innocent people, killing them.


"No! Sailor Moon! You killed Innocent people! You're not a real leader! You can't even aim! Leave!" Sailor
Venus shouted.]

"Ahh!" Mina shouted, waking up. "It was just a dream. Serena can aim her scepter well. Or can she...?"


At Raye's temple,

Lita, Raye, the outers, and the cats were asleep.

Lita and the outers decided to stay there because one. the outers didn't have any place to stay, and two.
Lita's apartment building was being fumigated.

The two cats slept peacefully, but the others...

[ "Sailor Moon!" Sailor Mars shouted. "You're late again and Sailor Mercury and Jupiter are dead because of
you! You're not a real leader! I should be leader!"

"Oh shut the hell up, Mars! I don't care that they died! You're just a bitch!"]

"No!" Raye said as she sat up. She laid back down, murmuring, "She cares. I know she does." She soon fell
back asleep.

Lita had the same dream, seemed to be floating above her body and heard what Sailor Moon said.

She woke up, just as Raye fell asleep.

"Just a dream, Lita. Not real," Lita told herself. She fell asleep, muttering 'not real'.

At her house, Amy had the same dream.

The outers had a different dream from the inners.

[All of the scouts where gathered around Janer, readying their attacks. All but Sailor Moon. She suddenly
turned on the sailor scouts and started blasting them with her scepter. When all the scouts were dead, Sailor
Moon laughed and she and Janer disappeared. Then, the world started turning black and everything was covered
in black ice.]

Before the outers could wake up, the dream stopped abruptly.


Across town,

Darien was having the worst nightmare of all.

["I don't love you, Darien! I have never loved you!" Serena shouted. "I love King Mishata!"

"You don't mean that!" Darien gasped.

"Sure I do! Watch!"

A dark figure appeared and he and Serena kissed.

"I've already killed those Sailor Saps!" Serena said. "And now, I'm Queen of the Black Star!"

Serena took out her Moon Scepter and blasted Darien.]

Darien sat up, sweating.

"No. It's just a dream. But who's King Mishata?"


The next day,

The nightmares left everyone feeling kinda grumpy.

"Hey guys!" Serena and Mina called as they walked into the temple.

"Hey, Serena," Trista muttered.

"Everyone seems kinda down today," Serena said.

"You would to after the dream I had," Amarrah said under her breath.

"Boring..." Mina sighed. "I have a feeling this day is going to be the boringest day in a thousand years. In
both life times."

"Maybe not. Maybe we can find out what this new evil is and what they want with Sere," Hotaru said.

"I just wish they would go away," Serena cried.

"Would you stop acting like a baby?!" Lita said. "It's gonna get one of us killed someday!"

Everyone turned to Lita. She never spoke to Serena like that.

"And just what is that supposed to mean, Litanna?" Serena asked, calling her by her princess name.

"Nothing. I just had a bad night," Lita said as she left the temple.

"That was weird," Michelle sighed.

"Sure was. I've never seen her like this before. Something must be wrong," Raye said.

"Do you know something, Raye?" Amy asked.

"I'm not sure... maybe this has something to do with that Sailor Earth. I mean, how did we know how to do
that thing that we did?"

"Yeah, how did you guys know what to do?" Serena asked.

"I think it was instinct. That or remembrance," Michelle said.

"Yeah, maybe we remembered it from the Moon Kingdom," Amy said.

"But it was just too weird. Knowing how to do that and the fact that Sailor Earth's related to Darien,"
Serena wined.

"I wonder..." Amy said as she took out her mini-computer and started typing. "Luna, what was her name again?"

The dozing cat replied, "Her princess name was Rebecca but it could be something else now."

"What's up Amy? Gonna let us it on what you're doing?" Artemis asked.

"I'm searching possibilities for a Rebecca Shields," Amy told them.

Just then, her computer beeped and she gasped.

"What?" Serena asked, excitedly.

"There's only one match," Amy said as she showed the computer to them. "It has a picture of her too."

"Oh my god! She looks just like Darien. I'll bet my computer that she's Sailor Earth!" Serena gasped.


Somewhere in the United States:

"You did what?!" came a girl's voice.

"I teleported to Japan and helped the others. They were about to be Sun-dust. You know just as well as I do,
Sandra, that if something had happened to Serenity, you'd be dead too," another replied.

"Just tell me first, Rebecca. I don't want one of my best friends' dead. Not to mention my brother and
husband," Sandra told her.

"The six of us are linked, one dies, we all do. Plus the future wouldn't exist and neither would Reni, Emily,
and Sandy," Rebecca replied.

"Not to mention Dymion and Arianna," Sandra replied.

"The future Moon Children, our kids," Rebecca finished.


The end of Part 1

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