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He could still taste it.

Or rather, her.

It had been hours, perhaps even days since their little rendezvous in the Great Hall.

The legs... the song... the curls... the blood... he remembered it all so very well.

His tongue moved dextrously within his mouth, sweeping the fleshy crevices and walls for that same metallic taste. It had lingered in his mouth like a coffee stain, but it tasted worse. So much worse.

And yet for some reason, he craved it.

He swathed his broad form in ebony robes before making his way to Potions class.

This would certainly be interesting, seeing her again.

He looked at the same granite-black iron bars gazing at him from their place on the walls of the dim corridors. This time he spied several sprinklings of white and grey dotting the pipe-like structures. But of course, he knew better than to touch them.

He had learnt his lesson, after all.

And he knew someone else whose lesson had yet to be learnt.

And by Merlin's will, he knew he would be the one to teach her, the dirty Mudblood that she was.

Dirty, but oh so very gorgeous.

He entered the class room soon enough, surveying it with his haunting grey-blue eyes for her presence. He scanned every single row of desks, saw with disgust the students sitting on one another's laps and throwing balls of parchment around...

Did they not have anything better to do with their time?

But amongst the chaos, he did not see her.

She wasn't here.

But if she wasn't here - then where was she?

Draco saw a flame of orange protruding from the blackness of robes and monotony, and dearly hoped that one of his dear classmates head's was on fire.

Either that, or it could have just been Weasley.

And he felt a smirk suddenly spread over his face.



"Where's the buck-toothed Mudblood today Weasel?" he taunted, pacing towards the said boy's desk.

Weasley immediately stood from his reclining position, and Draco felt a ripple of fear wave through him.

Weasley was as huge as an elephant. And an ugly elephant, at that.

"I assume you're talking about my girlfriend Hermione, Malfoy," he said airily.

Draco felt as if a hammer had clobbered him on the head.

"She's not your girlfriend," he blurted out.

Weasley raised his brow. Draco longed to push it down from its maddeningly superior position.

"What's it to you anyway?" replied Weasley hotly.

"You haven't answered my question yet," he responded calmly.

Weasley rolled his eyes before crossing his arms over his chest.

"I don't have to tell you anything."

"Oh but you do," said Draco, savouring the open expression of uncertainty on the speckled carrot-head's face. "You see... Granger and I have... an understanding..."

Weasley's eyes widened and he grabbed Draco by the collar of his robes, just as the entire class went eerily silent. Draco felt his throat muscles constrict painfully, his head starting to feel light-headed.

"If you wouldn't mind, these robes are quite expensive," said Draco serenely.

"Stay away from my girl," Weasley stated threateningly, tightening his grasp on Draco's collar.

He could feel the tenuous silence that then passed between the two of them. Each looked at the other with pure hatred on their face, while the surrounding students simply viewed the scene with anticipation.

But no. He was not going to feed their thirst for violence.

Not yet, anyhow.

"She's not yours," Draco replied. "Nor will she ever be."

He leaned in slightly, so that only Weasley could hear his next whisper.

"She belongs to me."

And he prised Weasley's slimy fingers away from his robes just as the Professor made his timely appearance.

Granger did not attend Potions that day, nor did he see her at lunch or dinner.

And as a cruel smile quirked his lips, he knew her absence would surely justify a harsh punishment.

For no one - least of all a Mudblood - kept a Malfoy waiting.

And he wouldn't let go until his favourite prey learnt that particular lesson.

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