The search for his brother was a long and hard one. He had been searching for years; his brother appeared to have disappeared from the earth after that incident when Sasuke was twelve. But everything was different now. He was ready. Even if Itachi has trained hard since that event, Sasuke should be able to defeat him. Defeat him and receive all his dreams. His chidori limit was now 14 times each day. He had learned to fight with a sword, and learned how to summon a sword in the middle of a fight so he wont have to carry it around all day. His speed was faster than it was when he had fought in the chuunin exam against Gaara of the desert. Orochimaru's cursed seal was now long gone- it disappeared the day the 5th hokage found a way to "cure" orochimaru of his immortality. His sharingan was much more advanced now and he had learned many techniques. When he became a jounin, Sasuke had asked Tsunade Sama for a special permission to leave for a personal quest before he started his duties of a jounin. Tsunade Sama, obviously knowing what this quest of his was, agreed immediately. She knew he'd go even if she didn't agree, anyway.

Sasuke had refused Naruto's offerings of helps, no matter how hard Naruto had truly wanted to help him do this. This was Sasuke's business, and Sasuke's business alone.

And now, He was in front of him. In front of Itachi. Pure hatred leaked out of him. And then he remembered what Naruto had told him many times before... to fight for someone they care about, not because of someone you hate. And Sasuke remembered what he was fighting for. He was fighting for his family.

"Long time no see... Nii-San" Sasuke said in a voice so cold he didn't recognize. The voice was even colder than the one he usually used.

"Well hello there, foolish little brother. I expect you've come after me once again, seeking your revenge?" Itachi turned around, grinning. Sasuke didn't know... he didn't know how good Itachi felt to being so close to someone from his family. Even if he had come in order to kill him. Itachi actually, like any normal human, missed his little brother.

"Hn." Sasuke replied, smirking. He summoned his sword and took a swing at his brother, which he dodged without a problem. But to where he dodged, Sasuke blew fire. Knowing Itachi to have probably seen that coming, he set a poisonous gas bomb. In his mouth he had a tiny little air pocket, which allowed him to breathe clean air instead of the poisonous one. but that, apparently, didn't work on Itachi either, as he saw a pair of red eyes in front of him. And suddenly, he was in hell. But he smiled.

"For gods sake, Itachi, I've thought that you'd have renewed your techniques once I've seen them..." Sasuke smirked. "I've seen you work through this one before. Have you been so easy to forget that I have my sharingan as well? I saw through your technique. At first I didn't quit understand how it works, and when I tried it- I failed. So I tried to kill my best friend and earn it. But then... I realized. All I had to do was a bit of thinking through it. and guess what, Itachi?"

Sasuke's smirk was becoming rather annoying to Itachi. So, he had figured that he needn't kill Naruto for his eye. Ah well.

Itachi withdrew his attack. It wouldn't help now, would it. Sasuke was stronger than he was, he knew this. He hadn't trained for the past 5 years, and was completely out of shape. 20 year old Sasuke was sure to beat him. And he didn't want to fight his little brother anymore.

20 years old, was he? Yes, Itachi was certain of it. He sent him a birthday present every year, after all. Sasuke had always thought it was one of his fan girls. God, so much time has passed... since he killed his family. All that seemed to matter back then was power. Power, and his little brother... how he loved him. And this was all for him. Sasuke was the only family member whom he cared about. It pained him that he had to fight him, to hurt him.

He didn't hate them- his family, that is. He was actually proud to have such a strong bloodline limit. It sure helped him a bit.

But he had killed his whole clan just for Sasuke.

So Sasuke would have a goal, an objective, to become stronger for.

So his foolish little brother won't be killed by someone else. Because Itachi knew that he wouldn't be able to stand that.

He would never kill his brother. He loved him way too much.

And all of the other clan members were way less important. He'd kill them all if that was what would make Sasuke more serious about his training, what would make Sasuke stronger.

And it did make Sasuke stronger. So Itachi was right. All of the mental torture Itachi had Sasuke go through turned out for the best, just like he had thought.

It took a great deal of sacrificing from Itachi, to bring the best out of Sasuke. It took him to sacrifice his entire family, it took him to sacrifice the smile on Sasuke's face. It took him to sacrifice being near Sasuke, having Sasuke look up to him.

And all those years, that he was away to Sasuke, he had thought about him. More than he thought about anything else, including power.

How Itachi wanted to go back to the days when Sasuke would come asking him for help in training, and Itachi would hit him in his forehead... he missed those days so much.

Then Itachi smiled. He hugged his brother, who punched him in the stomach. Itachi had mind control. He had learned it fighting a Yamanaka a long, long time ago. Using mind control, he made Sasuke pick the sword, which was on the ground, then, he moved Sasuke's hand- an attack on his own body. Sasuke had killed Itachi- or had Itachi committed suicide?

Sasuke couldn't make up his mind whether or not he had gotten his revenge, the many times he had looked back to the battle.

As he walked back towards Konoha village, Sasuke knew exactly what he wanted now.