Part of me wants this role to be wholy mine

every bit of my soul to play the fool

but deeper still...

I'm scared sometimes

on this long road.

I'm not supposed to exist;

none of us are...

And we're running towards a myth.

How perfect;

each one of us an idiot for believing

in a dream.

A dream...

but perfection to long for none the less.

I do trust his words...

I've made that known

if just to myself

Out of dirty cities,

away from the saftey of shelter

and food.

Every part of me wants to be as carefree,

to be a chijin, a fool

and leave this dangerous road behind.

I guess if we ever see that land,

I will.

This is Hige's's a bit more depressing than I would've liked, but hey, Hige can't be all that happy all the time. Oh yes...chijin means 'fool' in japanese...