1Bizarre situation... I forget the number

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IMPORTANT A/N: Once again, this was done by me without help from friends. Please note, this situation is a parody on the fics that have InuYasha getting stuck in Kagome's time for some reason or another, because so many of them are like this. Please do not be offended, for no harmful intentions were placed into the production of this video... er, fanfic...

We're leaving

Kagome: walks out of well house and into house Hello! I'm home! walks into kitchen and sees note on fridge

Note: Dear Kagome,

Unfortunately, if you come home right now, we will be ever so conveniently far away 'HINT HINT' Thirty people died and we have to go to all of their funerals. You were not invited because we need an excuse to leave you home alone. 'HINT HINT' We will be gone for some amount of time between a week and a year. If you want, you can have one of your nice friends from the feudal era over. 'HINT HINT' You will have the house all to yourself, 'HINT HINT' and you will be able to do whatever you want, because no one else will be at home! 'HINT HINT'' I hope you have LOTS of fun. 'HINT HINT'


Your mother who isn't getting any younger

InuYasha: comes up behind Kagome Boo!

Kagome: AHHHHHHHHHHHHH! swings backpack around and hits InuYasha in the face with it Oh, it's you, what are you doing here?

InuYasha: I came to have a fight with you and end up stuck in this era.

Kagome: Oh, ok, you can stay here for a while.

InuYasha: Alright.

Back in the Feudal Era

Shippou: singing to himself Stare, stare, stare, stare, stare, stare, stare.

Sango: Watchya doing?

Shippou: Staring down the well, waiting for InuYasha and Kagome to come back.

Sango: Oh.

Miroku: Hello, I'm going to randomly walk into the scene now.

Shippou and Sango: Ok.

Miroku: 'is pervert'

Sango:'is vengeful'

Miroku: 'is some adjective that means being in pain'

Back in Kagome's Era

Kagome: Let's stop being mean to each other and fall in love and live happily ever after.

InuYasha: Why?


InuYasha: is nervous Umm... yeah... sure... why not?

Feudal Era

Kikyou: 'randomly falls over and dies'

End Bizarre situation... I forget the number-