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"Normal speech"

/Yami's thoughts/

Yugi's thoughts

'Mind link'

"Deadly Deception- Chapter 15"- By Cherise Wheeler

Last time: "Boys! You've got some explaining to do!" I said before marching off to Yugi's room...

(Setting: Yami's soul-room)

Yami's POV

We wake up in my soul-room after hearing shouting from the outside world. We both sit up and we look at each other questioningly. Both of us have no idea, but then it dawns on us on who it could be! And at the same time we say,


We both shoot up and both exit into his body, thus making us both solid at the same time. I appear and I see Yugi open his eyes on the bed, we manage to smile at each other before the door opens revealing an angry Grandpa...

"Boys! Who is that man on Yami's bed? Hmmm? Do you mind telling me, because this is my house! I'm waiting..." Grandpa said, sounding quite annoyed while tapping his foot.

Yugi shrugged his shoulders at me and then spoke, "Well...uhhh...Grandpa, that's Malik...Ishizu's brother. Yami rescued him from the evil of his darker half. We had both promised Ishizu that we would bring him back safely. Please don't be mad Grandpa..."

"Well, my dear, I did not know that that boy is Ms. Ishtar's brother, I'm sorry boys, but next time, please tell me first..." Grandpa said while pinching his brow, before exiting the room...

"Oh and boys, your friend, Malik, just woke would be polite to go and see him..." Grandpa said while paused at the door, and then left afterwards.

"Well, it seems we got off pretty easy, don't you think?" Yugi said.

"It seems, let's go visit Malik, shall we?" I said while gesturing my hand towards the door.

"Sounds good to me." Yugi said with a smile before clasping my hand and leading me out of our room.

We both walk through the halls hand-in-hand, and pause at the door where Malik is staying. Yugi knocks...

"Malik, it's me Yugi, and Yami is here too. May we come in?" Yugi says politely.

"Oh! Come in!" Malik says sounding surprised.

We enter and smile, before Yugi says, "How are you feeling Malik? Better, I hope?"

"Yes, thank you. I am feeling much better. And Yami, I don't know how I'll ever thank you! You saved my life when all I've tried to do is end yours. You both are so kind..." Malik says, but I interrupt.

"Malik, it is all right. You do not need to repay me, just go see your sister. She misses you very much." I say with a smile.

Malik's face lights up and he asks, "May I go see her now? I do miss her dearly."

"Of course, I'll go ask Grandpa if he can drive you over." Yugi says then exits the room.

While Yugi is gone, an awkward silence falls over the two of us. We both look at each other and smile, but neither of us have anything in common to speak about. The only thing we share is the desire to hold the Millennium Puzzle, but that is it...thankfully, Yugi returns...

"Grandpa said that it's fine Malik. Are you ready to go?" Yugi says cheerily.

"Yes, I'm all set, thank you again." Malik says before bolting downstairs.

We both follow with a smile on our face...

(Setting: The Ishtar residence, 15 minutes later)

As soon as we stop the car at his home, Malik practically sprints out of the car...

Malik runs up to the door and begins banging urgently for his sister. While he is waiting for her, we walk up the path to the door...

The door opens and there she stands looking the happiest I've ever seen her. She runs out and embraces her brother. They embrace for quite some time, before she pulls away and faces Yugi and I.

"My Pharaoh...Yugi...I don't know how we'll ever repay you. I am so grateful to have my brother returned to me. You have no idea how happy I am." She says as she hugs us both. Yugi smiles when he sees me blush in embarrassment. "Would you both like to come in?"

"We would love to Ishizu, but we haven't really spent much time together either in the last few months. We would rather just head home, is that all right with you?" Yugi asks, while I stay silent.

"Oh, of course! I understand. Thank you again. Goodbye!" said Ishizu, before Malik said his goodbyes as well...

We both smiled happily and then returned to the car. We were both eager to return home.

"Well, that was nice of you boys, she looked very pleased to see her brother again. You're both such wonderful boys!" Grandpa said before starting the car to go home.

We both blush, and now it's my turn to smirk at Yugi...

(Setting: Moto residence, 15 minutes later)

We both lazily walk out of the car and return upstairs...both of us hoping Grandpa doesn't mind. When we hear no responses from him, so we continue up the stairs.

We reach the top and enter our room. We walk over to the bed and lay ourselves down. I grab Yugi and pull him to sit in my lap...

"Mmmm...I'm so glad to have things back to normal...Malik is good again, Marik is gone, and best of all, I have you back!" Yugi said as hugged me.

When I felt no more air could enter my lungs, I urged him to let go, "Yugi, can't breathe!"

"Oops, sorry. I guess I got a little carried away." Yugi blushes and lays his head down on my shoulder...

We lay in peaceful silence for a long while, before I speak...


"Hmmm? What is it Yami?" Yugi asks while sitting up.

I smile and say, "I love you Yugi. You are everything to me. I never want to let you go again."

Yugi smiles and replies, "I love you too." Before reaching up and kissing my lips.

WARNING Hints of lemon

The kiss starts out slow and everything feels right, but I begin to get anxious and nudge my tongue against his lips, begging for access. He obliges and our tongues begin the battle for dominance. Yugi puts up a good fight, but doesn't mind too much in letting me win this one.

My tongue explores every inch of his moist cavern and I moan when he shivers in delight. I leave his mouth and begin sucking on his sweet neck. I suckle on one spot until a red mark appears. I move my hand down to his nipples and pinch one lightly...


Yugi moans with pleasure from my touch and I repeat the process with his other nipple. I play with them until they are hardened to little peaks and then lower my mouth to the left one and suckle lightly. Yugi arches off the bed and mewls with pleasure. He sighs my name and I chuckle, sending vibrations throughout his body. When I am pleased with the left nipple, I move to the right and apply the same amount of pleasure.

When I am satisfied with his responses, I move back up to kiss his full lips. I moan as he grasps one of my nipples.

'Mmmmm...Yugi, this is wonderful! More!'

Yugi obliges and does the same to the other, twisting lightly. I arch my back and moan in delight. I give Yugi a devilish smirk, before traveling my hand downward, pausing at his belt. When I see no objections, I proceed by taking off his belt and lowering his dark blue leather pants. I moan at the sight I see and am about to continue in my quest, when my hand is batted away. I look up questioningly.

"Yugi, what is it? Is everything all right? Do you wish for me to stop?" I ask worriedly.

Yugi chuckles and says, "I'm fine Yami, I just wanted to tell you that I think you have too many clothes on." As he smirks and nips at my earlobe.

I moan in pleasure and quickly remove my black leather shirt and dark blue leather pants, leaving myself bare to him. I see him staring and I smile.

'Don't worry, you're looking just fine yourself' I say while smirking. He blushes and nods his head for me to continue where I left off.

I pleasure him, bringing my light to levels of pure ecstasy and when he comes down, I begin to prepare him.

When I feel he is ready, I pause waiting for the ok. Yugi nods and I smile. I proceed to push myself in and continue to bring us both pleasure for hours to come...

(Setting: The next morning)

I wake up the next morning and sigh in delight, and then I look down in my arms at my light. I reach down kiss his forehead lightly and he sighs in response, and then opens his beautiful amethyst orbs...

"Mmm...Good morning koibito. Did you sleep well?" I ask teasingly.

"Mmmhmm, one of the best night sleeps ever!" He says and then moans in pain, "I just wish I wasn't so's all your fault"

I chuckle and reply, "My fault, hmm? And I suppose you took no part in this?"

"Nope, none at all." Yugi grins.

"My silly hikari...I love you Yugi." I say before embracing him.

"I love you too, my yami." Yugi says before leaning into my embrace.

Everything is peaceful, but then a loud noise interrupts...

"Oooooo! My stomach! I'm so hungry!" Yugi said while holding his stomach.

I laugh and reply; "I guess that's my fault too then, huh?"

"Yup." Yugi says before getting out of bed, puts some clothes on and races down stairs...

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