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Short Summary: Uzumaki Naruto, a Gemini High School student, has never known what love is. Yes, he has a mom and a step-dad, but his mom is a drunk and his step-dad is just a plain jack-ass. A new kid shows up at Gemini. Will he help Naruto know what love is, or will he also turn him away?

THIS WILL BE A SASU/NARU FIC! If you have problems against Yaoi, or anything related to Yaoi, you may want to stop reading in later chapters.

Another thing, Naruto has the fox-demon sealed inside of him, don't ask how, it just is. He can talk to it whenever he wants to and Kyuubi is very nice to him, treats him like his own kit. Naruto has the whisker scars on his cheeks, just to let you know.

Warnings: Yaoi, Non-con (its not-too-detailed rape), abuse, alcohol mentioning, language…if I forgot anything, let me know, k?



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Uzumaki Naruto was having a wonderful dream, until he heard his mother shout to him.

"NARUTO! GET YER LAZY ASS OUTTA DAT BED!" Jessica slurred. Of course, his mother is drunk. She eats, breathes and sleeps with alcohol. Alcohol is her LIFE. Anyways, she made her way to the couch and passed out.

Naruto got up, went to his dresser and pulled out some clean clothes. He went to the bathroom, took a shower and brushed his teeth. When he got out of the shower, he was met with a hand punching his face. "What took you so long, you little shit. You know we don't have much hot water, and even less time to get ready for work. Next time hurry it up…or else." Kage, his step-dad, warned.

Naruto lives in 'the ghetto.' His mom has a job as a stripper, but since she's always drunk, she doesn't know what the hell she's doing, so does a bad job at it. His step-dad doesn't even have a job, he just sits around, watching TV and gambling at casinos with money they do not have.

Naruto made his way down stairs into the kitchen to grab a banana, grabbed his backpack and headed out for school. "BE BACK LATER! I'M HEADING OFF TO SCHOOL!" He shouted back into the house. He has to walk 3 miles to school everyday, because his parents don't want to give him rides to school. They say it costs too much money.

He started off with a light jog, but soon his legs started to hurt and his ribs hurt from the bruises he obtained the night before. His step-dad knows no mercy when it comes to abusing him, he's just a play thing for him.

He got to school 45 minutes later, a half an hour early. He does this everyday. It gives him a sense of peace to be able to stay somewhere quiet without getting hit or yelled at. But once school starts, he can never get quiet. The teachers all hate him, but the teachers that go hardest on him are his English teacher and his P.E. teacher. Umino Iruka for English, Hatake Kakashi for P.E.

Naruto walked to the school gardens and sat down on his usual bench to take a little cat-nap before school started. He curled up into a tight ball and closed his eyes, drifting off to sleep.

He awoke with a start when someone tapped him on the shoulder, right where a fresh bruise was. He didn't flinch or wince or anything, just sat there stonily until he heard a soft voice speak to him.

"Where is the Principal's office?" Naruto looked up into the face of a dark haired angel. This boy had black eyes, black hair and very pale skin. He was wearing a white shirt with a black dragon on the front, white shorts that went a little past his knees and black tennis shoes. He didn't have any emotion on his face, but his eyes had a questioning look.

Naruto stretched and stood up. "Follow me," He said in a short, curt monotone voice. He wasn't prone to showing emotions at school, or even at home. He walked through the front door of Gemini and turned to the right going up a flight of stairs. When he got to the top of the stairs he turned right again and went to the end of the hallway and stopped at a door that said 'Principal Haruno Sakura.'

"Here you go," Naruto said, then turned on his heel and headed towards his first class…oh joy, English with Iruka!

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