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-POV/Time Change-

Chapter 6

Sitting in the station, wrapped in a dark blue fleece blanket, Naruto stared blankly at the concrete floor. For the past two hours, he had been sitting there, confused as all get out. Ever since the cops had come into his house, everything has been a blur.

After watching Kage and Miyu being piled into a cop car and being taken away, Naruto didn't know what to do. Being wrapped in the blanket and slowly coaxed out of his house and into a cops car, Naruto didn't have a clue what has happened since. So far, he has been alone, the officers asking Sasuke questions about what had happened.

Hearing a door open to his left, Naruto looked up to see a frowning Sasuke heading his way. Looking back down to the floor in shame, Naruto couldn't help but feel bad for getting Sasuke mixed up into his own personal life. Didn't he TELL Sasuke to stay out of his business? Even if he didn't, Sasuke should have known by the way he acted around him. And now, Naruto had no place to go, and he possibly couldn't go with Sasuke for he has already done so much for him.

Feeling a soft hand under his chin, lifting his head, Naruto looked into the black eyes of Sasuke, staring in wonder at the concern that could clearly be seen shining in the dark depths of his wonderfully dark abyss eyes. "Are you all right, Naruto?" Sasuke asked, hoping that Naruto wasn't in shock or too much pain. The cops had questioned him on what happened to Naruto and he gave the officers all the details he could, hoping to keep Kage and Miyu in prison for the rest of their lives.

Nodding his head, Naruto winced in pain before he whispered out a hoarse "yes." He knew now, unexpectedly, that he loved Sasuke. He knew that it should be wrong. He hated him yesterday, but now, Sasuke was like his savior, his guardian angel and he never wanted Sasuke to leave him alone. He knew it was wrong, for they were both men, but somehow, to him, it made sense.

Clicking heals on the concrete floor signaled someone was coming towards them. Jerking out of Sasuke's grasp, Naruto went back to staring at the ground, his thoughts turning inward once more.

"Sasuke, dear, how is the little one?" Ami asked, looking at the subdued form of the blonde. The bruises on his face were alone enough to make Ami want to cry. To think that this boy has gone through this his whole life, Ami didn't even want to imagine it.

"I afraid he isn't doing too well. Have you talked to the Sheriff about letting Naruto live with us?" Sasuke answered, staring at the blonde, wishing he could do SOMETHING to help him out. Sighing, Sasuke looked up at Ami, hoping he would get the affirmative that Naruto could live with them. Maybe then he could actually feel love of a family, instead of hate from a false family.

"Oh, yes! Dearie, the little one can move in with us after we have taken him to the hospital to have him checked out. Now, let's see here…" Ami said, shifting through her purse looking for her car keys. Pulling them out with a triumphant "AH-HA!" Ami shuffled towards the desk where all the papers were of Miyu and Kage's court appearance schedules.

Walking back over to Sasuke, Ami told him to get Naruto up while she got the car. Humming, Ami walked out the door, leaving Sasuke to deal with the blonde.

"Come on, Naruto. Lets go home." Sasuke said, making Naruto feel like he was actually important, for once in his life.

Naruto had moved into a new life and a new family. Months later, Sasuke and him had started out a tentative relationship, which grew into something much more than boyfriend/boyfriend. Now they were engaged, deciding to get married when they were both married.

Kage and Miyu were sentenced to life in prison, no chance of getting out no matter how well behaved they were. Naruto had to be at the court hearing to testify against all that had happened to him. Everything was said vaguely, but had still made Naruto shake in fear and self-hatred. Sasuke was, thankfully, a comfort that Naruto could lean on at all times.

Naruto started his own counseling job and own investigation job that would help out abused children get out of their homes and move in with families that would love them for who they were. Finishing up school, Naruto had, slowly, gotten out of his dark, self-conscious look and now is a very confident young man. Sasuke had been his counselor through all of it, helping Naruto deal with nightmares and flashbacks, until Naruto had gotten over them entirely.

Attending Stanford University, Sasuke and Naruto both were in the top marks of all their classes and were living great together. From his job, Naruto had earned enough money for them to move to sunny California, bringing Ami along. Buying a horse ranch, they adopted 4 children. 2 boys and 2 girls, who grew up to be lovely.

The end

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