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Chapter One

Ryou looked about, his eyes narrowing in attempts to see clearer through the heavy masses of shadows. His body felt uncontrollably restless and depressed, as though the atmosphere itself proclaimed "everyone should be sad here". Determined to ignore that proclamation, and knowing that Yugi would revive them soon, Ryou sought out to see whether he could communicate with the other fellow banished souls; perhaps he could find someone to talk to.

/Che/ snorted his yami, extracting himself from Ryou's body. His ghostly form looked even more transparent against he darkness of the Shadows. /You're more stupid than I thought/

/What?/ Ryou reached out to touch a shadow figure; his hand slipped though.

/Those banished by the Millennium Items would not have the mind power to be able to even see you, my dear hikari/ Bakura snorted.

/Do you have the mind power, then?/ asked Ryou. He felt even worse than being sent to the Shadows now, with his yami around. Given the choice, Ryou would've glady taken Shadow Realm, as long as it separated him from his sadistic half.

No. Ryou shook his head. I'd rather be alive and with Yugi and the gang, Ryou corrected himself. He looked back at his yami.

/Well, do you?/

/...I do./

Ryou stared.

/Well, then, can you please help me talk to someone?/

/Why would I do that?/

/Please, yami, just let me talk to someone.../ Ryou stared at the black abyss swirling about him. /It feels so terribly lonely here./

A shadow flickered somewhere among the clouds of black and purple. The shadow looked rather bold compared to the rest of the wandering souls; it was walking towards Ryou, in a confused, lost expression.

/Look!/ said Ryou

/I can see, dimwit/ retorted Bakura venomously. He was still bitter that he lost to Marik; though it was Marik's evil side that dueled Bakura. He still felt much anger that he was defeated and sent to the Shadow Realm by his former comrade.

As the shadow approached, Ryou could make out that it was a man...a tall man, with long, dark matted hair, and sunken dark eyes. The man looked as though he had been only eating enough to get by; his frame and face looked once healthy and full, but now pale and almost sickly.

The man was wearing a long dark cloak and dark robes, with a wand sticking out from a robe pocket. He wore an expression of wary confusion. He looked straight at Ryou, who called out, his heart hoping desperately that his yami could help him communicate through the shadows, "May I help you?"

The man stared at Ryou, as though sizing him up. Bakura did a double-take on those dark eyes. They held cloudy, foreboding memories that looked as though they could never be erased. Bakura stared at the man. The expressions in the man's eyes were obviously dark and bitter, like Bakura's himself, a few millennias ago.

"Am I....dead?" the man asked softly.

Heart jumping with relief, Ryou replied, "No, no, I don't think so."

"Then...where am I?" the man looked around.

"The Shadow Realm," said Ryou, slightly grimly. "It's a place where banished spirits go, to wander forever."

"How did I get here?" the man stared back at Ryou, with a slight surprised smile playing around his lips. "I don't quite believe that I've been banished.'

"Did you duel?" asked Ryou.

"Yes," the man nodded. He looked closer at Ryou, and blinked when he saw a similar boy next to him. The man seemed to feel more at ease when he found out that Ryou could speak English...especially in a familiar British accent.

"You've must've lost then," snapped Bakura from behind Ryou. The man's eyes suddenly narrowed at Bakura menacingly.

"I had no intention of losing the duel," snapped the man sharply. Ryou blinked in surprise. The bitterness in the man's eyes seemed to finally release. The man looked down at his wand. "I've dueled many times before...and never had I ever came here. Who are you, anyways?"

The man's eyes trailed back from Bakura to Ryou. At the sight of Ryou though, his eyes softened ever so slightly.

Ryou reached out a hand, despite Bakura's glares. "Ryou Bakura. And this is my darker side, whom I share my body with. You can call him Bakura."

The man shook Ryou's hand.

"You share bodies?" repeated the man.

"Yes," nodded Ryou. "It's kind of hard to explain, he's a spirit of my Millennium Item. He used to be a spirit of a man in ancient Egypt, but when I received my item, he took refuge in my mind and often shared my body. That's why we look alike."

The man quirked an eyebrow at Bakura, who only returned the glance with a sharp nod.

"And you are?" asked Ryou politely.

The man sat down, Ryou following him. He looked into Ryou's dark, chocolate eyes, and a small smile spread on his face before he replied,

"Sirius Black."

Okay, seriously, for those who really hadn't read the Order of the Phoenix and for those who are terribly confused why Sirius is in the Shadow Realm...well, frankly, he's the main character that JK mentioned that would die in the Fifth book. But I didn't want him dead! And I didn't want to write a cliché fanfic where Yugi and the gang have to protect the Millennium Items from Voldemort. (whines) I don't want Padfoot to die!!He died when he soared into an archway in the –

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Well, I ain't telling you. XD