Title: Beast Boy's New Trick

Genre: Romance

Pairings: Raven/Beast Boy

Rating: PG-13

Summary: Beast Boy likes Raven, but she doesn't know he exists. When a new trick allows Beast Boy to relate to Raven in an entirely new way, Beast Boy may actually land the girl of his dreams. Raven/Beast Boy.

Disclaimer: These things get tedious. I don't own the Teen Titans. If I did, I would...uh...borrow Raven's clothes for Halloween. It would be cool to have a cloak, dammit.

Author Notes: Just another idea that came to me from talking with a friend.

Beast Boy's New Trick

Part I: Raven's Admirer

Beast Boy couldn't think of anything more pathetic than the fact that three of his four fellow Titans were discussing his love life around the lunch table.

"I think it is a joyous, beautiful emotion that you have admitted to us now, Beast Boy!" Starfire gushed. "You should not be ashamed to express it to your special person."

"The special person in question may not appreciate his efforts as much as you do." Cyborg replied quietly, and Starfire looked dejected.

"Why ever not?"

Robin and Cyborg grinned. "Because Raven doesn't know he exists!"

And, indeed, it didn't seem like she did. At all. Luckily, Raven wasn't in Titan Tower at the moment to hear this conversation and make Beast Boy noticeable in a very embarrassing way. She had muttered something half past ten about going to the bookstore for a book on who-knows-what magic, and had said she wasn't coming back for a good few hours. So, mustering the courage, Beast Boy gathered the remaining Titans together for a very important meeting concerning his feelings for the purple-haired goth.

"But, she does know that Beast Boy is in existence! I have seen her raise the volume of her voice many times to tell Beast Boy that his jokes of practicality and his stunts of stupidity should be stopped." Starfire argued. Beast Boy sighed.

"Thanks, Starfire."

"You are most welcome, Beast Boy! I know that friend Raven gives her attention to you."

"Attention, yes. Affection...not in a million years!" Cyborg slapped his knee with his hand.

Beast Boy's face was dark.

"The moment Raven realizes that Beast Boy likes her is the moment Beast Boy dies a horrible, horrible death."

"Guys, I came to you for help, not for barbs about her killing me! Aw, man. I don't have to listen to this!" Beast Boy protested, as Robin and Cyborg cracked more jokes about the exact nature of Raven's reaction to Beast Boy's confession. He made his way to the door, taking his bruised ego with him. "I don't know why I ever tell you guys anything."

With that, he tossed an angry frown in their direction, and stomped away from the tower determined to brood alone with his injured feelings.

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Beast Boy ended up at the local park.

It was one of his favorite places to go whenever he was upset because no one seemed to be unhappy while they were at the park. Children played near the fountain, having small water-fights amongst themselves, while in another corner, lively young adults tossed around a frisbee or played a friendly game of soccer. Animals, too, were rampant and happy in the park as well: squirrels gathered nuts and chatted gaily with each other while dogs ran across the fields, happy to have some space in which to run and play with other dogs.

Best of all, it was comfortable enough of a place for him to escape to while at the same time being a place peaceful enough where he could think.

And, he did think. A lot.

About Raven.

His affection for her had crept up on him so suddenly, he'd been doubting he ever had feelings for her in the first place. But, now, that he was aware of how comfortable he was when he was around her and how his growing fondness of her was turning into something more, Beast Boy seriously had to reconsider his options and decide what needed to change in his life. He needed to tell her he liked her, and they needed to get together.

The first part didn't seem so bad.

It was what she was going to tell him in return that made the whole ordeal a disaster.

If only he knew how she felt about him before he asked. It would save him a lot of anxiety. Unfortunately, since he doubted Raven would be inclined to tell him, that left getting the information from someone else. Raven didn't like sharing her secrets, Beast Boy guessed, but if she had, it would probably be to one of the other Titans like Starfire or maybe Robin or even Cyborg.

And, so he'd asked...and gotten into the scene from this morning.

Now, on top of having a crush on Raven, he'd also have to deal with all the taunting and gushing that came with it. And, worst of all, the one person he wanted to reach the most didn't know anything at all!

He wished he could just get to the bottom of this Raven mess. Raven wasn't exactly the most emotional and affectionate person in the world, but Beast Boy tried gauge from her actions how much she really liked him. There were obvious things like her healing him if he was hurt or her defending him from an enemy onslaught, but then again, she did that for everybody if they really needed it. And, then there were the more subtle things: like her coming over to sit next to him at breakfast or on the couch, or her staying up extra late to chat with him after everyone else had gone to bed, or her allowing him to join her on the roof to look at the stars while she meditated. He didn't know if any of the things she did with him applied to anyone else, and he didn't even know if any of the stuff Raven did was meant for him alone.

Girls were so troublesome. They had a whole world of mysterious communication locked away in unexplained actions and unsaid words that he would never understand.

If only he could become a girl. Then maybe he might be able to understand her and, maybe even ask her what she thought of him.

The change came unexpectedly and as quickly for him as it did changing into any other animal.

In that instant, Beast Boy found that he had changed into a girl!

"I didn't even know I could do that!" Beast Boy shook his head, looking down in wonder at himself. He had long ago realized that he couldn't make himself look like anyone else, but it had never occurred to him that he could try swapping genders with himself since it was technically another animal he was changing into.

"Beast Boy."

He recognized the familiar monotone before he even turned around, jumping slightly at its sudden appearance. Raven stood behind him, a book tucked under one arm and her hood drawn over her face. He was about to say something, but, after looking at Raven's face, he realized Raven looked shocked.

Well...as shocked as Raven got anyway. Instead of her usual dour face, her eyebrows had lifted in surprise, her mouth was slightly open, and she was gaping at his chest...which had grown admirably in just a few seconds flat. Girls would envy that, Beast Boy thought smugly.

Raven shook her head and started to back away. "Uhm...sorry. I thought you were someone else."

"Raven, wait. I amBea—" Beast Boy stopped short of saying his full name, and something in the back of his head clicked. If he looked different enough to Raven to make her think he was another person, maybe he could finally wheedle some secrets from her! "—trice. I'm Beatrice, but you can call me Bea."

"How do you know my name?" Raven's eyes narrowed.

"You're Raven. One of the Teen Titans. Who doesn't know about you guys?" Beast Boy asked, using their popularity to grab her interest. "I've heard so much about you! You're my favorite!"

Raven looked skeptical, but nodded. "Right."

"No, really! I'm not just saying it. I think you really are the coolest." Beast Boy smiled. It technically wasn't lying. She really was his favorite person, after all. Ironically, he could only tell her that straight to her face when he was a girl. "I've always wanted to meet you!"

Raven moved away from the bench, and for a moment, Beast Boy thought she was going to leave. She walked around to the front of the bench, and sat down next to him.

In a moment of charity, Raven stuck out a hand which Beast Boy took, feeling stupid for doing so.

"Well, Beatrice, I'm Raven. It's nice to meet you too."

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