Title: Beast Boy's New Trick

Genre: Romance

Pairings: Raven/Beast Boy

Rating: PG-13

Summary: Beast Boy likes Raven, but she doesn't know he exists. When a new trick allows Beast Boy to relate to Raven in an entirely new way, Beast Boy may actually land the girl of his dreams. Raven/Beast Boy.

Disclaimer: I don't own the Teen Titans. If I did, Raven and Starfire would wear casual clothes in their offtime.

Author Notes: Expect delays. I'm starting school this week and I really need to do well this semester. I had thought I was going to finish this before summer was over, but unfortunately, I ran into writer's block and...well, I just didn't.

Beast Boy's New Trick

Part III – Raven's Revenge

When the Titans were first starting, of all his teammates, Beast Boy thought he would relate with Raven the least.

It was obvious why.

They were complete and total opposites. He was energetic and optimistic and loved to joke. She was introverted and cynical, and, while he had to admire how she handled every danger that came their way with her maturity and quick thinking, she was much too dark for his taste. He loved being around people and spent most of his time pulling pranks; she preferred being left alone and tucking her nose in her dusty books, studying indefinitely.

No, two years ago, Beast Boy would have thought she was a horrible date. For him, at least.

He could see her happy dating Robin or dating Cyborg because at least she shared interests with them. Robin and Raven were both focused when it came to crime-fighting, were both very smart, and took their jobs way too seriously to the point of being obsessed (not that Raven would ever match Robin's fervor for finding Slade) while Cyborg and Raven almost always got along, had the same sense of humor, and had been growing closer as friends ever since Cyborg's T-car had been stolen for the first time.

But, after knowing her and working with her for two years, at seventeen, Beast Boy began to see things in her that had escaped his notice before, things that led him to believe that they wouldn't make such a bad couple after all.

He only hoped that she had started to think the same thing.

3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3

It was hard to imagine, though, that Raven would think of him as dating material when she seemed thoroughly determined to make him dating material for someone else by making him her little project.

After the first clothing store—in which Raven had somehow managed to coerce Beast Boy into buying a quite useless blue sweater that "brought out the green hue of his eyes"—Beast Boy was ushered into the nearest beauty salon.

He sputtered and protested all the way over to the salon chair, but Raven really just was too persuasive when she wanted to be. A glare from her sent him into one of the blue-padded salon chairs in an instant. Beast Boy scowled crossly as he sat in front of a large rectangular mirror while Raven and the hairstylist talked behind him about what to do with his hair.

Beast Boy turned away from their conversation with a disgusted look, and yelped when he saw himself in the mirror.

He hadn't really realized what his girl side would look like as the whole tricking Raven part in the park had been a momentary impulse on his part. He had only known that his appearance had been enough to fool her, and he now could see why.

Except that it was a bit longer and slightly wavy, nothing about the shape of his hair had really changed—which was probably why Raven, who had approached him from the back of the park bench, had thought he was Beast Boy—but he hardly recognized the rest of his face and body. His facial features were a lot more softened in this form: his mouth was fuller, his nose was less pointed, his cheeks were rosier, his eyes were glossier, and his eye lashes were much thicker and darker. Not to mention his eyebrows were thinner. He also lacked the stubble that had been on his face that morning, and both his hair and eyes were a much paler shade of green than they had been. His hair was shinier.

He stood up from the salon chair not really believing what he was seeing, and much to his chagrin, he realized that he was also shorter in height and only came up to Raven's chest where before, he at least reached her shoulders. Oh well. At least he was a toned female, he thought, tucking in his abdomen and turning in the mirror.

His uniform had adapted itself to his body nicely, changing its appearance so that it looked more like black pair of pants and a purple long-sleeved shirt rather than his normal spandex one-piece suit. He was glad that the uniform still fit his new girl body because dealing with the sudden appearance of a new chest was pretty much all he could handle at the moment.

Having a chest still shocked him even now. At first when he had been walking with Raven in the park, he had noticed that he had a harder time walking than he did before, having to lean back to compensate for the new weight on his torso. He didn't know how girls dealt with it.

But, then again, most girls didn't have the chance to be a guy first for seventeen years.

He plopped down into the salon chair at last, satisfied.

"I guess I'm pretty cute." Beast Boy concluded.

He jumped when Raven put a hand on his shoulder.

"And, you'll look even better when she's done with you." Raven replied from behind him, indicating a woman who brandished several combs, some hairclips, and brushes.

Beast Boy groaned.

3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3

If Raven ever found out that Beast Boy was tricking her, Beast Boy would have to tell her that she had no right to be mad at him. No. Not at all. Not for this.

First, the hair stylist had decided that putting his unruly green hair into two buns at the side of his head with purple ribbons was just what he needed to complete his appearance. The buns ended up a bit lopsided, and the right one was hurting his head by the sheer number of bobby pins securing it.

Secondly, the manicurist who had been next decided that purple—being the new pink and all, he was told impatiently—should go on his half-chewed fingernails. It would have been all right, though, if she had stopped at just applying nail polish. But, given how his day was going, of course she wouldn't. The manicurist had taken fake nails and had glued them permanently to Beast Boy's fingertips then applied four coats of revolting, bright lavender. He had no idea how he was going to explain that to the guys later on tonight when the nails wouldn't come off.

And, to top all these things, for fun, Raven had insisted on a waxing of his leg hairs. He originally wanted to escape, but Raven's glare pinned him to the chair. He sat through one strip being pulled off before common sense and a healthy fear propelled him from the chair with little more than a "thank you" and a "have a good day" springing from his lips as he stomped out of the salon.

3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3

Beast Boy thought he heard Raven's laugh from inside the salon, but shook it off when he realized that she was a few paces behind him and was following him concernedly. They walked in silence for awhile, but eventually, their talking resumed when Raven glided into a different clothing store.

Beast Boy sighed.

This wasn't the first time Beast Boy had been in the mall, but this would definitely be his last. After the salon experience, Beast Boy was pretty sure he would avoid not only the mall but any girl wielding a nail polish brush or a comb for the rest of his life. He couldn't stay too annoyed with being here now though, because the rest of the afternoon he still had to be at the mall with Raven. Raven kept his temper from emerging because he had to act cheerful around her, but even so, he would have thought that shopping wouldn't have been this torturous.

But Beast Boy couldn't stop thinking about how bad it was to be a girl.

One of the especially horrible things was that Raven had begun asking his opinion on things he hadn't even thought of or cared about, but since he was a girl, he should know about.

Like asking him what kind of things he liked to wear.

Or asking him what he thought of several leotards that were all "different shades" of black when she tried them on.

He didn't know what to do with that one. Last time Beast Boy checked, black was black.

There was only one shade of black.

Granted, every time Raven changed to examine a new black, he had a chance to let his eyes roam—Beast Boy wasn't about to let that chance be passed up since he was a boy after all—but the more she kept on prodding him the more irritated he became.

He never thought of Raven as the girly type. She was, of course, a girl, but whenever Starfire asked if they could "perform the braiding maneuvers" or whenever Starfire suggested something like going to the mall, Raven responded to Starfire's suggestions with a look of disgust that clearly told the alien girl Raven would much rather have had nails for breakfast than to think of such options. Beast Boy sighed and shook his head. It was almost as if she were trying to get revenge on him or something.

It only went downhill from the salon as they hit more clothing stores. He almost blew his cover once by complaining to Raven about how girls were always nit-picky about the strangest things like colors.

Colors were colors. Red was red. Blue was blue. None of this scarlet red versus cardinal red or baby blue versus Persian blue.

After Raven gave him a funny look, Beast Boy made up some lame excuse about being a quick shopper, and while her back was turned, Beast Boy shook his head.

The things he did for Raven.

3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3

It was just when they had left the seventh clothing store that Raven had suggested a break, which Beast Boy promptly welcomed. They settled in the food court for a mid-afternoon snack—well, it was more like a fifth meal for Beast Boy—and had sat in silence for awhile until Raven suggested something Beast Boy would never have imagined her saying in a million years.

"I think you should date Beast Boy."

Beast Boy jumped at his name, but she didn't seem to notice that.

"Beast Boy?" He echoed, getting nervous. Raven leaned over the table in an almost conspiratorial manner. Her face betrayed no emotion as usual, but Beast Boy still felt wary since he hadn't been prepared to answer this.

A mischievous smile took over Raven's face.

"It was just a suggestion." Raven replied. "I mean, you two seem to have a lot in common, I've noticed."


"Yes, well...you're both green, for instance."

"But, I don't know anything about Bird Boy."

"Beast Boy. He's my teammate."

"Right. I think I remember him."

Raven leaned back into her seat. "I think you would like him. He has good qualities."

Beast Boy now leaned forward. "Like what?"

"Well, he tries to crack bad jokes all the time, he likes video games like you do, he's a vegetarian, and he loves to eat ice cream." Raven listed. Beast Boy listened, annoyed; if those were the good qualities Raven listed whenever she thought of him, he was doomed.

"Is that all? I could find dozens of guys who are vegetarian, like video games, and appreciate a good joke."

"That's true." Raven nodded. "But, he's different, I guess."

"How so?"

"Are you interested?"

"Well, I like at least one of the Titans, so maybe I'd like another one."

"I should call him right now, and you could see for yourself." Raven tapped the broach holding her cloak together, and with alarm, Beast Boy realized his own communicator was in his pants' pocket and was starting to glow red.

Thank goodness for the table!

"No! It's okay. I don't want to meet him. I just want to know more!" Beast Boy yelled before she could say anything to the communicator and hear her own voice repeated back to her from a spot under the table in Beatrice's pocket. "I mean, he sounds kind of interesting and all, but first, I want to get an idea of what he's like from someone who knows him well, you know?"

Raven paused for a moment, and tapped her communicator off. Beast Boy sighed in relief.

"Tell me more about him." Beast Boy said, trying to change the subject. Raven adjusted her cloak. "Is he funny? Dashing? Sensitive? What?"

"Well, he's not...handsome." Raven said, truthfully. Beast Boy glared at her unconsciously. "He's not funny when he tries to be, and he really needs to comb his hair once in awhile."

Beast Boy sighed. All the clothes shopping for this?

"But, don't let that discourage you." Raven said hurriedly. "He's uh...and...well..."

"You're not making a very convincing argument here, Raven." Beast Boy pointed out, and sat deflated at the other end of the table. Perhaps being a girl for Raven wasn't that great of an idea after all.

At least when he was a boy, he could have delusions of her liking him.

Raven went silent for a while and made a face at the table while Beast Boy brooded. Then, with her quiet, serious voice, she looked up and straight past him, as if she were seeing something in the distance behind him. "He's not as bad as I make it sound. His jokes are immature and rather lame, true, but he tells them because he likes brightening people's lives. His jokes grow on you when you know that he cares. He has a caring heart, even if he trusts it more than his judgment. And...and, he's...well, he's kind of cute in a way."

Beast Boy's face brightened immediately.

A/N: Third chapter done! It's hard to do a one-sided story where it's only Beast Boy's point of view. I wrote another version in my head with Raven's side to help me keep Raven's character in check while she's talking to Beast Boy. It's rather amusing.

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