Only One

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Chapter Nine


Coughing, Tohru waved her arms in front of her face to clear the smoke and dust that came from the fallen door.

"…Kagura? Hello!...Um…" Tohru happily greeted her before seeing the livid look on her face and the not-so-missing-anymore-Kyo behind her. "Kyo! Kyo, is that you? Oh thank goodness, you're found! We were so worried-"

Tohru was cut off my Kagura's punch to her face. But that's all the boar got to her, for Kyo caught the rest of her punches.

"WHAT THE FUCK DID I SAY! Didn't I tell you that you were not to hurt her in any way?"

Kagura wheeled on hi, bewildered. "I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU'RE LETTING HER DO THIS TO YOU WITH OUT GETTING BACK! What happened to the Kyo that I knew?"

Quietly, Kyo said, "He fell in love."


Tohru sighed uncomfortably. A hour had passed since Kagura and Kyo had…well, knocked down their door. And that hour had most definitely been killer to Tohru.

'Why is Kagura so upset at me? I hope I didn't do anything wrong…' She thought to herself again for the umpteenth time, setting the ice pack back on her semi-swollen cheek. 'Ow.'

A hesitant knock on her door got her to jump up from her spot on the floor and mush the icepack into her cheek.

"Ow! can come in if you'd like…"

Kagura stepped in. A look to her cheek and she winced. "I'm really sorry about that, Tohru. Gomen nasai."

"Oh, Kagura! Um…it's alright. I suppose I deserved it."

"…But you don't even know what you've done to deserve it."

"…Uhm…yea…no, I don't. Could…could you maybe tell me? So I can apologize?"

"That's the thing, you didn't do anything! I just…I saw Kyo sitting there so hurt and alone and he mentioned your name so I just did what came first to my mind when I saw you even though I promised Kyo I wouldn't hurt you because I didn't know what was going on and then when Kyo pulled me aside and finally told me what was going on and why he was hurt I kind of figured that you couldn't really be blamed for falling in love with Yuki instead of him. So I should be the one that's sorry. Not you."

Tohru's eyes widened. "…Kyo…Kyo-kun loved me?"

Kagura nodded.

"…I must have hurt him so badly! Oh my gosh, I should be punched so much, it's not fair that I did this to him!" Kagura stopped her raising fist (which probably wouldn't have done anything anyways).

"Didn't you listen to me? I told you that it wasn't your fault! You can't help who you love! Yuki-kun is just as good a person as Kyo is! I really don't blame you! Besides…he still has me…" Kagura finished weakly. "…Even though he doesn't see that."

Tohru just hugged the sobbing figure, consoling the ex-consoler.

Anai's childish laughter echoed in the hallways, her innocence and carefree-ness laced inside. Kagura smiled.

"Yuki?...May I speak to you?" Yuki looked up from the building blocks and his daughter to Kagura.

"Of course. Shigure, I trust you won't corrupt Anai while I'm away?"

"Why, of course not! Why would I do such a thing! Really, Yuki, you make me seem as if I'm a-hey, where are you going with Anai? I thought I was looking after-"


"…Really. I was only going to teach her what se-" And he dropped unconscious by the Latin dictionary that was thrown to his head.

"Let me just bring Anai to Tohru."

"So why did you want to speak to me, Kagura? If this is about Tohru, then I suggest you not waste your breath; I am not going to give her up to Kyo."

Kagura hesitated for a bit before speaking, "No, well, yes. Yes, this is about Tohru, but not in that particular manner. I…actually came to ask you something else. I was wondering what happened; why I found Kyo in such a state. Kyo-kun won't tell me."

"Well, I suppose it's kind of hard to explain, but I'll try."


Kyo groaned. He didn't want to be disturbed, his day was bad enough already. He had overheard Yuki explain everything that he wanted to keep away from Kagura, and hearing and reliving it over again had seriously crumbled him walls.

"Kyo?" The voice was closer this time.

"Kyo?" When had the voice gotten right next to his ear?

"What." He looked up at Kagura.

"What happened after it?"

No answer. He wasn't going to answer that. Not if he couldn't help it.

"Please Kyo. I want to help you."

He couldn't help it.

He ran. Ran as fast as he could away from that hell hole. Funny what love could do to you. Heal hearts. Make wonders.

Break the unbreakable.

He laughed at the irony of it all. The only reason why he stayed at that house was because of her. The only reason leaving? Well, it definitely wasn't Yuki.

Was it morning already? Funny, he didn't even notice.

Wait, why wasn't the house getting farther away? Why was it getting closer? Why was he climbing the tree?

His lungs were burning.

His ears were ringing with her call of his name.

"Kyo? Kyo, are you up there? Kyo?…Kyo?"

He watched her give up. He watched her go back inside. He watched her play with her…daughter. He watched Yuki come in.

He couldn't watch it anymore. He ran; ran as fast as he could away from his thoughts and his "home".

'I don't have a home. Nor…do I have her.'

He willed himself not to look back.

'I can't. Not now, not ever. She's not mine, she's his. Tohru…'

Yet…as luck would have it, he was back the next day, after a night of torture and torment.

"Hey Anai, wanna go outside? I bet you want to go to the park."

Why couldn't those words be with him?

He was holding her hand.

Why couldn't those hands be for him?

He watched as they walked together, a happy family. The smallest was giggling, carried by her father; his cousin.

Jealousy raged through him; he couldn't help it. He wanted, desperately, to be in his cousin's spot. With her. With them.

It was raining where he was. Hard.

Why couldn't they be for him? Wasn't he good enough? Wasn't he loveable enough?

Of course not. How could he be? He's the cat.


He understood that.

"I said…I was wondering if maybe you wanted to see a movie with me? Anai would stay at home with Shigure, or maybe Momiji could look after her."

"Sure! I'd love to, Yuki."

But he understood that even more.

There he had sat, two rows behind them, in the shadows.

And now? Here he stood, two eyes crying, in the shadows.

Yes, he understood it clearly. He ran for the first time, admitting defeat.

'But I'll still love you.'

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