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Chapter 9

"Athena! Athena! Athena!" shouted the fans waiting to see Athena singing for them.

"Well Athena, your fans are waiting for you, go and give them the big show!" said the manager.

"Yeah sure…" Athena did not feel like singing today, she had a very hard day, the conversation she had with Benimaru, and meeting Iori and understanding a little what is going on his mind. But she had this concert marked a long time ago, so she could not fail this appointment.

So with out any delay she enters the stage "Alright every one, Its Athena time!"

And the entire crowd cheered for her.

Just when she was about to sing she notices some one between the crowd. She gasped when she saw who it is, its Kyo Kusanagui.

"Kyo? Kyo is here?" she thought to her herself. "But what is he doing here? Oh well I deal with that later, right now I got to sing."

And so to the entire concert Athena singed has her heart desired, and making a good impression on her self, she wanted to look good to Kyo.

After a few hours of singing the concert was over, and after that Athena changed her clouts and when looking for Kyo, she found him on the entrance. Its seemed that he was waiting for her.

"Kyo!" called out Athena has she ran to him.

"Hey girl what's up?" greeted Kyo.

"That is what I am asking you! What brings you here?"

"I came to see your concert. You do sing very well."

Athena laughed nervously at Kyo's compliment. "Why thank you."

In that moment Kyo scratched the back of his head. "Say ……I….wanted to talk to you."

"With me? Sure."

"Great, come with me." said Kyo has he grabbed Athena's hand and started to led her some where.

Athena blushed when he grabbed her hand. "It's been a long time since the first time he hold me." She thought. "It was the first time I entered the KOF, it was me and him fighting, I was accidentally slip and almost landed out of the ring, but Kyo hold my hand, stopping me for falling, he said that it would be stupid that a incredible fight like ours would end up so stupidly like this."

A few minutes later, Kyo taken Athena to a park witch you could get a full view of the city.

"Uau, what a magnificent view." Said Athena.

"I thought that you would like it. You have never come here, did you?"

"No I haven't."

Kyo looked at Athena deeply, and loving eyes. A little part of him wanted to hold her, but another part was afraid, afraid of having to suffer the same pain again, he had wished this moment for a long time, but the reality makes it sound very different.

In that moment, he felt some one from behind pushing him pushing him to Athena. He turns around and saw a transparent ghost figure of Yuki. "Y-Yuki?"

Yuki just smiled at him and waved her hand, telling him to go on with his life, and to be happy. Kyo smiled at her "Thanks baby."

"Something wrong?" asked Athena.

Kyo turns back to her "No-no, every thing is fine. So what about Kenso and your other team mates? Are they fine?"

"They are alright, they are still studding Bao's power. And has for me I'm preparing to participate in the next KOF that will take course in 2003. Master Chin said something for us not to participate in the Tournament that year, but I'll be there, but I will go on with new team mates this time."

"Why doesn't he want you to participate on it this time?"

"He said something that he felt a strong aura, much stronger than Orochi and Ignis"

Kyo looks up to the stars. "I guess who could blame him, after all the battles we had faced, Orochi, Ignis, Rugal, we faced powerful foes during the years, some more powerful than the last, and we ended up losing some enemies and friends."

Athena's been looking deeply at Kyo, for saying this, he must be remembering Yuki, and the terrible experience that he had faced. "I know that Kyo. There are sometimes that it seems that the night never ends, we know because we had faces situations like that, but no matter how dark it's the night and how bad the situations are, the sun will always rise, and bring us the light to shine our lives."

In that moment the sun rises up, bring the morning to Kyo and Athena. Kyo looked at that phenomenon that just happen, it is like if Athena made this happen.

Athena continues. "I know that there are moments were every thin sounds bad, and we keep losing the ones we love, but new days will come, and more chances will come for us to live a new life, in memories of the ones we lost and for our selves.

Kyo looked back at Athena, admired by her speech, and smiling deeply at her. "Yeah, your right. Thanks Athena."

Athena smiles back at him. "No problem."

"Say Athena, I was wondering….would you like to go on a date with me?" asked Kyo a little nervous.

"Y-Yes! I would love to?" responded Athena immediately, with a blush on her cheeks.


"I'm free at Sunday."

"Sunday it is."

After that, they said nothing more and looked back at the sun rise with their hands holding each other.


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