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Relena leaned over the desk where the teenager sat working silently on his laptop.

"Heero, I think we should go on a date."



"I can't."

"Why?" She whined again.

"It's because... well... I can't because... because I'm gay." It wasn't often the perfect soldier made a mistake, but this lie was just blurted out before he could stop it, and it wasn't the cleverest thing to do.

'Gay? Gay? Why did I say that? I could have could up with something else like...' Usual silence rested in the pilot's mind. '... Erm... I don't know, but something other than that.'

"Don't be silly! You love me." The girl told him.

'It's worth pretending I'm gay if it gets my away from this though.'

"Relena, I am gay."

"You... you can't be!"

He nodded.

"Prove it!" She challenged in her annoyance of being turned down.

'Prove it! Why did I agree to prove it? I don't have anything to prove to her. But if I go back on it now, she'll know I was lying. But who is going to help me on this?'

He rushed through the safehouse and quickly located all the pilots' positions but none of them had acknowledged his presence, simply because he had not wanted them too.

He when through his possible choices of help.

'Trowa; at Cathy's. Wufei; Duo would either kill me or use it against me at every given opportunity. Duo; visa versa. That only leaves... Quatre..."

Heero did find Quatre the most attractive of the other pilots but he didn't know how the blonde would react to a proposition like this.

"Quatre." The blonde looked over from the windowsill on which he was sat, gazing out of. "Will you help me?"

"Sure Heero, what is it?"

It wasn't often Heero Yuy asked for help, and Quatre couldn't reclined being the gentle, caring youth that he was.

"Good." Was the only answer he got, Heero took his arm, dragging him off to the study, where Relena was waiting.

"Just go along with it." Where the only muttered instructions.

Relena looked up surprised when the door was pushed open and Heero entered, her blue eyes widened like cartoon's as someone else followed him in, another boy; Quatre.

The Japanese boy positioned them in front or Relena.

The blonde was wondering what was going on, "Wh-..." He never finished his question, he let out a surprised "oh!" then a low moan as he found his mouth stuffed with Heero's tongue. He reacted of his own accord to the sweet kiss and kissed back. A soft thud sounded in the distance that the two locked together didn't hear. Quatre's hands explored Heero's dark hair as Heero's held the smaller boy in place, making sure he didn't pull back until absolutely necessary, for two reasons rather than just proving to Relena that he didn't date women, he was also actually enjoying this, as was Quatre, it felt so natural to them.

The couple eventually broke apart, out of breath.

Quatre turned to were Relena had been sat, the surprised look of earlier returning as he saw Relena, fainted on the floor. He kneeled down to her as she awoke, took a moment to recover then looked and him, back at Heero and mumbled, "I think I need to lie down..."


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