Chapter: 1

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It was a rainy and gloomy night in the town of Little Whinging. Most people were in the comfort of their beds sleeping peacefully with hardly a care in the world. Well all except for one boy sitting alone in the park so lost in his thoughts that he did not realize the rain, lightening, or thunder. At a closer look, this kid would have seemed ordinary to anyone. He was 5'6"; skinny with clothes way too big for him. He had a head full of unruly jet-black hair and a pair of glasses that hid his emerald green eyes, sitting on a park bench, now this is no ordinary fourteen year old. His name is Harry Potter, and he is a wizard, he is not any ordinary wizard, he is a famous wizard, he is know as The Boy Who Lived. He is famous in the Wizarding world, for surviving the killing curse, and banishing Lord Voldemort, the most powerful, dark lord of the century from his body, and he was only a one year old.

After two attempts on Harry Potters life, Lord Voldemort, was resurrected at the end of Harry's fourth year, using Harry's blood. In which Harry had seen a classmate die in front of him, he was then tied to a gravestone and Lord Voldemort was resurrected, with the help of Peter Pittigrew, the betrayer of Harry's parents. Harry was then tortured and forced to duel against the dark lord, where he managed to escape.

There are many secrets that he has managed to keep hidden. There is a reason why Harry could have ended up going into Slytherin. You see he has one of the greatest masks in the world, Harry is not as innocent, nor as naive as he acts, that is part of the facade that he shows the world. (Anyways back to the story.)

Harry Potter is sitting on a bench in the middle of the park, as normal as it seems, he is sitting on the bench at nearly 4 in the morning and in the middle of the worst storm in two years. Harry is lost in thought of things that happened to him, but one memory crept up on him, faster then a scorpion can strike.

It is then that Harry hears the breaking of a twig behind him, and he quickly grabs his wand and points it at the approaching person, it is then that Harry hears a voice that he thought he would not hear again for another 3 years.

She says "Hello Harry, how have you been?"

Harry replies "I'm fine, and how about you? Moneypenny what are you doing here?"

Moneypenny says "I'm here to check up on you, because James keeps complaining on how much he misses his partner."

Harry laughs and says "No your not, but you might be here for other reasons? Obviously this is not a social call, so I will take it you have an assignment for me. but I thought I was done until after I finished Hogwarts? As for James, of course he does, what other Agent can cause as much Collateral Damage as me well besides himself I mean.?"

Moneypenny laughs and says "As flattered as I am Harry, how about No, Unfortunately Harry, we need to bring you in, M is recalling all her agents, even you. Trust us Harry if we had any other option, we would, but we don't."

Harry says "And if I don't agree."

Moneypenny pulls out a gun and then replies "Then I have the right to bring you in anyway I can."

Harry says "Ah yes, but I don't think that you have the Ability to seduce me. Especially because I know you have a thing for James."

Moneypenny says "I don't have a "Thing" For James. He is annoying and egotistical."

Harry replies laughing "Sure you don't and Hermione and Ron don't like each other."

Moneypenny gives Harry a confused look.

Harry says "Oh Sorry, I forgot, Ronald Weasley and Hermione Granger, and my best riends at Hogwarts."

Moneypenny says "Hermione Granger, where have I heard that name before, oh wait I got it now, I think she is Gregory's and Martha's daughter." Harry says " Hmm, I wonder why I never made the connection before, Wait, I wonder if she even knows, Hermione told me they where Dentists, in fact she seemed convinced. But as far as I know MI6 parents are allowed to tell their kids."

Moneypenny says "Ah yes Miss Granger, will be given a tour of the non confidentialarea's, in a couple of days, would you like to be the one to help give her the tour?"

Harry says "am I allowed, I mean, don't there parents normally give them the tour."

Moneypenny says "For you Harry, you know that M would bend the rules for you, after all, you and James and her favorite agents, but you are also the best. She would just make sure that Hermione cannot tell any one about you."

Harry says "I agree, as long as you can get M to let Ron, go with her, It hasn't been hard to keep it from them yet, but if Hermione knows then, I will probably feel a little bad for Ron, and besides, if you don't, Hermione is bound to let it slip to him, and then I would be screwed."

Moneypenny laughs and says "Your right. James will be glad to have you back."

Harry laughs and says "Ya but I am willing to bet Q won't be."

With that Moneypenny and Harry break out laughing.

It is then that a black car pulls up, Harry and Moneypenny quickly climb into the back seat, and they drive off.

In the car

Harry says "So what have I been missing?"

Moneypenny says "Well lets see, James has been on a total of 5 missions while you where gone, all counter terrorism, but the last one he was captured, and tortured, but we got him back, he escaped in a fashion, only you and he could pull off, it not too bad. He was only there for a little over a week, before he got out, and when he got back M ordered him to rest, which he wasn't going to, so Now he's on a holiday, somewhere in London."

It is then Moneypenny reached into her pocket and pulled out a Rolex, and handed it to Harry, Harry looked at the watch and flipped it over, the inscription read "Potter, Harry Potter." He gave a grin, it was the same watch that James had given him on his 10th Birthday, that Harry had left with James, the year before.

Harry says "So do you think M could use some new people?"

Moneypenny runs the thought over in her head and says "What are you thinking Harry?"

Harry replies "Nothing my dear Moneypenny, nothing at all."

All of a sudden the car slows to a stop. Harry climbs out of the back seat, he then looks around confused, they are no where near any entrance to MI6. He sees that they pulled up out side a non script motel. In fact it was a little on the run down side, the sign of the hotel was not one of those neon signs, it was a simple wooden sign, and the walls of the motel where highly vandalized.

It is then that Harry feels a tap on his shoulder, he turns around, and Moneypenny starts to walk off, towards the hotel, and Harry follows close behind. They passed numerous doors, until Moneypenny stopped at one of them, and she motioned for Harry to enter the room, which he did.

The first thing that Harry noticed was that the room was as run down as the out side of the hotel. It is then he sees a figure in the dark, the figure motions for him to sit, which he does but very carefully. The shadow figure says "Welcome Mr. Potter, it has been a while since I have seen you last, you know what I need."

With that Harry stands up and says "I Harry James Potter, pledge my life, to MI6. With the knowledge, that only if I am released from the service, that I shall leave it. I will also not betray those who work with me, this I swear."

It is then the shadow says, "Welcome back 008, I missed you Harry."

I smile and say "I missed you too M."

AN: Harry was trained from the Age of five to be an MI6 Field Agent, He was found by James Bond, on the streets, and James decided that Harry would become a agent, so from then on, he was trained, and he worked till the end of third year, with James Bond as his partner, because lets face it, Harry can not take on a full grown man in hand to hand combat, well he might be able to but it would be hard, but Harry could do just about everything else. at which point he was put on a leave of absence for 4 years, until he could complete his Magical education.

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