Chapter 22

Halfway through the port-key ride, Harry felt a sliding motion, and knew what was going to happen, the Port-key and all it's occupants started sliding, and Harry relaxed. When they hit the floor they realized they were in the Ministry Of Magic, more importantly MoneyPenny's office. She had her Gun pointed at Harry, and lowered it slowly when she saw who it was.

Harry turned to MoneyPenny and said "Is M in?" She nodded, and Harry plus the entire Weasley family entered M's office. Harry made a beeline straight for the alcohol, and poured himself a shot before quickly drowning it, before pouring another one and downing it, he quickly poured drinks for the Weasley's (except Percy) and handed them out, Harry noticed that Ginny and Molly's hands were shaking, they quickly stopped as they started to drink, Ginny made a disgusted face at the taste of the Alcohol.

It is then M cleared her throat, and every head snapped in her direction, except Harry's, M said " 008 Mission was a complete success, I take it? Were there any problems?"

"No M, everything went off like Fireworks and Dynamite, one base leveled."

M nodded and replied "I am assuming that you have not seen this evenings newspapers, based on how calmly you have all been acting, the Ministry is like a Zoo thanks to the Activities of tonight." "Even though I know you or I held no love or like for them Harry, for what it is worth I am sorry." With that she tossed three Daily Prophets on the desk, they read:

Pure-Bloods Get Attacked

Tonight, The Burrow, home of the Weasley family well know light supporters. Longbottom Mannor, home of Mrs Longbottom (Grand mother) Neville Longbottom, son of renowned Aurors Frank and Alice Longbottom, who were tortured to insanity, The Lovegood home, home of the Newspaper The Quibbler, were attacked tonight in what seemed to officials to be a three pronged attack.

The Burrow was destroyed first, before the Order Of The Phoenix could show up, but it showed up to late, seconds after the attack on the Burrow began, the attacks on the Longbottoms and the Lovegoods commenced. All three families cannot be found, but we are assured that they are in a safe location.

Laura wendol

Special Correspondent

"Damn it, although I can't exactly say I'm surprised."

Diagon Ally Attacked.

Only minutes after the attack on the Lovegoods, Diagon Ally was assaulted by death-eaters, shops were burned and raised to the ground, deaths were especially high, the death count at the moment is over 200 dead the only people to survive were those who had took shelter inside Gringotts when the attack first commenced. It was horrible, people everywhere in the ally were being killed or tortured, Mr. Olivanders was raised to the ground with him still in it, Flourish and Blotts was set on fire, not one of the shop survived the attack, and all owners and workers died due to the fact no one was out at the time. Those who were killed will be mourned.

The Ministry with the help of the Order Of The Phoenix was able to force the Death-Eater to Apparate and spare the ally even more damage, unfortunately the portal to the Muggle world, also known as The Leakey Cauldron was destroyed, Tom the Bartender was found dead in the wreckage, he will be missed by all. Hagrid, Groundkeeper and Keeper of the keys, at Hogwarts school of Witchcraft and Wizardry's was also found dead in the Leaky Cauldron, he was loved by many for his friendly nature despite his big size. His funeral will most likely be held in the Forbidden Forest.

Today is a day of morning the second major attack of You-Know-Who, in his second uprising, I just hope the Ministry will be able to save us this time from the dark lord's reign.

Laura wendol

Special Correspondent

"Well this is turning out to be a longer war then I expected, you know I was thinking he would just attack Hogwarts in order to kill me."

Privet Drive Attacked.

Privet Drive, the home of Harry Potter, The Boy who lived was attacked and destroyed, his Uncle, Aunt and Cousin perished in the attack. The Boy-Who-Lived has yet to be found although many people suspect that our savior has been captured. but the Ministry relieved us of that fear and assured the Public that Mr. Potter, had not gone home for the holidays, but was staying at a safe house with the Weasley family.

Laura wendol

Special Correspondent

(Harry started to hum something that sounded a lot like 'It seems a lot more like Christmas.') "Well I couldn't have asked for better Christmas present."

Just then a Owl Swooped in and dropped a Paper on the desk it read:

Voldemort Takes Hogwarts!

Today is a sad Christmas morning for people everywhere, even through out the attacks on Diagon Ally and on the Weasley's, Lovegoods and Longbottoms, one place has always remained safe, Hogwarts, until today that is. According to sources, the second Albus Dumbledore flooed out of the school, one Draco Malfoy, son of Death-Eater Lucius Malfoy activated a Port-key, bringing over fifty death-eaters into the Great-hall. The students tried to put up a fight but were quickly defeated as one fourth of the school was working against them.

So far all attempts to breach the school to rescue the students has resulted in deaths of Aurors, the wards seem to be up even though the Head-master is not there to have brought them up, and all entrance attempts have been met with death due to the power of the wards. Four additional Aurors were killed by Hogwarts Defenses, even the Great Albus Dumbledore couldn't get through, and was sent flying backwards from the wards.

With the Greatest Wizard of the century, knocked out and the Ministry helpless, who will save the children.

This reporter has to wonder has You-Know-Who truly won?

Laura Wendol

Special Correspondent

"Dammit, now what are we going to do, I mean.." just then he spotted the Slider, and grinned. Harry yelled "Lets do this."

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