Return to South Park

It was as innocent as a day could be in South Park, Colorado when Kyle was walking down a road cursing bitterly about Stan. He didn't quite fit the cheer of everyone around him, but he'd really screwed things up this time. Sure, it wasn't Stan's fault he'd gotten a boyfriend, but why did he have to choose that piece of crap Christophe? Every inch of him was shaking at the thought, after all, Christophe was supposed to be dead, but Kenny had to make his selfless wish that everything would go back to the way it was before the war with Canada which brought him back to life.

Now it was too late to admit Kyle was gay, because he only would care what one person thought and that one person was strolling about somewhere arm-in-arm with The Mole. Of course, Kyle hadn't even realized he was queer for sure until Stan had started dating that idiot known as Christophe. Now every time he had to see them together he just wanted to steal his uncle Jimbo's gun and shoot the guy in the head.

A blur of people passed by, but Kyle didn't take much note to them. He just couldn't bring himself to caring who they were, until a British-accented voice began speaking to him, "Why, hello Kyle!" Pip said cheerfully, to which Kyle frowned. Pip should've learned years ago that no one liked him, but still he was happy and spoke to anyone he recognized when they passed him.

"Go awa–"Kyle was about to continue walking when he saw Stan headed his way, and he wanted an excuse to not talk to his best friend right then. "Hey Pip, what's up?" The expression Pip showed that Kyle wasn't yelling at him was priceless, he might've dropped what he was holding if he'd had anything in his hands.

"Oh my, I was just out for a walk, such a lovely day it is!" Pip continued going on for a bit, enthusiastic to speak to Kyle, who pretended to be listening though he kept shooting glances to Stan to see where he was going. Kyle was making careful sure that Stan didn't notice him looking, but he wanted to know if Stan was going to see his precious faggot.

'I shouldn't care, he was never mine anyways....' Kyle frowned which made Pip stop talking because he'd clearly thought he'd said something to annoy Kyle. The silence made Kyle surprised for a second, and he actually started paying attention to Pip again.

"I'm sorry, did I do something?" Pip asked hesitantly, to which Kyle shook his head, though he couldn't find the words as when he turned his head he saw none other than the jerk himself showing his affection to Kyle's best friend in the middle of the street.

"I'll talk to you later, Pip," Kyle muttered quickly as he ran off to find a trash can, where he took a leaf out of Stan's book and vomited into it.

"Oh dear," Pip's voice said as he watched Kyle go, not entirely sure what had just happened. As he spotted what Kyle had been watching, he smiled inwardly to himself. Though Pip got made fun of all the time for it, no one actually knew he really was gay.

Kyle grimaced as he felt empty inside – he had just deposited the contents of his stomach into a trash can, after all. God, the site of them was killing Kyle, when had that even happened anyways? As far as he'd known Stan just thought Christophe was some insane kid who liked to dig tunnels. Yet Kyle knew he couldn't avoid his friend forever, so he tried to think of when he might be able to catch Stan by himself to hang out.

As he thought a boy went walking past, looking even more out of place than Kyle. An extremely gothic boy was standing in front of a dumpster lighting a cigarette. Kyle couldn't help but stare, you saw gothic kids plenty, but most of them didn't have fiery red eyes like this one did. Something about that guy was so familiar... he looked about 15, the same age as Kyle, and finally the boy looked up and caught Kyle's glance.

"Hey," a smirk grew on the boy's face but it didn't seem as much cold as it was his regular expression. Kyle approached him, having nothing else to do or anyone to talk to, and eyed the cigarette that was now lit that the boy was smoking.

"Do you have another?" It would've seemed more like Kyle if he'd told him that smoking would kill him, but Kyle was more depressed over everything that he just wanted a light. Sure, he knew they were dangerous, but as he put it when he was eight 'they're an addictive solution to a greater problem' and any solution was fine, even if it was a crap one.

"You look familiar," the boy said eyeing Kyle curiously as he withdrew another cigarette from his pocket, though he didn't hand it to Kyle immediately. "That'll be a dollar," he said, holding out his hand for the cash.

Kyle reached into his pockets and fished around for cash, and found a five dollar bill. "Give me five," Kyle said as he handed the cash to him. "Oh, er, I'm Kyle," he introduced himself awkwardly, not sure whether or not the boy cared.

"Kyle? You wouldn't be Kyle Broflovski, would you?" Kyle looked startled as the person he didn't think he knew said that, but slowly he nodded. "Maybe my memory doesn't completely suck... it's been seven years, hasn't it? I moved back to this town after I got fed up of Hell," Kyle's eyes widened as he continued talking, "remember me? Damien?"

Kyle grinned, remembering when Damien had shot Pip into the sky. He and Stan had laughed for weeks, Cartman would've joined in with them but he had still been depressed over not getting his megaman or whatever toy he hadn't received. But as Kyle relived the short memory he had of Damien, he realized his thoughts were drifting more to how Stan had been entertained. He really needed to stop thinking about him, Stan didn't give a crap about Kyle as he hung out with other people.

"It's pretty hard to forget Satan's son, dude," Kyle said as he pocketed four of the cigarettes Damien handed him, and held out the other for him to light. As Kyle raised it to his lips, he immediately coughed. Damien caught on quickly that Kyle had never smoked before, to which he snickered.

"Don't like 'em? Don't worry, you can still brag to people you've smoked," Damien teased innocently at Kyle's repulsed face. Still, Kyle tried again to see if it was any better the second time.

"It's just – different,"Kyle said with a slight nod, but decided to not look like an idiot next to Damien so he acted like they weren't bothering him. "So – er – how've you been?" Kyle wasn't entirely sure if he wanted an answer, after all, he'd pretty much just said he'd spend the past seven years with his father in Hell, did he really want to know what that was like?

"Excellent, torturing sinners is quite fun... actually, anyone who isn't a Mormon," Damien looked at the startled expression on Kyle's face. "You're going to Hell when you die... after all you're Jewish, right?"

"Not on purpose...." Kyle said with a frown that made Damien laugh, which seemed unnatural. Damien just didn't seem like the kind of person that smiled or laughed at all on a regular basis.

"Doesn't matter. I don't know if you still hang out with that fat kid and the other two who are Christian, but they'll be going too. Only Mormons get into heaven, sorry to ruin your religious beliefs," Damien fought off another laugh at Kyle's alarmed expression.

"You have to be kidding me...."

"Hey, there's hawaiian party's in Hell, don't make it seem like it's so bad," scaring the crap out of people was way too easy when you knew what everyone feared. Or what no one would believe, which seemed to be the case with Kyle as he continued to stare at Damien like he was crazy. As the sky started to darken Damien smirked once more, "Hey, won't your mom be worried that you're still out this late?"

"I think she'd be more worried I'm talking to Satan's descendent," Kyle pointed out. "Whatever, I don't care what she thinks, but I need to talk to Stan, so I guess I should be going." Grateful for a reason to finally put the cigarette out, he stomped on it with his shoe.

"Of course that's where you're going," Damien winked with another mischievous grin. "Bye Kyle."

Kyle thought better of protesting, he didn't really want to be turned into a living firework at the moment, "Nice running into you again Damien. Are you going to be staying here for a while?"

"Yeah, for now at least, so I guess I'll see you later."

"Yeah... bye," Kyle turned, still surprised to have seen Damien again, to head off to see Stan and finally try to figure out what was going on with him.