A/N: Okay, I just want to say this, I do not believe gays go to Hell. It just... happened to work in my story. This is the final chapter in my story, I'm sorry if it's rushed... this is the first fanfiction I've ever completed that wasn't a one-shot. I tried my best, dammit!

Final Farewell


Complete and utter shock.

Everyone and everything seemed blurred through Kyle's eyes as he slowly made his way to class where Stan was looking curiously at him. True, Kyle hadn't been friends with Pip, but they'd known each other practically all their lives, it just seemed so... empty without him.

"Kyle, what was it you wanted to talk to me about?" Stan asked as Kyle sat down next to him, trying to ignore the spaced-out look on his best friend's face.

"I... never... never mind," Kyle said slowly, staring blankly at the blackboard, wondering what had driven Pip to such an action....

But then it hit him, and a soft smile replaced the look he'd previously been wearing.

'Do gays go to Hell?'

Of course, why had it taken him more than a second to realize it? Pip had killed himself to go be with Damien again.... As the son of Satan, where else would Damien have gone to? Kyle relaxed a tiny bit, even though his world seemed more empty without the British kid there, Pip would be spending all eternity...

...with the one he loved.

By the end of the school day everyone in school had found out about Pip's death. While Kyle thought Pip would be much happier with Damien than living in South Park, he still was beating the shit out of anyone that made a crack about how they were happy he was gone. The funeral was to take place that evening, and Kyle wondered distantly if many people would be there....

He was going, and was planning to drag Stan along with him, it was only right they paid their respects to him.

"But Kyle... we were always so horrible to him," Stan had protested quietly the instant Kyle had told this to him.

"Wouldn't it be better if he left this world on good terms with us?" Kyle pressed gently, he thought Pip deserved it... Pip was always so nice even when they were picking on him. Why do the nice kids always get royally screwed over?

"I wonder what the last thing I said to him was...?" Stan said suddenly, a horribly guilty look on his face. Kyle looked at that guilty expression and couldn't help but be grateful that he hadn't been mean to Pip when they last spoke....

"Don't worry about it, Stan... but so you will go to his funeral, right?"

"Yeah... yeah, I will."

All through the funeral Kyle kept repeating to himself, 'He's happy now.' There was something weird about how you could never have gotten along with someone, but still be sad when they were gone. There weren't many people there, as he had rather expected, but Butters was sitting next to him, crying silently.

People said such nice things about Pip at his funeral... saying how they were sad he was gone... if only they knew how much better off he was. The funeral was open casket, so he made his way when almost everyone else had cleared out to see for the final time the British boy he'd never been fair to.

"Hey, Pip..." Kyle said softly, quite aware Pip couldn't hear him. "Keep Damien happy, okay? Don't let him get away with any crap down there.... I know you deserved to go to Heaven, but you like this better, don't you? I'm sorry for everything I put you through, I hope you can forgive me. Have a happy afterlife...."

With that, Kyle turned and made his way out of the building, Stan following him.

It was a silent walk home, Kyle could think of nothing to say to Stan, and Stan didn't seem to want to speak, either. At long last Stan turned to go to his house, and Kyle finally made his way to his, where his parents were at the door waiting for him.

"Kyle... you've been so preoccupied lately, we'd never got a chance to give you... this," Mr. Broflovski handed Kyle an envelope, which Kyle couldn't help but look at curiously. "I don't know what it is, but it was slid under our door yesterday."

Kyle nodded slowly, and made his way to his room before slitting open the letter.

You must be pretty mad at me, huh? Leaving without so much as a bye.... You were a good friend, Kyle, I'll be sure to visit next time I drop by your world. In the meantime, farewell, and I was in a rather rush to write this, Dad was getting mad and said we had to go... so I didn't get a chance to write Pip anything, could you tell him... that I love him? Thanks, Kyle.


"Tell him yourself," Kyle said with a slight grin as he finished reading the note Damien had left him. It was a big loss to not have Damien anymore, but he knew all along Damien would have to go sometime, and he'd be there waiting when he came back for another visit.

The next week passed in a sort of blur, everything in South Park seemed to change. He never had gotten the chance to tell Stan the truth about his asshole boyfriend, but he didn't need to, anyways, because when Kyle woke up on a Saturday morning, Stan was already sitting at the foot of his bed, waiting to talk.

"Dude, what're you doing here?" Kyle yelped, surprised to see his best friend there.

"I came to tell you that I broke up with Christophe," Stan said, fighting off a laugh at Kyle's shock.

"Oh, really? I'm sorry... why?" Kyle put on a fake look of sadness that Stan didn't buy for a minute.

"Don't act so upset, I know you hated him. But... whenever I was around him lately, I found myself thinking about someone else." Stan broke off, much to Kyle's irritation.

"And?" he pressed, daring to hope a little, and Stan couldn't fight off the laugh anymore.

"Well, I didn't want to be with anyone but..." Stan broke off again, and Kyle was very tempted to throw something at him.

"Stan, if you don't keep talking, I will hurt you."

"I only wanted to be with you, Kyle." Stan finished, looking embarrassed but he was smiling, and Kyle was more than eager to be a better boyfriend than Christophe ever was.

The End