Disclaimer: Like I'd own anything while writing on fanfiction.


by Raynin

poem name: Nothing

Red sky with black shadows.

I'll never escape

This prison.

I'll stay for eternity

Because she won't let me leave.


I will escape

This prison.

I don't know when,

Or how,

But I will.

Nobody can keep me prisoner for


The red sky rains blood,

This world I created for myself.

To pass time.

It's too late.

I'm crazy.

A hole appears for me to


I will escape this

False reality.

If it means killing myself

I will do it.

Nobody can stop me.

If they try they will

Be erased

From this world,

Or any.

My own conscious will


Nothing can stop it,


But myself.


A.N: This is the crazy rantings of the wired lain part of her from before the series began.

Hope you like it, though it may be a bit off. . . .

It is supposed to be changing its mind and going against itself, so don't blame me for this poem doubling back.