The Morning After

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Author: Saiya-jin Girl

Chapter ONE

Lights danced behind her eyes as she placed a hand upon her forehead. A curious sensation washed over her, one she had never felt before, one she was afraid of. A smile crept on her face and she continued dancing to the music, not caring how she danced, or who she danced with. She didn't care when he grabbed her around the waist and coaxed her out of the club and into a nearby motel. She didn't care when they kissed in the elevator. And she sure as hell didn't care when they made love all night. But she did care when she woke up the morning after…
Remus Lupin woke up to the sound of singing—terrible singing. He groaned and clamped his hands over his ears. How much longer he could take this torture he didn't know. He had been fired—again, and so here he was once more, living in a grotty old flat behind God's back.

"That's if there's even a God," he mumbled to himself. Swinging his legs over the side of the bed he sighed and made his way to the small, dingy bathroom. He looked at his reflection in the mirror and ran a hand through his brown hair. Brown hair flecked with gray.

Ever since he had graduated his hair had been the same way, always flecked with gray as a reminder of his nature, as a reminder of his troubles.

He took a deep breath and opened the water. After washing his face and brushing his teeth, he went back to the bedroom and changed. When he looked at the small window he saw a Daily Prophet perched on the windowsill. He walked over to the window and grabbed the paper. Despite his lack of funds, he always had a subscription to the paper; you never know when it could be useful, especially now when he needed a job.

He thumbed through the paper, seeing nothing interesting, just the normal nonsense that the Daily Prophet had. He went immediately to the classified section which was buzzing with job opportunities and things for sale. His eye was drawn to a small Ad at the bottom, in curvy handwriting that looked all too familiar to him.

--Babysitter and Personal Assistant wanted--

--Looking for a hardworking man or woman who will look after a young child--

--Also looking for that person to assist in office work and in household affairs--

--Payment will be discussed at interview—

He read the contact information and smiled to himself. It was none other than a young woman that he himself had taught at his days in Hogwarts. He ripped out the paper and stuffed it in his pocket. Grabbing his cloak and wand he apparated out of the little apartment and out into Diagon Alley.

Cries resonated throughout the entire house and the young woman sighed.

"Lizzy, don't cry dear, mummy is coming!" she said. She rose up from her desk and went into the other room where the little child sat on the ground and cried. Her big eyes were shining with tears and her little chubby cheeks were streaked with tears. "Shhh…don't cry," she said as she picked up the child.

She rocked her gently in her arms until her wails subsided. As she walked through the room rocking the baby in her arms, she caught a glimpse of herself in the mirror. Her hair was disheveled and her face looked weary.

No doubt about it, Hermione Granger was a wreck. She was twenty two, working, orphaned, and had a child. She sighed sadly and remembered that day…when she woke up and found herself in that room. She couldn't remember how she got there, but she found her clothing all over the place and then the horror of the situation had kicked in. She closed her eyes and cleared her mind. She didn't need to think of those things at this moment.

Her daughter, Elizabeth, was finally asleep; she placed her in the crib and looked at her. She was almost two years old, and she was an adorable child, but she was a lot of work. And then her job was demanding as well. She worked for the ministry and it was hard going back and forth from her job to her home, and so she managed to pull a few strings and she was able to work from her home using the wizard version of a computer. She had an entire office, stacked with books, and papers, and all sorts of things. She missed the company of working in an office, but sometimes, she was grateful for the solitude. She had placed an add in the paper a while ago, but she had received no response so far.

She sighed and went back into her office, when her doorbell rang. Wondering who it could be, she went to the door and peered through the hole. She saw no one. Cautiously opening the door she looked around.

"Hello?" she shouted. She was greeted by a familiar face.

"Hello Hermione," said the voice. She gaped.

"Professor Lupin!" she exclaimed. He smiled.

"The one and only,"

"But…how did you find me?" she asked. He smiled.

"I'm here for the job,"

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