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Oh, and note: The words I'm using, is Latin. But I don't speak Latin. Hell, it's all wrong, and it is most likely just jumble-mumble to you all Latin-folks, but hey, it sounds cool!!!!!!!! So just bare with me....please?


A legend of a stone; said to emit such power that it could bring kingdoms to ruins by just one word.

But the stone will only obey a warrior with a heart filled with a pure intention.

A mystery of a warrior; who wielded such a stone. Until a fateful day, when greed became corrupt and chaos ruled all.

A story of a kingdom; which fell to its knees, never again to rise up, but to forever live in fear. For one fateful day, greed for such power had armies come, and so, a war begun.

A myth of a place; hidden from view, to where the warrior hid the stone and where it lies ever since.

A place that only the warrior knows where. But his death was brought about before the secret was revealed.

And a shushed whisper of a spirit; said to walk the land, searching for a warrior with a heart of a pure intention...

Welcome to the Legend of the

Blue Wind of Destruction:

Caerulus Aurae.


'kay. That's all I have time for.

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And what?

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I told you. That's all I have time for!!!!! Besides, this is just the prologue. Deal with it.

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