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dream sequences

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They were sitting around the same table they had eaten lunch on, about three hours ago. Now, it had been cleared of food and instead, was covered with a huge map.

Raph was there as well, listening intently to what Caurus was telling them.

Caurus pointed to the map, explaining the plan.

"We will need to attack from behind the city." He said, pointing to a big red dot near a mountainous area. "Most of the city is protected by a huge shield, but the back of the city is not protected by it. They expect the mountains to shield them."

Caurus suddenly smiled. "This is the best thing about being underground. We can sneak underneath them." He paused. "We will distract them, while you sneak underneath them and save your brother. There is only one tunnel, which leads underneath the city, so you do not need a guide. The tunnel will open up in the castle, where Odium is."

Splinter nodded. "Thank you. We appreciate this."

Caurus waved it off. "It is nothing. We just wish to help."

"And we thank you for that."

Caurus, his army of about fifty men, Splinter, and the three turtles headed off into one of the tunnels.

Casey, much to his distaste, and April were left behind since this was a stealth operation and they weren't…well…ninjas.

Now, they were all silently trudging through the tunnel, only a small torch held by Caurus lighting their way.

By the ringing in their ears, they could tell that they were heading deeper underground. But no one complained. Not even Mikey.

Leo groaned as he opened his eyes. He was so tired!

Unconsciously, he fingered the stone, which shone a peaceful, yet tired, azure.

The huge, fancy doors swung open and Odium stepped inside. He grinned as he spied Leo.

"Ah! So you are awake! Did you have a joyful sleep?"

Leo didn't answer, only glared tiredly at him.

Odium sighed. "You are still resisting me? Boreus, the old fool, did as well and look how he ended up!" He chuckled, but he was the only one who found it funny.

Suddenly, he crouched down in front of Leo. "Show me."

Leo blinked as he looked at him through the transparent wall. "Wha?"

"Show me how to use the stone."

Leo suddenly smirked. "I can't."

Odium drew back quickly, as if he'd been slapped. "WHAT?" He thundered. "Why not?"

Leo just kept smiling. "Because you do not have the trait that allows it to listen to you."

Odium growled in anger. "Then tell me! I am able to learn!"

"You can't learn this trait. You can't learn any trait."

Odium gritted his teeth. "Then I will force the stone to listen to me!"

Leo glared at him, too tired to stand. "You cannot."

Odium suddenly grinned wickedly. "You do not know that." With that, he whirled around and stalked out.

Leo watched him go, knowing that he had won for now.

An hour had passed and finally the tunnel was leading upwards.

Then, suddenly, Caurus stopped. He hinted to the right of him. "There. There is the tunnel, which you must follow. It will lead you up. Good luck! May the Blue Wind shield you and the Gods protect you!"

Splinter and the three turtles bowed.

Then, Caurus and his army disappeared. Splinter and the others then turned and went down the small tunnel to the right.


Caurus peaked out of a hole, which appeared out of nowhere. He grinned. Magic came in handy at times!

He quickly climbed out of the hole, before hinting for the others to follow.

Within minutes the whole army was out and ready to attack.

Odium stomped down the hall, the red shard gleaming evilly around his neck. Then, suddenly there were footsteps behind him and a palace guard dressed in red appeared. He bowed low before Odium.

"My Lord, Caurus and an army of about fifty have been spotted near the mountain pass!"

Odium growled in anger. "Destroy them." He hissed, before whirling around and stomping back to where the prisoner was held.

The guard bowed low, muttering, "Yes sir!" before he turned and disappeared down the hall.

The tunnel was narrow, but wide enough to let them through comfortably.

As they kept going higher and higher, the tunnel was steadily getting lighter.

Then, suddenly, the tunnel ended and a hole appeared, leading up into a dark, empty hallway decorated by gothic carvings.

Mikey was the first to jump out, then Don, then Raph, and finally Splinter. The hole then shrank and disappeared.

Mikey blinked as he stared at the floor. "How're we supposed to leave?"

And with a shock, everyone realized that Caurus hadn't told them that.

"We will find a way, my son." Splinter said after a moment of silence. "Come, let us find Leonardo first."

Don nodded before taking out a small piece of paper with a sketch on it. Caurus had given it to him. "Caurus said that the dungeons are…that way!" Don exclaimed pointing down the hall.

"Then let's go!" Raph snapped.

Caurus and his army quickly found themselves facing a vast army of about nine hundred men, possibly more. However, in their haste, all the warriors were poorly equipped. Some were without armor, some without shields, while others were without weapons.

And because of this, Caurus and his army were winning, despite the vast difference in numbers.

Odium stomped back into the room, kicking the doors open.

Leo, who'd just managed to stand up, jumped in surprise.

"Your little friends are here to rescue you." Odium snapped, before grinning. "Too bad they'll never get here!" With that he snapped his fingers and immediately, the red shocks rained down onto Leo.

Leo let out a small cry in pain.

Odium kept on grinning. "If the stone won't let me use it freely, then I'll just have to force it to destroy!"

Just then, a dagger was hurled at Odium, who dodged it just in time.

There, in the doorway stood Raph, Don, Mikey and Splinter. Raph was holding another dagger, ready to hurl it. "Get away from him."

Odium smirked as he turned completely around to face the intruders. "Make me."

The red shocks by now had stopped, and Leo collapsed onto his knees, breathing hard.

Don drew his staff and Mikey took out his nunchuku's. Splinter readied his staff. Raph smirked back. "Don't worry…we will."

And they attacked.

Caurus let out a joyful whoop as they were beginning to force the other army into retreat.

The other army was slowly making its way back behind the walls of the castle, still trying to hold off the attacking army.

Caurus grinned as he felt victory in his grasp, but he refused to allow his army to go farther in.

"Go back to the city and tell all the people to evacuate or be destroyed." Caurus ordered to ten of his men, who bowed immediately and left. Caurus looked up at the castle.

He felt the stone shimmer with anger.

Odium had turned out to be an excellent fighter. Splinter was the only one who'd managed not to get any bruises or cuts or be thrown into the wall. But all of them were tiring fast.

Then, Raph threw one of his Sais at him; he'd already lost the second dagger.

Odium sidestepped, but the Sai cut the string that held the shard. The shard fell.

"NO!" Odium cried, as the shard shattered into a million tiny pieces as soon as it touched the ground.

The invisible wall, which held Leo, shimmered a violent red, before flickering and disappearing.

Leo grinned as he stood. "Thanks." He said to Raph. "Now get out of here!"

They looked at him as if he was crazy.

Leo chuckled and quickly told them. "The only reason I ran away to find the stone is because I know how to destroy it. But it will destroy everything around it as well. Now, get out of here!"

Don and Mikey nodded, before turning and running. Splinter looked at Leo for a second before he nodded as well and ran. Raph hesitated. "You'll be okay, bro? Don't do any hero stuff, 'kay?"

Leo blinked in surprise as he looked at Raph. Raph was looking at him with worry.

"Don't worry. I'll be fine."

Raph nodded hesitantly before running as well.

Leo turned back to Odium, who was watching confused. He hadn't heard anything that Leo had said.

"You're a fool."

Odium snapped his head up as he looked at Leo.

Leo's eyes were glowing an angry cerulean.

"You tried to force me to do something I did not wish to. You tried to create so much pain that I'll automatically destroy anything in sight. And that fake shard would harness the power and create a weapon to destroy your enemies. Is that right?"

Odium didn't say anything. Leo smirked, the stone around his neck was flashing.

"You can never control the stone. Your heart is filled with so much greed and evil intentions, that the stone refuses. Don't you know the legend? 'Only a warrior with a pure intention may use the stone'." Leo quoted, before smiling. "And that pure intention is something called 'Love'. Your heart is so filled with hate that you have forgotten to see the beauty of the world. You have forgotten how to love every little thing. And for that, you must pay."

Leo smiled before closing his eyes. "'Nobis Aalus.'"

The stone froze before slowly beginning to crack into pieces too small to be seen by the human eye. Then, there was a huge explosion of indigo light that blasted Leo and Odium back into opposite walls, and which completely annihilated the stone.

They were running down the hall as fast as they could, when there was a huge flash of indigo light all around them.

Mikey stopped. "What was that?" He asked.

Don shook his head. "I don't know…but we'd better get outta here! I have a real bad feeling…"

Just then, the walls began to crack.

Everyone fell silent, as there was a huge flash of indigo light.

No one said a word as the wind suddenly began to howl, whirling around the castle, picking and hurling loose rocks.

Then, there was a slow rumbling sound, as the castle began to crack apart.

Caurus was the first to jump into action. "RUN!" He bellowed, as he turned and fled.

The wind, now a blowing at a rate of a hurricane, was hurling huge chunks of rock at them now.

They stared up at the wall in horror, before beginning to run again.

Just then, the roof began to collapse, and huge pieces of rock began to rain down upon them.


"SHUT UP AND KEEP RUNNIN'!" Raph yelled back, covering his head with his arms.

Just then, the wall in front of them collapsed, creating a huge hole that led outside.

Letting out a sigh of relief, Don jumped outside, quickly being followed by the others.

Outside, they were greeted with a hurricane like wind, which was whirling around them, hurling huge rocks.

Without another moment's hesitation, all of them fled out of the city as fast as they could, heading to the mountains.

Caurus stopped when they reached the outskirts of the city. Looking back, he saw that the whole city was collapsing, being destroyed by the wind.

His eyes widened as he saw the castle collapsing. "No…" he whispered, realizing that the off-worlders were still in there. Just then, his eyes caught sight of four distant figures scrambling out of the city. He let out a sigh of relief. They were safe.

They caught sight of Caurus standing, waiting for them near a mountain pass. They quickly reached him, before looking behind them.

"Wow…." Mikey exclaimed as the once-grand city stretching for miles and miles was reduced to nothing but rubble in just a few minutes.

"I get what you mean by 'civilizations crumbled before the power of the Blue Wind.'" Don said in awe.

Caurus nodded, before he blinked. "Where is the warrior?" He asked, looking around.

Don, Mikey, and Raph all froze. "LEO!" They exclaimed, before running back to the rubble.

By now, the wind was slowly calming. The huge rocks it had lifted now dropped down to the earth.

The indigo light, too, receded into nothingness.

Caurus, who was running after the off-worlders, stopped, gasping for breath.

Don stopped. "What's wrong?"

Caurus suddenly smiled. "The air…it's so heavy!"

Raph and Mikey exchanged glances. "Are you okay?"

Caurus laughed. "When the stone was with us, the air was so light because the stone provided the air. Now, the air's so heavy! It isn't purified anymore! Which means that-"

"The stone is destroyed!" Don finished in awe. "But how'd Leo—"

"Who cares?" Raph snapped. "We need to find Leo first!"

Caurus nodded, sinking down to his knees. "Go, I'll stay here…the air's so strange…"

Splinter looked at his sons. "I will stay and take care of him. Go find Leonardo."

The three nodded, before rushing back towards the city.



There was nothing but rubble that stretched for miles and miles.

"Wow…" Don whispered, "That stone is…was…really something…No wonder that Odium guy wanted it…"

Raph gritted his teeth as he scanned the place. "Stupid Leo! I told him not to do anything heroic!"

Don looked at Raph before opening his mouth to say something, when a cry from Mikey stopped him.


They quickly rushed over to find Mikey lifting a huge slab of rock off of Leo.

Raph gasped. "Is he?"

Don quickly knelt beside his fallen brother, checking for a pulse. He sighed in relief. "No. Just knocked out."

Raph let out a sigh of relief as he knelt beside Don. "Is he hurt?"

Don shook his head, looking surprised. "No. Just a small bump on his head, but nothing else. Weird."

"Hey guys!" Mikey picked up a leather string. "Look!"

They immediately recognized it as the string that held the stone. But now, it was torn in two, and the stone was gone.

They had carried Leo back to Splinter and Caurus, who'd managed to get used to the new air…at least a little.

Caurus immediately ordered his men (who were also breathing hard) to carry Leo back down to Aether.

There, they had placed Leo onto a bed. Don had checked Leo over again, just to make sure that he was really okay, while the others told Casey and April what had happened.

Meanwhile, Caurus had gathered everyone together, from the city of Aether and from the (destroyed) city of Rutilus. Then, he'd made a peace agreement with the people of Rutilus, whom were more than happy to be ruled by someone who was kind and who wasn't interested in wars.

Afterwards, the people of Aether began to move back up to the surface and there they began to help the people of Rutilus begin to build another capital, which they'd decided to name Concordia.

The building went fast, because both sides knew how to use magic. Therefore, in just five days, the whole city was almost finished.

This had started about a week ago, but Leo still had not woken up. Finally, Raph and Mikey had carried him up to the new residence in Concordia, which Caurus had built just for them.

(three days later)

Don sighed as he walked down the hallway leading to Leo's room. Leo was still not awake, and no matter what they did, he would not wake. They were starting to become worried that he may never wake up…

Just then, he heard something crash in Leo's room. Running over, he opened the door, to see a cup shattered on the floor, and Leo sitting up in bed looking at the cup confused.

"LEO!" Don cried, starting to rush to his brother. "You're awake!"

Leo looked up at him with a blank expression, before saying something that made Don freeze in his tracks.

"Who are you?"

Alright people! That's it!

………(sees evil glares)


Erm…Tune in for the sequel! Yeah! The sequel! It's going to be called "Caerulus Aurae: Corruption Equals Destruction"… SO DON'T KILL ME!