"Desert Rose" by silverfoxkitsune

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Everything was dark. Akila ran as fast as she could. She didn't know why, but a sense of overwhelming terror surrounded her. Bounding forward, she glanced over her shoulder and crashed straight into something. She looked up and stared into lavender eyes. She tried to scream but nothing came out, as if her throat was being squeezed tight. Someone grabbed her wrist and started to pull her deeper into the shadows.


"Ouch!!!" Akila opened her eyes. She was lying on the floor of her bedroom, her alarm above her ringing on her bedside table. She must've fallen out of bed. Sighing, she got up and looked at the clock. 8:20 A.M.!!! She was going to be late for school!!! Not on her first day to attend!!!

She hurriedly made her bed and put her school uniform on, then rushed downstairs. Her adopted parents sat at the table, both of them drinking coffee and reading the newspaper. Her mother looked up as Akila appeared from upstairs, hopping on one foot to put her shoe on, and smiled. Akila quickly poured herself some cereal and orange juice.

"Mom!!! Why didn't you wake me up????"

"I told you to reset your alarm clock," said Akila's mother, wagging a finger at her.

Akila sighed and gulped down her breakfast. Grabbing her backpack, she shot out the front door, her parents calling behind her, "Have a nice day at school!"

Akila raced down the middle of the street, not caring if cars honked at her or passer-bys stared. Her new high school wasn't far away. If she hurried, she'd make it on time. She put on an extra burst of speed.

Soon, Domino High loomed above her. Darting up the street and onto the school grounds, she burst through the front double doors. She desperately looked for room 330. 8:33!!! Two more minutes left!!! Akila bolted down the hall, finally finding her room. She threw open the door and sat down just as the bell rang.

Akila sighed in relief as the teacher, Ms. Tynamie walked in. "Settle down class!!! Time to take role!!! Bakura, Ryou!"


"Devlin, Duke!"


"Motou, Yugi!"


"Taylor, Tristan!"

"Who, me? I'm here!"

"Wheeler, Joseph!"

"That's Joey!!!!!"

"Yes, Joseph, we all know that. Now, class, we'd like to welcome a new student. Akila Stanford, please come forward."

Akila stepped forward, blushing. "Class this is Akila. She's just moved here from Egypt, so let's make her feel like she's at home."

Suddenly, someone started laughing really hard, which set the whole class sniggering. "Excuse me Ms. Stanford, but your uniform is inside-out." Akila blushed so hard she went as red as a tomato.

Ms. Tynamie permitted Akila to go to the bathroom to fix her skirt. Akila dashed to the bathroom, rushing into a stall and fixing her uniform.

"How could I have been such an idiot? On my first day too!!!" thought Akila washing her hands and looking into the bathroom mirror.

"Ummm. . .excuse me." Akila heard a voice behind her. She spun around to face a girl around her age, with brown hair and blue eyes. "Hi, my name's Tea," said the girl. "I think you were really brave to stand up in front of the class like that."

"Well. . .thanks. . .Tea," said Akila.

"Come on, Akila, I wanna show you to my friends!" said Tea, grabbing Akila's hand and pulling her out of the bathroom and down the hall.

"Ummmm, ok. . ." said Akila, sweatdropping as she was lead down the hall. Tea led Akila to where a group of boys were lounging, waiting for their next classes to begin.

One boy who had blond hair was strutting around and flapping his arms like a chicken. "So, good imitation of Kaiba, eh?" The other boys laughed as the boy continued his charade.

"Hi guys!" said Tea as she walked up to them with Akila.

"Hi, Tea," said a boy with yellow and red spiked hair. "Who's that?"

"Everyone this is Akila. She just moved here from Egypt," announced Tea.

"Hey you're the one who had the 'accident' this morning!!!" cried the blond haired boy.

"Don't mind Joey," said Tea, elbowing Joey in the side. "This is Ryou Bakura. Just call him Bakura." A boy with white hair and brown eyes waved at Akila. "This is Duke Devlin and Tristan Taylor." Two boys came forward, one with brown hair and the other with black hair and green eyes.

"Hi," they said at the same time, extending their hands. Turning, they yelled at each other. "Hey I saw her first! "No, I did! "I did!" "Man, when ever I see a pretty girl you're always flirting!" "Look who's talking. . ."

Tea and Akila turned to the boy with spiked hair. "And this," said Tea, "Is Yugi Motou."

"Hi Akila," said Yugi warmly.

"Nice to meet you, Yugi," replied Akila, shaking Yugi's hand.

"So you just moved here from Egypt? Do you know anything about duel monsters?" asked Yugi, smiling.

"DUEL MONSTERS! I LOVE THAT GAME!!!" screamed Akila, covering her mouth with her hand as everyone turned to look at her. "Erm. . .sorry. . .yes, I know the game. I used to play it a lot back in Egypt," said Akila blushing a little.

"Great!" exclaimed Yugi, "We were all gonna go over to my house and play duel monsters, tonight, and you're welcome to come!"

"Wow, sure! I'll come!!!"

"All right, another person I can duel!" cried Joey happily.

"Or another person who can kick your butt in a duel. . ." muttered Duke.

"Say what?!" said Joey just as the bell rang, warning them to get to their next classes.

"Ok, Akila, meet us at the front of the school when school's out, ok?!" called Yugi as he walked away with his friends.

"Ok!!!!!!' cried Akila waving to them as she headed down the hall.

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