Author's Note: I've finally done it. I'm supporting the poor Inuyasha cast to the worst of any humiliation! Interviews! We'll be interrogating Inuyasha, Kagome, Miroku, Sango, Sesshomaru, Rin and Jaken. Probably in that order. But I need help with questions! This first interview was done with questions a few of my friends gave me. In the next chapters however the readers get to send them! You can leave questions for any of the above characters in reviews and/or emails at any time before the character's interview is actually posted. O.O Please help or I will be forced to use my friends repetitive and horrifying inquiries again!

Welcome everyone! To the Inuyasha Interviews. With today's guest...Inuyasha!

Inuyasha: ::looks around:: What the hell?

Morgan: ::Appears out of no where:: Over here!

Inuyasha: ::sniffs at the air:: What are you!? How did I get here!?

Morgan: I'm a human. What else would I be?

Inuyasha: Humans can't appear out of nowhere

Morgan: Well I can. Today is your lucky day Inu-chan! I get to interview you!

Inuyasha: .....interview?

Morgan: I get to ask you questions and you get to answer them!

Inuyasha: ::glares:: Why should I?

Morgan: You don't have a choice. If you don't I'll trap you here along with a horde of 15 year old otaku girls with rope, press on fingernails, and lip gloss.

Inuyasha: ......

Morgan: Exactly! So let's get started shall we? This first letter is from my friend Robin! The all time number one question we wanna know....Kikyou or Kagome.

Inuyasha: .....What am I suppose to do?

Morgan: Answer the question!

Inuyasha: Geez, that's hard. What if Kikyou reads this?

Morgan: Well I don't think Kikyou can read English and wait....if you're worried about Kikyou does that mean you choose Kagome

Inuyasha: I can't say. It's a really tough decision.

Morgan: Come one! Of course you can. Come on Inu-chan!

Inuyasha: I ain't answering that question!

Morgan: ::sighs:: Fine. Be a baby. But it'll come up again. The next question is from Cam. How old are you?

Inuyasha: 16. That was easy.

Morgan: And the years stuck to the sacred tree don't count huh?

Inuyasha: Of course not. I was asleep.

Morgan: Uh-huh ::glances away:: dirty old man

Inuyasha: What!?

Morgan: Nothing! This next one is from Kimy. Oh my. This is a long one. Do you like Kagome? Do you like Kagome or Kikyo? Do you like Sango as a friend? Do you love Kagome? Do you think that you will beat Naraku? Do you want to marry Kagome? Do you want to marry Kikyo? Do you want to live with Kagome? Do you want to beat your brother? Do you want to be human? Do you want to be all demon?

Inuyasha: I have to answer all those?

Morgan: If you didn't already. Lets start with this one. Do you like Sango as a friend?

Inuyasha: Yea, she's my friend I guess.

Morgan: Do you think you'll beat Naraku?

Inuyasha: Oh course I will! Ain't no way Naraku can beat me.

Morgan: But what if Kagome or Miroku beats him?

Inuyasha: ::snorts:: Like that'll happen.

Morgan: And what's that suppose to mean? Don't you have any faith in your girl friend?

Inuyasha: No! It's not like that.

Morgan: Sure it's not! Just wait till I tell her. You're gonna be in so much trouble.

Inuyasha: No don't! Wait a second.....girlfriend!?

Morgan: Okay moving on! This is from Alice. Do you love Kagome?

Inuyasha: I'm not answering that one either.

Morgan: Come oooon

Inuyasha: No!

Morgan: Do you at least like her?

Inuyasha: ...I suppose I like her

Morgan: Kagome or Fried rice?

Inuyasha: Kagome

Morgan: Kagome or Ramen

Inuyasha: Kagome

Morgan: Kagome or The Most beautiful woman in the world

Inuyasha: Kagome

Morgan: ::glances around the grins evilly:: Kagome or a bl-

Inuyasha: KAGOME!!!

Morgan: Okay! Okay! Next question is from Robin again. Would you marry Kagome?

Inuyasha: Geez, what's with all the Kagome questions?

Morgan: Told you there would be more.

Inuyasha: I don't know...I hadn't given it much thought.

Morgan: Stubborn.

Inuyasha: ::glares::

Morgan: This question is from my mini me Morgan Jr. - If you could change one thing about Kagome what would it be?

Inuyasha: ::grins:: it's about time someone asked me this! Well first of all she could stop flirting with Kouga.

Morgan: She doesn't flirt with him!

Inuyasha: She does too! And she could change her clothes, they're two short. And she snores. And I she could stop 'sitting' me. And-

Morgan: Alright alright! She said ONE thing! This question is also from Mini me. Do you still want to become a demon even after all the darkness you've seen the jewel create?

Inuyasha: I suppose I haven't really thought about it too much. I don't think I will

Morgan: Aw. Inuyasha is maturing.

Inuyasha: What's that suppose to mean!?

Morgan: Oh nothing. This is from My friend's friend Sarah. How many episodes are there?

Inuyasha: Wha?

Morgan: Don't worry Inu-chan. As of recently there are 161 or 162 episodes. The series is suppose to be ending in Japan this September though. Okay! And this is from Kerrie. Can I marry you?

Inuyasha: .......Wha!?

Morgan: It's not me asking! It's her!

Inuyasha: I don't even know her!!

Morgan: I guess that's a no Ker.

Inuyasha: Wait a second! If I don't know these do they know about me!?

Morgan: Oh yea. As to're a T.V. show.

Inuyasha: T....V... You mean the weird black box in Kagome's house

Morgan: Yep! And you're being watched on it by millions and millions of obsessive people. Congrats!

Inuyasha: ::looks dazed::

Morgan: Inu-cha? Inu-chan!? ::pokes him and gets no response:: Well Inuyasha's out of commission folks! Join us next time when we kidnap and force Kagome to answer questions! Bye!