Morgan: Welcome to Part Seven of Inuyasha Interviews!

Kagome: When is this going to end?

Morgan: Who knows? So lets go straight to ;:snaps and the letter bag of doom appears;: The questions. This first question is from yusukelover13. Miroku: Can I bear your child? Please? Or marry you? Sango: Besides Miroku, you're my favorite character, so don't get jealous if he says yes, ok! Inuyasha: I'll give you ramen if you kiss Kagome! Kagome: If he doesn't kiss you, SIT him! Sesshy: Um...I don't like you very much. So I don't have a question for you. Rin: You are so Kawaii!

Miroku: So who is this young lady?

Sango: ;:growls;:

Miroku: ;:sweat-drops;: I mean...of course not. I would never dream of accepting such an offer. ;:sighs dejectedly;:

Morgan: You are so whipped. Inuyasha, if you kiss Kagome you get Ramen.

Inuyasha: What's with all this people telling me to kiss Kagome?

Morgan: I dunno. We crave fan service I guess.

Inuyasha: I'm not kissing her infront of all these strangers!

Morgan:'d kiss her if you were alone?

Inuyasha: I...She...That's none of your bussiness.

Morgan: Kagome?

Kagome: ;:blushes and turns away;: He can do what he wants.

Morgan: Oh my. Well I guess we'll just go on then's some cookies for Rin and...a confession of dislike for Sesshomaru.

Sesshomaru: ;:glowers;:

Morgan: It's not from me! It's from her! ;:hands Rin the cookies;:

Rin: Thank you!

Morgan: Kawaii! Okay, this question is from Hououza and it's!

Inuyasha: What's so interesting about you?

Morgan: You know what... ;:grins evilly;: Heel

Inuyasha: Wha- ack! ;:slams into the wall;:

Miroku, Kagome, and Sango: ;:sweat drop;:

Morgan: Heh, heh. Forgot I could do that now. Okay then, my question. Morgan, where did you come up with the idea for this series? Actually, it was because of this project we had to do in school which involved doing a talk show with the characters from the novel we'd just read.

Kagome: What novel?

Morgan: Lord of the Flies

Kagome: Oh I read that!

Sango: ;:looks at Miroku;: Lord of the flies?

Miroku: I haven't heard of it either.

Morgan: I hated that book! I think all those little boys needed a long time out! Give me Jane Eyre or The Golden Compass or A Game of Thrones any day. But, we are not here to discuss my literary preferences. We are here to delve into the private lives of you guys! So lets move on to the next question.

Sango: Do you get the feeling she's very quick to make us reveal everything but doesn't herself?

Inuyasha: I get it.

Morgan: This next question is from KarmaDreamz. Miroku: Will you marry me? Haha. You're so cute! Sango: Do you ever think your too macho? I mean like...god. Take the groping as a compliment! Means he likes you! Kind of a perverted way of showing it...but still! Inu Yasha: You two-timing...I mean. What's the point of being in love with a dead person? I know you still have feelings for her...but it's CREEPY! My question for you is will you marry Kagome right there, right now? Sesshomaru: C'mon you have the bad boy thing working for you, it's great! But is it true that your allergic to chocolate? Rin: You want to be forever and ever with Sesshy baby right? But when you were alone with Kohaku did you have any feelings for him? Or was the whole him trying to kill you a turn off? Kagome: You watch televison before you had to go back and forth to be with Inu Yasha right? What was your favorite televison show? Morgan: Who do you think is more Kawaii? Shippo or Rin? Jaken: Try'll freshen up your breath! But is it true you love Rin as a mother? Jack Sparrow: Will YOU marry me?

Miroku: Ah, how can I dissapoint a young lady?

Sango: ;:glower;:

Miroku: But of course I must! Heh, heh

Morgan: Whipped. Okay Sango, she thinks your macho

Sango: I-

Miroku: Nonesense! ;:steps up beside Sango;: Sango is a delicate and lovely flower.

Sango: ;:blushes;: Houshi-sama

Kagome: Ow! ;:glares at Inuyasha;: Why can't you say things like that?

Inuyasha: Wha?

Miroku: ;:gropes Sango;:

Sango: ;:growls and hits him with the hiraikotsu;:

Kagome: Nevermind

Morgan: So Inuyasha, will you marry Kagome?

Inuyasha: MARRY HER? I'm not marrying her!

Kagome: Inuyasha, sit

Morgan: You know you should just start doing that automatically from now on whenever a question like that comes up. Just to cut out the middle stuff. But while we're on you anyway Kagome, what's your favorite t.v. show.

Kagome: Um...I guess I like game shows.


Kagome: ;:nods;: I just think they're fun to watch.

Morgan: O...kay then. Sesshy, are you allergic to chocolate?

Sesshomaru: Chocolate?

Morgan: Oh right, you probably don't know what chocolate is. ;:snaps and a box of chocolates appears;: Here you go!

Sesshomaru: ;:eyes box;:

Morgan: Is there a problem?

Sesshomaru: What is in there?

Morgan: It's candy! Why would I pet anything in it? Are you saying you don't trust me.

Sesshomaru: ;:lifts an eyebrow;:

Morgan: I'm hurt...I'm offended...I...I ;:bursts into tears;:

Sesshomaru: ;:takes chocolate and eats it;: ...

Morgan: ;:tears dissapear;: Well I guess your not allergic.

Sesshomaru: ;:reaches out to take another;:

Morgan: ;:jerks box back;: No, no. These are mine. Okay Rin-chan, how do you feel about Kohaku?

Rin: ;:blushes;: Rin...Rin likes Kohaku. And wants to be his friend.

Morgan: Aw. Young love. Okay the next question is mine. Um...I think Rin. You can't beat that third person thing. Alright Jaken, do you love Rin as a mother?

Jaken: Of course not! She's no more then a human brat.

Rin: Master Jaken?

Jaken: ;:turns away;: However it is my responsibility to protect her so I do not want her to get hurt.

Rin: ;:giggles;:

Morgan: You people have feelings issues. Alright the next ques-

Sango: Wait a second. Wasn't there a question for that Jordan Depth person?

Morgan: Johnny...Depp. ;:scans letter;: Oh you're right. Wha? No! Johnny Depp is mine! Mine!

Sesshomaru: You will stop your discussion of the human man.

Morgan: You just don't like him cuz he made fun of your fluff.

Sesshomaru: ;:glares;:

Morgan: Never mind, never mind. Okay, this next question is from Oo.Summers.oO. Sesshomaru: Why are you such a cold-hearted egotistical power hungry individual? Would it kill you for two seconds to show some emotion? You know you aren't that big n' tough. I could take you down any day. Besides you are only like foot tall on my TV screen. I say bring it on Fluffy! Inuyasha: Can I touch your ears? Will you marry me? Kagome: Is there anyone else in your time that you like? Sango: Kudos to you girl! Oh if Kirara had kittens can I have one? Miroku: What would you do if Sango decided to marry another man and bear his children? Ooh, Sesshy, I think your being called out.

Sesshomaru: I have no intention of fighting this human.

Morgan: Scared?

Sesshomaru: ;:growls, cracking a hand;:

Morgan: Ah well, doesn't matter anyway. Can't go anywhere until we finish the interviews! Oh goodness, Inuyasha got another marriage proposal.

Inuyasha: What are you so shocked for?

Morgan: Are you going to say yes?

Inuyasha: I...of course not!

Morgan: Well then you shouldn't care, should you. So Kagome, do you have a crush on anyone back in our time?

Kagome: Not really. Besides I barely home anyway.

Morgan: True. Okay Sango, she wants to know if she could have one of Kirara's kittens if she has them.

Sango: Well I don't know. I wouldn't want to take Kirara's kittens away from her when they're young. But once their old enough I suppose, if it's alright with Kirara.

Morgan: I want one too!

Sango: Erm...

Morgan: So what would you do is Sango married another guy, Miroku.

Miroku: I would wish her the best of happiness.

Sango: ;:glances at Miroku then looks away:

Morgan: You know, sometimes your very insightful Miroku-kun. Alright, this next question is from LHTZS0114. Sesshomaru: I think you're starting to like Morgan. Do you? An as hot as you are I always thought you are cold harted creep. No wait Inu's the creepy one, clay pot loving creep. Sango: Accept the gropping just once, I'm sure it Miroku wont dare to go any further. Miroku: If you know Sango's gonna keep beating you with her boomerang thing Why do you keep groping her? Have you ever tried romancing her without the groping? Ohh and know the perfect kinda music for you; Reggaeton, it's Puerto Rican and it involves a lot of touching. Wont go into more details, Rin's probably there. Kagome: Since Inuyasha is such a creep you should just give yourself a break from him and date other guys. I'm sure you could find hotter guys and nicer guys than him. Inuyasha: I'm starting to hate you. You sometimes call Kagome stupid when you're the stupid one. And you love Kikyo, puhlease she's dead and so depressive. Sometimes I wish I could just get into the TV and kill her myself. Morgan: Please sit Sesshomaru 3 times. Or at least 2. Oh and I loved that combination of Miroku, Inuyasha, and Sesshomaru.

Sesshomaru: I hold no affection for the wench.

Morgan: What? Number one, I am not a wench and number two, you adore me. Admit it!

Sesshomaru: ;:lifts an eyebrow;:

Morgan: Sesshomaru, sit.

Sesshomaru: ;:snarls as he hits the ground;:

All except Rin and Sesshomaru: ;:sweat drop;:

Miroku: Did that seem...familiar to you?

Sango: Now that you mention it...

Morgan: Alright Sango, why don't you just accept Miroku's groping?

Sango: ;:glares;:

Morgan: Don't give me that. It's not my question! Okay Miroku, why don't you try romancing Sango instead of groping her since it get's you pummeled anyway.

Miroku: I am merely attempting to make my intentions known. My hand seems to have a mind of it's own.

Morgan: Uh-huh. And I'd tell you just where that mind is but Rin is here.

Rin: Rin doesn't understand.

Morgan: And we're going to keep it that way, dear. So Kagome, why don't you break up with Inuyasha, whom she doesn't like by the way.

Kagome: Break...break up? But we're not even going out!

Morgan: Yes you are!

Kagome: But we're not!

Morgan: You spend all day and night with him. He rescues you from other guys. He gets violently jealous, you keep him and your friends apart, and he's unaware of your emotions and instead focuses on only his own. Kagome...your dating.

Kagome: ;:sweat drop;:

Morgan: Righty then. And the last part is...for me to sit Sesshomaru.

Sesshomaru: ;:glares;: You will not.

Morgan: Just once more. We can't disappoint fans.

Sesshomaru: Wench...

Morgan: Sit.

Sesshomaru: ;:hits the ground;:

Morgan: See? That wasn't so bad.

Sesshomaru: ;:growls;: Morgan.

Morgan: And we're back to using my name again! The sit was good for you!

Sesshomaru: ;:hits the ground again;:

Morgan: Oops! That was totally a mistake! Heh...heh... On to the next question! This one's from DestinyManifested and it's for Sesshy and Sango. What do you think about the fics where you two are together?

Sango, Miroku, Kagome, and Inuyasha: Sango and Sesshomaru?

Sesshomaru: They will stop linking my name with that of the monk's wench.

Morgan: Why do all girls have to be some guy's wench?

Sesshomaru: It's what they are.

Morgan: Uh-huh...Who's wench is Rin?

Sesshomaru: ...

Morgan: Exactly! Moving right along. This question is from Inu-and-Kags. Inuyasha: WHY CAN'T YOU JUST FORGET YOUR STUPID WAYS AND ADMIT YOU LIKE KAGOME! Kagome: Do you enjoy sitting Inuyasha? It sounds like fun.

Inuyasha: Mind your own business!

Morgan: heel

Inuyasha: ;:hits the wall;:

Morgan: No screaming at the readers. Okay, Kagome, do you enjoy sitting Inuyasha?

Kagome: Well...I wouldn't sit him if he just would stop being such a jerk sometimes!

Morgan: Understandable. This next question is from Yautja Jedi Marine. Sesshomaru: You think humans are weak? Dude, I've got two words for you: Jet Li. Inuyasha: Kikyo is and undead sadist who wants to drag you to hell, and Kagome is a sweet young girl who loves you. Tell me again why you being such a flip-flop? Miroku: Do the words 'Vow of Chastity' mean anything to you? Rin: Could you do me a favor and talk some sense into Sesshomaru? Jaken: Are you a Kappa or a Toad? Kagome: How do you keep the mosquitoes from biting your legs in the feudal era? Sango: Could a hanyou ever be a demon slayer?

Sesshomaru: Who is this Jet Li, person?

Morgan: He's a movie star who does his own stunts.

Sesshomaru: Another human, of no concern.

Morgan: Well I dunno. He's really good...but I suppose you do still have that light whip thingy. Okay Inuyasha, why are you flip flopping.

Inuyasha: Feh! I'm not talking about this.

Morgan: You're a very stubborn individual. Okay Miroku...well the answer to this question is obvious. No.

Miroku: Vow of chastity?

Sango, Kagome, and Morgan: ;:sweat drop;:

Morgan: Right. Alright Rin, I'd ask you your question but I don't think Sesshomaru would understand sense if it painted itself blue and danced naked on his boa.

Sesshomaru: Are you implying something, wench?

Morgan: Of course not. Would I do that? Of course not! So Jaken, are you a kappa or a toad?

Jaken: I am neither! How dare you associate me with a common water demon or filthy-

Morgan: ;:snaps and the muzzle appears yet again;: All we needed was a simple no. Okay Kagome, how do you keep the bugs at bay?

Kagome: Um...we'll I bring bug spray with me from home.

Morgan: Well, that makes sense. And Sango, could a hanyou ever be a demon slayer?

Sango: I suppose it wouldn't be unheard of, if they wanted to.

Morgan: Okay. This next question is from The Huntress. Inuyasha: How do you think your father would feel about you fighting Sesshomaru? Sesshomaru: Ha! You do like Morgan, don't you? I dare you to kiss her!

Inuyasha: What do you mean how my father would feel?

Morgan: Well you have to admit I don't think he wanted his sons fighting each other.

Sesshomaru: Our father's wishes no long are an issue.

Morgan: Trying to win sons of the year, are we?

Sesshomaru & Inuyasha: ;:glare;:

Morgan: Just joking. Well that's all the time we have for today. Join us next-

Kagome: Wait a second! There was another question!

Morgan: No there wasn't.

Sango: Kagome's right. There was a second part of the letter.

Miroku: Indeed, it was for Sesshomaru I believe.

Morgan: I don't know what your talking about.

Kagome: ;:snatches letter from Morgan;:

Morgan: Wha? Give that back!

Kagome: ;:reads letter then start giggling;:

Sango: What's so funny Kagome?

Kagome: ;:hands Sango the letter;:

Morgan: Wait, wait!

Sango: Oh my.

Miroku: What is it?

Kagome: She's daring Sesshomaru to kiss Morgan.

All: ;:look at Sesshomaru and Morgan;:

Morgan: Don't look at me like that! We're out of time anyway so...

Miroku: Oh? What about disappointing fans?

Morgan: It's out of my hands.

Kagome: Wait a moment-

Morgan: Nope can't! Would love to do it but...well...that's all we can do today! Join us next time for part 8!

Sango: Hey-

Morgan: Till next time! ;:snaps and all lights cut out;: