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A spot of light floods the floor,

And pours over the rusted world of pretend,

The eyes ease open and it's dark again.

Chris landed heavily against the wall, he heard a sickening snap from his lower back, suddenly everything below his waist went numb. He thought he was stronger than that, this was not fair. Who was he kidding; his whole life was one big cosmic freaking joke.

Logically he knew that he wouldn't last against Wyatt, he was weak and fragile now. He'd been in this cold, dark damp cell in Wyatt's dungeon for longer than he cared to remember. He was naked, thin as a toothpick and now, now he was broken in more ways than one.

"Bastard!" he whispered hoarsely.

He knew the beating wasn't going to stop, yet. So he wasn't really surprised when he received a powerful kick to the chest expelling all the air from his lungs, than another to the face. When Wyatt disappeared he took deep breath, his broken ribs punishing him for even trying. He was terrified he was going to drown in his own blood.

He wished Wyatt would just let him die.

It wasn't his lucky day..

He was alive.

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