Um…Pretty much I am crossing over my two favorite things in the world, Buffy and the world of Xanth, so please don't kill me!
Buffy and Xanth don't belong to me, so yeah. There not mine!Chapter one: Sleep

Xander yawned, as he watched Willow look through a book. For the past three days now Xander had found that sleep was not coming to him.
"Did ya find it?" he asked the red head, who looked up with a scowl on her face.
"Did you try warm milk?" she asked him, her voice tinted with sarcasm, Xander had already told her that none of it had worked. She placed the book down, triumph on her pretty face.
"Here we go, this says; go to a place of dreams and sleep. Do you want to try this one?" of course he wanted to try it, not sleeping was messing with his head, and making him see things. "I'll try anything." He mumbled, as Willow set up the spell. Placing the candles about them, she started to read the words on the paper, Xander felt the energy build around him. Then he felt it, something in his head, it snapped almost, and everything was black.

"Strange one aint he?" a thick voice said above him, Xander turned over in his sleep, the smells about him were different then Willow's room. "Yes, should we wake him?" another male voice asked. "I'm up." He whispered, opening his eyes, a middle aged man was crouched by him with plain brown hair, and almost medieval clothing. "Who are you?" he asked him, he heard a snort behind him. "We should be the one's asking this, young man." Xander turned only too see the legs of a brown horse near him, looking up, he then saw a bare human torso. "WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU???" Xander yelled as he got up, the human/horse stared at him. "Let me explain to you, I take it you have never seen a Centaur?" the man asked, Xander just nodded meekly, the Centaur smiled.
"I take it then, you're from Mundania?" The man asked, Xander looked confused again.
"What's that?" he asked, the man smiled at the Centaur. "Well where are you from?" the Centaur asked him, Xander described Sunnydale as best he could; the other two just listened to him. "Sounds like an evil place, with all those demons running about, let's make this simple, I am Chester Centaur, and this is Bink, and this is Xanth. What is your name by the way?" Chester asked him, Xander straightened. "I'm Alexander, but my friends call me Xander." He introduced himself the best he could. They clasped hands, and made buddy-buddy, but Xander was uninsured about these two, for one, he had seen all kinds of demons, but a Centaur, what was going to happen to him in this strange magickal world called…Xanth?