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Chapter Four: Love Spring

"So now you have a nice talent!" Irene cried, as she jumped about a little, Dor simply nodded. "But how did I get it?" Xander asked, as he stared at his hand again, the energy sword had simply appeared from his hand, maybe it was maigck after all? Dor shrugged, "well you're not from Xanth so maybe your lineage lies here? Really I do not know, that could be something you need to ask the good magician about." Again Xander was too confused to say anything he simply stared at Dor; Irene had stopped bouncing and smiled sweetly, sending tingles up Xander's spin. "Who exactly is the good magician anyway? Make that why are we seeing him?" Xander asked,
trying to keep his words straight, Irene giggled. "The Good Magician is the magician of knowledge, he answers one question to each person, and in return you must pay a year of service to him. Were going to him to see if he can get you back to mundania, but first we can stop at Chester's home." Dor agreed with her, so Xander did not ask anymore questions, as the tried to reach Chester's home.

It grew late as they walked about, Irene had told him that there were no more dangers on the path, but it seemed she didn't even believe her own words. Soon the sun dipped below the mountains burning stray clouds in its wake, Xander watched it amused, even the sun was alive. Darkness crept out of the forest, reaching the path, Dor stopped.
"We should find shelter, or something." He said, Irene agreed, her green hair was a bit tangled from the fight with the dragon; she probably wanted to clean it. Xander stared in to the forest, as the darkness seemed to wink at him, tilting his head; he missed his step, and slipped down. Make that down was farther then it seemed, it seemed he had slipped off the path, landing in wetness. "XANDER ARE YOU OK?" he heard Dor yell from above,
spitting water out of his mouth.
"Yeah." He coughed, as he got up, he looked up seeing only Dor…and was he lovely or what? Xander shook his head, Dor seemed to be so beautiful that, all Xander wanted to do was hold him and love him. wait no…you're a dude, he's a dude…a really hot sexy dude! his mind agreed, climbing out of the hole, Dor grabbed his hand and hauled him out. "Oh Dor!" he yelled and flung himself at the other man. Dor shocked (and a little disturbed) was taken down by the love stricken Xander who also planted a large kiss on Dor's face.
"I think he feel in to the love spring." Xander could hear Irene talk, but his world was only looked for Dor, who was trying to get away from him.
"But Dor, I love you, don't run!" Xander cried after Dor, who was almost hiding behind Irene. "We have to reverse this…wait I got it. Stay here Dor…and be careful." She told Dor, who was almost afraid of staying with Xander alone! Irene took off, but again Xander didn't care about her, all he wanted was Dor, and he would get him! "Come here lovely!" he called, as he lunged at Dor, quickly he moved out of the way, while Xander landed on his face.
"Why do you run from me?" Dor decided not to answer the love stricken man, but simply kept moving away from Xander. But he knew he would become tired from this. As Xander advanced on his, Dor simply backed up, but soon he ran in to a tree. "Damn it." He whispered, as Xander pressed up against him.
"I love you!" he said, though of course Dor knew he didn't it was only the affects of the spring. Pushing Xander away, Dor slipped away, soon he saw Irene coming out of the woods, caring a piece of dead wood. "Xander, take this and Dor will love you forever." That got his attention, Xander grabbed the wood, but when he touched it, he stood there and stared at them.
"What happened?"

"So you're saying that if any drinks from the water, the fall in love with the first person they look at?" Xander asked, as Irene told him about the affects of the love spring on people. "Yep, how do you think Centaurs, griffins and all those other creatures got created the love spring makes it possible for any creature to mate and reproduce, of course it doesn't work on the same gender." She giggled, as Dor shook his head, Xander almost blushed, how could he have done that, he was going to rape poor Dor without even knowing it. "I'm really sorry Dor." He whispered, looking up, Dor nodded slowly. "It's ok, you were under the affect, just don't drink from anything until Irene or I tell you it's safe." He said trying to make Xander feel better, but it didn't work. He felt horrible; maybe Xanth wasn't cut out for him…all he now wanted to do was go to a nice movie and eat Pizza.
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