Obi-Wan finished his Cultural Surveys reading and sat back, rubbing his eyes. He'd just taken the placement test for the first Standard Lightsaber course the previous day, and in cramming in extra practices to prepare for it had managed to get behind on most of his other readings. His Master knew, of course, but had allowed Obi-Wan to manage his own study schedule under the understanding that such privileges would be revoked the instant Obi-Wan's performance suffered. It was all right, though; Obi-Wan was pleased at the evidence that his Master trusted him in this way, and determined that the trust should not be misplaced.

The placement test results weren't scheduled to come in for another day or two, but Obi-Wan opened his personal message queue anyway, just in case the training Masters had been unusually fast in this session's grading. He skimmed through the list; no test results, just the normal assortment of announcements, library reference codes forwarded from his Master for his extracurricular reading, personal messages from his friends, and- he grinned- a message from Knight Morai. He opened it immediately, eager to hear what she had to say.


Not a great deal of time to write just now, as I must get a packet of messages and reports sent off before my transport enters hyperspace, but I hear from Qui-Gon he's putting you up for Standard Saber this cycle and I wanted to congratulate you. They'll probably let you in (if they don't they're idiots, honestly, but as Master Yoda would remind us we are none of us beyond occasional idiocy) but either way it's a great honor to do it this early- I was a good two years older than you when I started testing for StanSab and even then it was a near thing - took two tries, as I'm sure you already know. (You're awfully sneaky for someone with such impeccable Jedi manners; that's an excellent trait and will serve you well in field work later, so don't let those stuffy Temple-cruisers convince you otherwise.)

Anyhow, sorry I can't be in Temple to celebrate your rise in the saber ranks. I'm enclosing a chit for Denarre's, get yourself something nice. I hear she's got a new spice cake that's amazing.

I'm not sure when I'll be able to write again, but do keep sending messages as much as you please - they all reach me eventually and it's nice to get news of home from someone other than Qui-Gon, who always manages to leave out the most important bits so as not to concern me unduly. Of course he never wants to face the fact that I can concern myself much more over vague handwaving than a succinct account of what's going on, the infuriating man.

I encountered a novel sort of sandwich on my last mission. It's made in a kind of roll and has violently spicy filling. You have to dip it into a neutralizing cream sauce bite by bite. It would be a fantastic distraction in battle, if you could get some filling into your opponent's eyes. You'd have to be careful not to get any on your own skin, though, or else you'd have to keep the cream sauce to neutralize the burn, and it's hard to fight when you're all slippery. Not to mention the laundry issues.

When I'm in Temple next we'll have to get Qui-Gon to spar with us again. I cherish hope that if we make a large enough exhibition of ourselves in the training salles the Council will start teaming us all up occasionally. Wouldn't that be fun? Perhaps then I could convince you to call me by my first name.

Well the warning signal's just gone, so I'll have to send this off. Good luck on your quals and I'll see you when I see you - sooner rather than later, Force willing and the hyperdrive holds out.


Obi-Wan smiled, and opened a reply.

Knight Morai,

Many thanks for the encouragement on the saber quals. I haven't heard the results yet, but Master Jinn said he was pleased with my efforts, which I take as a good sign.

Master Yoda told me a little about your recent mission. It sounds very exciting; I'm glad to hear that the ambassador didn't hold a grudge over the incident with the commlink. It is after all quite difficult to tell the difference between private and public channels on many of those residential systems.

Master has been teaching me sabaac, but I'm afraid I'm not very good at it as yet. Even when I think I have a winning hand, Master always seems to best it. Master Yoda says that you are quite good at sabaac yourself; do you have any pointers? Master Yoda seemed to think that you would be able to help me improve my game. Strictly as a field skill, of course, as Jedi are not to gamble.

Master has started taking me to lunch off-Temple on my rest days. I don't suppose you know why he seems suddenly possessed of a desire to try every form of sandwich known to sentience? (Kretani sandwiches are traditionally served on a plate with serrated edges that would make a superb impromptu throwing star.)

I look forward to sparring with you and with my Master upon your return, and I agree that a joint field mission would be both effective and enjoyable. Perhaps I shall plant the idea in Master Yoda's ear the next time we take tea. I have a chit for Denarre's to spend, after all.

May the Force be with you,
Obi-Wan Kenobi