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"Face it Negaslime, your villainy is vanquished!"

Using his supreme strength, the purple-clad mallard dealt his nemesis a crushing blow to the jaw.

"Mommy!" his opponent cried, crumbling to the ground.

Darkwing Duck, crime fighter extraordinaire, loomed above the cowering Negaduck.

"What do you have to say to that?" Darkwing questioned his opposite.

Negaduck flinched, then sputtered, "I…I…I stand no chance against you oh powerful one! With your stark athleticism, you tossed me like a salad!"

"Yes, I know," Darkwing mused, blowing on his nails casually.

A perky duckling appeared out of nowhere and tapped the mallard's shoulder.

"Hey Dad," Gosalyn gushed, offering him a piece of paper, "check out my report card!"

Darkwing's eyes widened.

"Why, Gos, all A pluses!"

"And they named me the youngest valedictorian in the history of the world too. Everyone at school is jealous that they don't have as smart a father as you!"

Darkwing Duck grinned proudly and declared, "I always knew my gargantuan cranial capacity would come in handy."

"Your good looks also come in handy," a tall duckette in a red dress crooned.

Morgana Macabre hugged Darkwing tightly.

"Oh Dark, you're just so handsome!" she shrieked.

Moloculo Macabre approached the crime fighter. The aged mallard said meekly, "Darkwing – Mr. Duck…you're right. You're right about everything. I'm the one's who's wrong. You're right and I'm wrong. You're the right one, I'm the wrong one. How blind I've been…"

"S'ok Mol, I forgive you," Darkwing said graciously.

Darkwing felt a tug on his cape. He turned around to face Negaduck.

"Darkwing, come and see!" the villain squealed, "Come quick!"

Darkwing and company followed Negaduck to the town hall. Every citizen in St. Canard was there, all of them surrounding a huge object hidden beneath a heavy tarp. Several bystanders cried out at the sight of Darkwing, screaming for autographs. Darkwing smiled politely at them as Negaduck pushed through the crowd.

The mayor stood on a pedestal, beaming down at the crime fighter.

"And here he is, the man of the millennium, the greatest hero of all time, the one, the only…Darkwiiiiiiing Duck!"

The crowd cheered as Darkwing stepped up to the microphone.

"Thank you! Thank you all!" he shouted.

"Wait Dad, you haven't even seen the best part!" Gosalyn announced suddenly.

Negaduck, Morgana, and Moloculo gave the tarp a mighty tug. It slid off to reveal a gigantic statue of none other than Darkwing Duck.

The mallard gasped at the beautiful sight.

"I'm honored…" he said in a whisper.

Gosalyn wrapped her arms around his waist and gazed up at him with admiration. She smiled sweetly and bellowed, "WAKE UP!"


Drake Mallard's eyes snapped open. He searched wildly for the statue but it was gone – and replaced by his bedroom, his fraying bed, and a crazy redhead bouncing up and down on it. Dang, just a dream.

"Do you know what day it is Pop?!" she asked.

Drake rubbed his eyes wearily and muttered, "One that ends with 'y'?"

"Well DUH but I'm going for specifics here!"

Drake grinned. He knew exactlywhat day it was.

"It wouldn't be someone's birthday, would it?" he questioned knowingly.

"Maaaaaaaybe," Gosalyn returned with the same knowing tone.

"Could it be the birthday of a little girl who has reminded me of it every minute of every day for the past three weeks?"

"Maaaaaaaybe, except for the 'little girl' part," the duckling corrected.

"Nope, afraid not, twelve-years-old still makes you my little girl," Drake cooed, switching into lovey-parent-mode within seconds.

He ruffled her hair playfully, but Gosalyn ducked out of the way and leapt off the bed.

"I'm gonna go look for my presents!" she cried as she raced out the door.

Drake's face hardened and he yelled after her, "Don't rip up the floorboards like you did last year! I MEAN IT!"

Drake rolled of bed, avoiding his right arm with ease. It had been bound in a cast for three months now, ever since the epic struggle atop the Gooseman Brothers headquarters. He swelled with pride and relief, taking comfort in the fact that the bull he hated so passionately was gone for good.

He tossed on his maroon robe and plodded down the stairs. Gosalyn busied herself searching the cabinets, while Launchpad McQuack was watching the morning news.

"This…cast…is…so…ITCHY!" Drake whined as he scratched beneath the plaster furiously.

Gosalyn informed him in a calm tone, "You would have gotten it off sooner if you hadn't been so hopped up on crime fighting – crashing the Ratcatcher, falling into that huge pit Moliarty dug, stuffed into a film reel by Tuskernini – "

"That's quite enough Gos, thank you."

Gosalyn brought her sleuthing into the foyer while Drake made himself a cup of precious coffee. Mug in hand, he joined Launchpad in front of the television.

"What shape's St. Canard in?" he asked, taking a swig of java.

"Eh, well…" Lanchpad trailed off as the urbane Tom Lockjaw came onto the screen.

"And that's how Fluffy the alligator was extricated from St. Canard's water supply…in other news, witnesses testify that the criminal group known as the Fearsome Five, consisting of five convicted felons Bushroot, the Liquidator, Megavolt, Negaduck, and Quackerjack, have robbed George's Gigantic Gems late last night – "

"NOT AGAIN!" Drake roared.

"This robbery continues the Fearsome Five's series of heists in St. Canard, including the First National Bank, Chuck's Chococlate World, and Frieda's Flower Flaunting…"

Drake frowned, "I can't believe this…the Fearsome Five have never been this efficient before! They're in and they're out before I even have a chance to get there! I swear, it's like Negaduck put them through a supervillain boot camp or something!"

"Officials believe local menace Darkwing Duck may be the source of the trouble, due to his constant arrival at the scenes of the crimes just as the Fearsome Five escapes or not arriving at all– "

The mallard clenched his fists.

"WHAT?!" he roared, "How can they even say such a thing? I'm disgusted, disturbed, disgruntled, dis – "

"Calm down DW, you told me yourself to always be calm, cool, and dissected…wait…" Launchpad advised.

"Thanks a million Ghandi. Bah, stupid Fearsome Five – what would Negaduck want with money, chocolates, flowers, and jewelry anyhow? They're so random, where's the connection?"

Launchpad's brow furrowed and he opened his beak to reply but Drake cut him off.

"Well, can't miss my appointment, gotta head to the ol' MD to get my cast off," the mallard said as he made his way upstairs. Within in few moments he was fully dressed and ready to go, and just about out the door when his daughter cut him to the quick.

"In case you forgot Dad, it's my birthday. You're not gonna blow it fighting crime, are you?" Gosalyn asked lowly.

"Of course not sweetie, I'll be right back to celebrate," he assured, giving her a hug.

"Ahh, mushiness attack! RUN!" Gosalyn yelped, extricating herself from his grasp and dashing into the next room.

"But, I thought the appointment was under Darkwing Duck…" Launchpad called.

"Launchpad Launchpad Launchpad…I love being a mysterious hero just as much as the next duck, but us superheroes must keep our feet on the ground," Drake rambled as he waltzed out the door, "enjoy the simple pleasures of civilian life, breath deep the air of suburbanite OOF!"

He walked beak first into a vibrant green shirt. Drake cringed.

"Oh no…"

"Hiya neighbor!" Herb Muddlefoot boomed, "just the guy I wanted ta see!"

Why didn't he just take the chairs?! Stupid stupid stupid…


"I got some perdy distressin' news if ya wanna hear it!"

"Not really…"

"How's that? I couldn't hear ya."

"I said, sure Herb let's hear it."

"Well, the fact a' the matter is…we're moving."

Drake's eyes lit up and he practically shrieked, "Gee-what-a-shame-where-ya-moving-huh?"

"Here ya go Drakeroo, I wrote the address for ya m'self!"

The large duck handed Drake a small slip of paper. Drake held it close to his face, his hands quivered with excitement – and his heart plummeted. No, it couldn't be, it had to be some cruel joke…

"535 Avian Way? Herb, that's, that's, right next door."

Herb broke into a fit of guffaws and barely managed to get out, "I KNEW IT WOULD GETCHA! Aw Drake, ya shoulda seen yer face, priceless…yep, we're moving right next to ya – again!"

"But…why?!" Drake asked weakly.

"Well, Binkums wanted a bigger house, but ya see we didn't want to leave you, Gos, and Launchpad behind, and seein' as how your other neighbors moved outta they're house, we thought, 'why not?'" Herb informed amiably.

"Yeah…why not…" Drake muttered with a slight quaver in his voice.

"Well, I knew you'd be happy, just thought I'd letcha know!" Herb said, waving as he turned to leave.

Drake marched back into his house, scowling.

Launchpad looked up from the television and began, "Hey Drake, I thought you were – "

"Not a word," Drake hissed, pushing past him and throwing himself upon a blue chair. He punched the statue vehemently and disappeared with a spin.

"No! No I am not helping the Fearsome Five! And no, Negaduck is NOT my long lost twin brother twice removed!"

Darkwing stormed out of the doctor's office, shooting daggers at the patients in the waiting room.

"Senselessly simple civilians…ah well, at least I got my cast off. Hello right arm, how I've missed you!" Darkwing crooned, ignoring the odd looks of passerby's as he kissed his own arm affectionately.

"Now, time to get home for Gosalyn's birth – "

Suddenly several shrill screams pierced the air. Darkwing whipped around, only to see the hideous Dr. Slug sliming his way up the street. Darkwing groaned and quickened his pace, remembering his promise to his daughter.

"Ha ha! I, Dr. Slug, will torment every citizen in town!" the villain roared.

Darkwing kept walking. He could live with that.

"And then, I shall flatten St. Canard and rule the world!" Dr. Slug continued.

The mallard ground his teeth together. Keep walking, a little global annihilation was nothing to worry about…

"And I'll start by destroying everything that wears the color purple!" the slug finished.

"That does it!" Darkwing bellowed, "Gos won't mind if I save the world real quick, will she?"

With that the crime fighter tore after the evil Dr. Slug.

Darkwing stuck stood atop a fallen Dr. Slug triumphantly, tossing a salt canister up and down arrogantly.

"Simple salt stops the slug's silly shenanigans!"

A refined film crew pushed their way through the crowd and shoved a microphone under Darkwing's beak.

"Mr. Darkwing, would you accept an interview for St. Canard's evening news?" the reporter asked hurriedly.

"Would I?! I mean, ahem, I guess it isn't too much trouble…" Darkwing began, "wait, did you say evening news?"

The reporter sighed and nodded. The mallard's heart stopped. It was almost evening. He had lost track of time fighting Dr. Slug, and had blown the whole day away, just like he promised not to.

"Oh no," Darkwing whispered, and broke into a run.

"Where are you going?! This is a once in a lifetime opportunity!" the reporter called after him.

"Interview someone else!" Darkwing called back, then muttered to himself as he ran, "whoa, never thought I'd hear myself say that!"

Drake Mallard burst through the front door of 537 Avian Way with a loud BANG!.

"Got here…fast as I…could…" he wheezed between gulps of air.

Gosalyn, Launchpad, Morgana, and the Muddlefoots were all seated in the living room amidst a few opened gifts. Drake cringed as all eyes turned to him.

"There ya are Drakerooni!" Herb exclaimed.

"We were getting worried!" Binkie added.

"No, nothing to worry about," Drake said, then shifted his gaze over to Morgana and Gosalyn. Morgana gave him a positively venomous glare, but Gosalyn merely glanced at him before turning to Honker. He tried Launchpad. His partner looked from him to Gosalyn uncomfortably, then at Morgana with utmost fear.

"Launchpad you look thirsty," the sorceress said, never taking her eyes off Drake.

The pilot leapt to his feet.

"What a great idea!" Launchpad exclaimed a little too cheerily, "Binkie, Herb, wanna help me uh, get some water?"

Herb answered, "Sure thing, I'm a bit parched m'self!"

"I'll get the ice cubes!" Binkie said excitedly as the three disappeared into the kitchen.

No sooner were they out of earshot when Drake found himself face to face with Morgana.

"Where were you?" she whispered harshly.

"I was saving the world, I didn't think it would take that long!"

"I knew it! Gos was waiting here all night for you, and you did not even bother to show up!"

"But…Slug! Doctor! Destroying the world! Purple!" Drake sputtered as Morgana eyed him down.

"You could start by apologizing to her," the sorceress suggested in a frustrated voice.

Drake nodded and walked over to Gosalyn. She glanced at him blankly before turning back to Honker.

"Gos, honey? Look, I'm really sorry, it's just that Dr. Slug – "

"I know. You're very busy crime busting, and that comes first."

Drake frowned, noting her icy tone. Hurting Gosalyn was the exact opposite of just about every goal in his life, and now he was destroying everything. It was her twelfth birthday and it was supposed to be special, and what did he go and do? The same thing he did every night – leave her behind.

"It was an accident, I swear, Gosalyn I promise it'll never happen again!"

"You also promised you'd be here for my birthday!" the duckling snapped.

Knowing that this had been a very poor choice of words Drake tried again.

"Gos, is there anything I can do to make it up to you?"

"Make what up?" Gosalyn asked blandly.

"Gosalyn don't – "

Herb and Binkie bustled back into the room.

"Sure is gettin' late isn't it?" Herb pointed out, "I guess it's time to head on home. Hey, hope I don't start goin' to the wrong house, eh Drakester?"

"Uh, right," Drake muttered offhandedly.

Honker barely managed a goodbye as he was ushered out the door. Drake waved at them halfheartedly, and when he turned back to his daughter, she was gone.

Gosalyn pulled the covers up to her beak and sighed. She could hear Morgana giving her father the what-for downstairs. The redhead frowned. She didn't mean to be so cold, she really hadn't, but then he had deserved it, hadn't he? Didn't Dad understand how important it was to her just for him to be there?

Maybe he had indeed just forgotten, much like the time he had stepped out of the shower and never turned it off. Gosalyn chuckled to herself. Ha, that was funny, the water ran for hours, it was like having her own personal pool inside the house…but wait. Was that all she was to him? Something to be forgotten about, something to let run until she overflowed, and to have him come back with and mop up the mess with a bunch of 'sorry's'?

No, she couldn't be, Dad loved her. He had proved that, on that infamous night atop the Gooseman Brothers building, throwing himself between her and that horrible cyborg.

The duckling felt as though her eyelids weighed a ton. Oh no, she always dreamt about whatever she was pondering before she fell asleep. She didn't want her dreams to be riddled with…with…

Gosalyn's once quiet room became filled with the sound of her snoring.

Negaduck flinched, then sputtered, "I…I…I stand no chance against you oh powerful one! With your stark athleticism, you tossed me like a salad!"

"Yes, I know," Darkwing mused blowing on his nails casually.

A perky duckling appeared out of nowhere and tapped the mallard's shoulder.

"Hey Dad," Gosalyn gushed, offering him a piece of paper, "check out my report card!"

Darkwing's eyes widened.

"Why, Gos, all A pluses!"

"And they named me the youngest valedictorian in the history of the world too. Everyone at school is jealous that they don't have as smart a father as you!"

Darkwing Duck grinned proudly and opened his beak, but before he could say, "I always knew my gargantuan cranial capacity would come in handy" he heard a raspy, cruel voice shout, "Hey there Drake the dweeb!"

Darkwing glared at Negaduck, who was too busy laughing at him to notice.

"Drake the dweeb, huh? Who'd ever want to go out with you?!" Morgana suddenly announced before disappearing in a puff of smoke.

"Morgana, wait! Come back!" Darkwing called after her.

"Looks like you're wrong again, foolish normal," Moloculo added before fading away.

Darkwing clutched his beak in horror. What's going on?! Everything was going along just fine before –

A high, terrified scream ripped through the air. Darkwing spun around. Gosalyn was laying on the ground, holding her hands in front of her face, sobbing. Above her stood a familiar bull coated in metal plating, holding his blaster arm to the duckling's head.

Darkwing's eyes widened.


Drake Mallard awoke suddenly, breathing hard. Sweat trickled down his brow; it along with the majority of his pillow was soaked. His room was dark, save for the forlorn steaks of moonlight shining through the window. The air was thick with humidity. Summer must be getting its last kicks in before the appearance of fall.

"Just a dream," Drake breathed to himself, "and a disturbing one at that…gotta learn to lay off the leftover birthday cake."

He was just about to flop back onto his soggy pillow when he heard the sound of creaking footsteps from downstairs. Never one to let bumps in the night go uninvestigated, the mallard tossed on his robe and crept downstairs.

He checked the living room. Nada. Next stop was the kitchen. He felt as though he was pushing the heavy air out of the way as Drake peered in. Gosalyn was standing at the counter, stalk still, her back towards him. Drake sighed.

"Ugh, Gos is sleepwalking. Again."

He took a step forward, and he heard Gosalyn mutter in a strangely low, chilling voice, "Hello, Darkwing."

Drake raised an eyebrow at her, confusion beginning to settle in. It was just then that he noticed the silverware drawer was wide open, and several utensils lay scattered on the floor.

"Uh, hi Gosalyn, um, time to hit the hay…"

The duckling whipped around. Her head was bent low, and in her small hand she gripped a long knife tightly. The tip glinted menacingly in the moonlight.

"Goosalyn isn't here right now," Gosalyn said in the same unusual voice.

"That's it, I'm never letting you watch The Ducksorcist again!" Drake growled, then faltered, "wait just a darned minute…'Goosalyn'?"

Gosalyn picked up her head and looked him straight in the eye. Her usually vibrant green eyes seemed glossed over and unfocused, as if she hadn't sleep in days. What bothered Drake most, however, was the tip of the knife that she was pressing lightly into her palm. Her feathers bent under the pressure, on the verge of breaking the skin.

Gosalyn opened her beak, and the voice that came out was not only hers, but a voice echoing with a deep, heavily accented one.

"Why do you not let Darkwing come out and play Daddy? He I would have a GREAT TIME!"

"If-if t-this is about missing your b-birthday – "

Drake watched as his daughter raised the knife. Before he knew what he was doing he shouted, "GOSALYN MALLARD KNOCK IT OFF!"

The knife clattered on the kitchen tile. Gosalyn blinked several times, her emerald eyes coming back into focus.

"Wha-what? What's going on? Am I sleepwalking? Again?" Gosalyn stuttered bewilderedly.

The mallard let out a sigh of relief, walking over to her and engulfing her in a hug.

"Yeah Gos, just sleepwalking."

"Well, if I was 'just sleepwalking', why the heck are you squeezing the air outta me?" Gosalyn asked, her voice muffled by her father's robe.

Launchpad appeared in the doorway, managing to look both alert and sleepy at the same time.

"What's going on in here? Where's the fire?"

Drake and Gosalyn glanced at each other and announced simultaneously, "Sleepwalking."

"Oh, that explains it…but what's with all the silverware?"



"All right people, nothing to see here, move along," Drake commanded in mock authority as he herded the two redheads up the stairs.

After saying his goodnights and tucking his daughter in, Drake Mallard tossed himself into bed. After one of the most hectic days as of late, he was more than ready for some shuteye. Before he drifted off into dreamland, he couldn't help but think that Gosalyn's strange vocal ensemble sounded a lot like a certain cyborg. A certain cyborg with a grudge.

To be continued…haha I couldn't help myself.