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Syaoran plugged the cord into his computer and sat back. Sighing he pushed his computer back into place and turned it on. A small screen came up a the upper right hand of the monitor that showed a picture of him. Smiling ironically he wave his hand, pleased to see the picture do it also. Looks like he set up his web cam right after all.

A Little Help



Syaoran blinked. "Uh, hi."

The movie person on his screen smiled. He had long blond hair and a red ribbon tied half way down, his hair was over his shoulder. He looked like a fighter. "My names Ken."

"Uh, I'm Syaoran."

"Well, Syaoran, can you do me a favor?"

"I guess...." Maybe installing a video camera and going to a chat room was a mistake.

"I got this thing to do in collage. I have to help out someone in any way I can. You have any problems?"

Syaoran blinked again. "Uh...."

Ken sighed. "Oh great, I'm starting to sound like Ryu...."


Ken wave his hands. "Never mind!" He sighed again. "Well, anyway, I'm all alone right now. Wanna just chat?"

"Sure, that 'd be fine."

Ken grinned. "So how old are you?"

"Seventeen, you?"

"Twenty six now." He grinned again. Seems like he was the happy-go-lucky kind of guy. "Got a girlfriend?"


"Anyone in mind?"

Syaoran looked at the image on the person on his screen. Wouldn't really hurt anything to tell him, he guessed. "Yeah, actually. I've known her since I was ten. Her name's Sakura."

"So, why don't you ask her out?"

"You crazy!?" Syaoran screamed. Ken jerked back from his screen and gave him an odd look. "Sorry bout that...." He sighed and placed his head in his hands. "I'm afraid she'll say no..."

"Well then, just find out if she likes you."


Ken laughed. "Ever head of Love potion number nine?"


Syaoran stood outside the classroom and took a breath. 'This is it.' He told himself. ' He said girls always loved this stuff.' He squirted some cologne on his chest. ' Well, no time like the present....' Syaoran placed the bottle on his pocket and entered the noisy room.

Instantly it went dead silent. Sakura looked over from her spot next to the open window. A slight breeze was blowing her hair lightly. "Uh...."


Syaoran blinked. "Uh oh...."

The young boy quickly scrambled out of the room, chased by fifteen women. Rounding a corner he added six more to the chase and by the time he tripped and rolled down the stairs there were thirty. "Oh maaannnnn......"


Sakura looked behind her seat and contemplated the worn out and slightly bruised Syaoran. His shirt was ripped in a couple of places and his hair looked like it saw hell and barely came back to tell about it.


Syaoran looked up at her, the only girl sitting by the window and didn't smell his cologne Ken had sent him. "Nani?" His voice seemed weak.

"Did they chase you all morning?"

"No." Syaoran replied sarcastically. "I walked and they walked after me."

Sakura eyed him and realized it was a joke. "Oh, sorry. Stupid question, huh?"

He nodded and placed his head back on his desk. Not only did he get mobbed by several women, some of which he didn't even know, but he then had to face every guy who liked one of them...


"So it didn't work?" Ken asked, scratching his chin. "Hm..."

"I got mobbed by thirty different girls, None of which were Sakura..." His head was placed in his arms, not looking at him.

".....Maybe showing off?"

This got him to earn eye contact. "Like how?"


Syaoran busted up into the school parking lot riding a black Harley motorcycle. Several 'oohs' and 'ahhs' were heard as he took off his helmet and shook his head. He slowly removed his sunglasses and smiled to the lookers, his teeth sparkling.

Sakura began to walk over to him, causing Syaoran's eyes to get the happy look in them. That was, until she walked right past him and to the car next to him. "Tomoyo-chan! You got a new car!"

Syaoran caught himself in mid face fault and pushed his helmet onto the seat and started to walk into school.... however several girls were looking at him with wide sparkling eyes.

"Syaoran-chan! Take me home today!"
"No, he's taking me!"
"We were here first!"
"It's obvious he likes me!"
"Better back down!"
"Shut up girl!"

Several guys cracked their knuckles.
"We'll jump him after school."
"He can't take all of us."
"You weren't there last time."
"Ten on one sounds easy."
"We'll trash his bike to!"


Sakura turned back to notice how tired Syaoran was. "You okay?"

Syaoran looked up at her, his cloths were rumpled but it looks as if he wasn't hit. "Yeah..."

"If you need anything, let me know, okay?"

He nodded slowly. "I'll just do that."


"Plan two is a bust, huh?" Ken asked, rubbing his temples. "Well at least your not hurt."

"Yeah, had to fight off ten this time..."

"Wait....I got it!"

Syaoran looked at the screen hopefully. "Really!?"

"Ever hear the term" 'You don't know what you have until you loose it?' ?"


"Make her jealous and she'll fall right in your hands! Maybe a girl she doesn't know?"

"I got the perfect idea!"


Sakura looks up as Syaoran walks into the room with a girl clinging to his arm. ".....?"

"Yo!" Syaoran addressed the class, grinning like an idiot.

"Who's this girl!?"
"I can't believe she's hanging onto my Syaoran!"
"More like mine!"

Several girls lunged at Syaoran, who backed away bringing his arms up to defend himself from the assault. "Its...its not what you think!"

"So your his friend?" Sakura asked the girl who sat down next to her.

"Yeah, he's such a nice guy. Him and my boyfriend get along nicely."

"Oh, so your not going together?" Both ignored Syaoran's pleas for help.

"Oh, no! He just ask me to do him a favor."


Both girls turned to see Syaoran flying through the window and into the swimming pool below.



"Oh? This thing's on?" Syaoran blinked as a guy appeared on his screen. "Oh, hi. You must be Syaoran?"

Syaoran nodded. "U-Un...... Is Ken there?"

The new guy sat down and took in Syaoran's appearance. "Nope, he's on a date tonight. I've heard about you before. Your looking for a way to get a girl to notice you?"


"Well, my boy, My Name's Ryu and I'll tell you all there is to know about getting a girl to look at you!"

Syaoran looked at Ryu. Spiked blackish brown hair and quite ripped. He must take martial arts like Ken. "All right. I'm game."

Syaoran leapt the fence around Sakura's house and landed without a sound. Its was already dark, but Sakura's light was still on. Smiling to himself he remembered what Ryu had told him. ' Serenade her. Girls dig that. If you sing a romantic song at night then she'll practically fall into your arms! You can either sing from the yard or from a tree by her window.'

He was about to toss a pebble at her window but stopped when Touya stepped outside. A three second interval passed, in which no words were said. Touya finally glared and picked up a bat from the yard. Being the smart person he was, Syaoran didn't have to think to long before he ran. In fact, he ran all the way back to his apartment before Touya backed away.

Syaoran burst into his room and leaned against his chair, breathing heavily. "Damn...he...can...run...fast...."

"Whoa! You okay dude?"

Syaoran looked across the room to see Ryu looking at him with a shocked expression on his face. The out of breath boy stormed over to his screen and practically yelled in it. "Her brother chased me all the way here! I ran for a good twenty minuets full blast!"

"Hey, hey, calm down. You never told me she had a brother." Ryu smiled at him innocently.

"I...well..." He sighed. "I'm getting nowhere...."

Ryu put his chin on his hand. "You try the pick up lines yet?"

Syaoran looked ready to die. "You actually do that?"

Ryu shrugged. "If you know what to say....."


Syaoran looked up at the clock and then back to the sheet in front of him. He had been doing this quite a while now, Tomoyo noticed. 'What exactly in on that sheet anyway? We don't have homework...'

When the bell finally rang Syaoran bolted from the room, cramming the paper into his pocket. Unfortunately, in his hast it fell out and floated under his desk

"Tomoyo-chan, wanna eat together?" Sakura asked happily.

"Yeah... you go on ahead though. I'll be right there. Usual place?"

"Alright." Sakura picked up her lunch and filed out of the room with the rest of the students.

When the last person left Tomoyo pulled the paper from under Syaoran's desk and read a little, then laughed like she never has before.


Syaoran paced outside the schoolyard and went over the lines in his head. Unconcesly he reached into his pocket to get another look a the lines he wrote down. His hands grabbed air and his face went pale. He had dropped it somewhere.

"Hey there good looking, I lost my number" A snicker. "Can I have yours?" Syaoran spun around and looked into the face of a laughing Tomoyo. "Or maybe we can go to my place and study the right way to pick up a girl?"

Syaoran's face suddenly glew bright red and instantly the dirt at there feet very interesting to him.


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