Just a little help2 "First off," Tomoyo began, pacing in front of me. "Pick-up lines are a no-no." She smiled at me sweetly. "Lines like 'Is that a mirror in your pocket' and ' Are you tired' just don't work."

I sigh and place my face into my hands. "Great.... now what do I do?"

Just A Little Help
By: Satashi
Part 2

Syaoran took a sip from his tea Tomoyo had offered him and smiled as the hot liquid slid down his thought. "Okay, ask her on a date. Plain, simple, no pick up lines."

"Right." She patted him on the head. "And then....?"

"Take her to dinner, and the movie."

"And theennnn.......?"

Syaoran blinked. She was enjoying this way to much. "Take her home."

"You forgot the kiss."

"I can't kiss her!"

"Sure you can."

Syaoran growled. "I'm supposed to be getting help, not being encouraged for a miracle!"


'Okay.....this is it...Just press the seven numbers and you'll be able to talk to her.' Syaoran took a deep breath and dialed..... six numbers and turned the phone off. ' Okay....This time....this time I'll do it....breath....in..out..in..' He set his face and quickly dialed the numbers, turned it off, and threw his cell phone across the room and started cursing.


Syaoran sighed and walked over to his phone and looked at the caller I.D. It was Tomoyo. Distraught, he pressed the button and talked into it. "Moshi moshi?"

"You call her yet?"


"I'll help."

"Eh?" Suddenly he heard a click, some silence, and then a phone ringing. Suddenly he realized what she did. Tomoyo had three-way calling!


Syaoran started to sweat. "Sa-Sakura!"

" Oh, hi Syaoran! What can I do for you?"

"C-can I ask y-you something?"

"Um, sure... What is it?"

"Well...I was, uh, wondering that if, maybe, you didn't have anything to do this Friday....Would you..er... wanna go out...with me?" 'Please say yes. Please say yes.'

"Syaoran.....are you asking me out?"

"U-un..." 'I think.'

"I'd love to."

Syaoran sighed "Oh, I thought so. Well, thanks any---wait...you would?"

Sakura giggled softly. "Oh course, silly."

Syaoran smiled happily. "Great! Um.. Pick you up a seven then?"


"All right!...bye then, see you tomorrow."

"You to. Bye." Click.

"YYYYYYEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Syaoran screamed at the top of his lungs, dancing around his livingroom like an idiot. "She said yes! She said yes!!"


Oh. Wait. Tomoyo was still on the phone.


Syaoran swallowed the lump in his throat and walked up to the door to Sakura's house. He knocked twice and waited for an answer. He didn't have to wait long. Before he knew it the door opened and a gun was pointed at his nose. "This a bad time?" Syaoran ask Touya as he cocked the hammer back, ready to fire.

"Oni-chaaannn!" Sakura yelled, pulling the gun away. "Stop that! I'm going out tonight and you'll just have to live with it."

"Oh, I'll live All right." Touya said, determined. "He won't, though..." He aimed again and Sakura kicked him in the shin, causing him to drop the gun. Sakura tossed it to their father, who wished them a good time.

"Be back before eleven!" Fujitaka called out as they walked away.

"Yes sir!" Syaoran called back just before the door closed. "Sakura..."


"Was that gun loaded?"

Sakura sighed. "No, I took the bullets out before he got to it."

"Oh...." He opened his car door for her and let her in before walking over to his side and hopping in himself. "Remind me to pass out later tonight, All right?"

Sakura giggled. "It'll be okay from here out."

"I hope so."



"Moshi moshi?"

"Yukito. We're going out tonight!"


"Just get down here ASAP!"

Touya hung up and Yukito looked at the phone. "Sakura-chan must have a date."


"I feel like we're being watched..." Syaoran said nervously. They were in the restaurant, already ordered and were eating as they chatted.

"Yukito is in the booth a few places away." Sakura replied, taking a bite of her food. "Touya is probably with him."

"Great, now the Card Master is after me...."

Sakura giggled. And she could barely see Yukito wink at her.


What are they doing?" Touya ask, just missing Yukito wink. "Is he coming onto her?"

Yukito laughed. "Their eating, Touya." He took a bite. "Just like you should be." He took another bite. And another. And another. And another. And another. And another. And another. And another. And another. And another. And another. And another. And another. And another. And another. And another. And another. And another. And another. And another. And another. And another. And another. And another. And another. And another. And another. And another. And another. And another. And another. And another. And another. And another. And another.

"Yukito, slow down man!" Touya said, wide eyed. "Dude, if you went on a diet a third world country would have enough to eat!"


"Which movie do you want to see?" Syaoran asked as they looked at the titles.

"How about Titanic?"

Syaoran winced. Figures. "All right then." He felt Touya get in line behind him, but didn't turn around. Quickly he scribbled a note down.

"Welcome to Cinema six." A girl greeted as they walked up to buy their tickets.

Syaoran grinned and slid some money to her. "I want two for Dracula 2000."

The woman nodded and took the money, seeing a little note Syaoran had written.

'My date's brother is stalking me! Make it two for Titanic.'

The girl smiled and rang it up, handing him the tickets. "Enjoy the show." She winked at Syaoran, and he mouthed 'arigato' to her.

Touya stepped up and slammed some money down, not taking his eyes of Syaoran. "Two for Dracula 2000, and make it quick."


"That was sneaky." Sakura said, grinning as Touya pulled Yukito into the movie room.

Syaoran was leaning against the wall, James Bond style, looking around the corner to make sure it was clear. "Thanks. Lets go." Together they walked into the movie room next to the one Touya went into.

"Where to sit?"


Sakura looked around. "How about the back?"

Syaoran shrugged. "If you want to."

"Come on then." She grabbed his hand and lead him up the stairs to the back row. Syaoran blushed brightly and felt stiff as they sat down. Sakura hadn't let go of his hand. "Don't you know how to relax?" She whispered.

Syaoran took a deep breath and let it out slowly. "Just a little shy..."

"No kidding." She poked him in the side, making him smile at her. She loved it when he smiled. Mainly because he only smiled when she was around.

The movie started soon after words and both watched. Sakura seemed to be watching intently, but Syaoran seemed to gt bored quite easily.

"Isn't this just so romantic....?" Sakura asked, with stars in her eyes.

"Uh...."Syaoran's eyes went wide. "It is now!"

Sakura blinked and looked at Syaoran, who seemed to be watching intently now. Wondering, she looked back at the screen. Kate was naked, posing for a painting. Without warning she started to giggle, cupping her hand over her mouth to hold down the noise. A few moments later Syaoran had a grade-A nosebleed.


"Enjoying the movie now?" Sakura asked, looking at a semi-bored Syaoran.


"You should love this part." Sakura said, smiling. "See, Kate's naked again."

"Yeah but so is what's-his name, Leonardo-de-smalldick."

Sakura burst out laughing and got 'sshed' by several people. Syaoran chuckled at her red face and place his arm around her casually. "Your so cute..."

His date blushed furiously at the maneuver. Silently she thanked her lucky stars that it was dark in the theater so he couldn't see. A few minuets later and she leaned onto him, enjoying the feeling of being so close. His arm wrapped around her more when she moved in and before they knew it they were cuddling in each other's warmth just like the other couples in the room.

"Ain't this so romantic?" Relena asked her date as she latched onto him.

"Sure whatever." Heero replied, bored.


Sakura and Syaoran stood outside The former's door and looked at each other, blushing. "Thanks for taking me out, Syaoran."

The boy blushed lightly. "I'm glad you wanted to come..."

Each stood in silence for a few moments before Sakura stepped forward and tilted her head up, closing her eyes. Syaoran met her lips with his own and they shared their first kiss. Neither could tell how long it lasted, not could they tell you who broke it first, but both knew from just that one kiss that they were meant to be.....even if they needed just a little help to get there.

Like it? Hate it? Tell me! This was written very late at night with only Mountain Dew to power me, so it should be extremely corny and probably downright stupid at times. Thanks for reading anyway, and please Review if you laughed at least once ^_^